AUKUS Is A Serious Threat To The Region

AUKUS is a new challenge. NATO and Quad were not strong enough to fulfill the American dreams. So that they created a new Alliance with Australia, and the UK, known as “AUKUS”. Furthermore, US president Joe Biden has indicated to equip Australia with Nuclear Submarines.

Was there any need to create a new alliance? Was NATO failed to achieve, what the US wanted to achieve? Is QUAD not delivering the US ambitions up to satisfaction? Or the over ambitions of America really needed AUKUS? It is debate able and many scholars and intellectuals might have different approaches, different opinions, and various logic and reasons, but, one thing is a matter of real concern that, it poses a serious threat to global peace and stability. Especially, the region is under direct threat.

India and Japan are offended as they were sidelined, and QUAD became an unimportant alliance, or obsolete. The future of QUAD is uncertain, it might turn into an economic and political alliance or dysfunctional.

India and Japan were not extended nuclear submarines, which creates many doubts, as the US may not trust their Asian partner, and is it discrimination? Or they were not competent enough to deliver, so the US was reluctant to invest heavily? So whatever was the reason, but, Japan and India are not satisfied and may think in other ways. India has no option to rejoin the Russian camp, and Japan has crossed the limits of rivalry with China to the extent where it cannot take a U-turn and re-build relations with China. In fact, America has betrayed both Asian partners, which is extremely discriminatory and bias.

Australia’s SubmarineChina has shown its concerns genuinely as it is aimed to counter China. Australia is being used to threaten the Pacific region, posing a direct threat to China. The South China Sea is already a volcano and nuclear submarines are adding fuel to fire. It is simply more than coercing China or putting China under pressure, it is a matter of serious concern, not only for China but also for Russia and the whole region. It might also promote the nuclear race in this region, the non-nuclear countries of the region are under immense pressure and forced to think about moving toward nuclear options for their survival. The consequence of AUKUS are serious and impacting adversely on regional peace and harmony.

On the other hand, the EU was already annoyed with the US for some time, but NATO was a strong bond keeping Europe stick to America. But, the newly created alliance AUKUS undermined NATO. EU feels that the US has sidelined them. America was the largest trading partner for a few EU countries, but, currently, many EU states are in close collaboration with China and Russia. Europe depends on Russian energy – Oil and Gas. While China has become the largest trading partner and the largest investor in the EU. China has created outnumbered jobs in Europe and extended unlimited opportunities. Based on data, the EU is no longer dependent on the US and looking at their future China and Russia.

China has emerged as an economic power and can meet all futuristic requirements of the whole of Europe. And Russia is ready to provide security to Europe. China and Russia can replace the American role in the EU. China-Russia may have fewer political conditions and is acceptable to most EU countries.

France, in a reaction to this deal, has called her Ambassadors from Australia and the US. This is only an initial reaction, the future will tell how upset is France, and how severely it might act in the days to come. In reaction to AUKUS, France has announced to extend a similar deal to India. It will be also a blunder, as, India is already in hot waters and led by an extremist Hindu political party – RSS. RSS is an extremist outfit and already engage in Nazi-style rule. India has been hijacked by extremists and is no longer a democratic and secular state. The nuclearization of India with nuclear submarines, will prompt a nuclear race in the region and lead to big disasters in the region. France is led by fanatic leadership, with unpopular decisions at home as well as in international affairs. It is scary that extremist leaders like Modi and Macron may push the whole world toward wars and disasters. Wake up and avert the disaster in advance.

This region is highly populous, China with its population of 1.4 billion, India itself is 1.2 billion, and the rest of countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Maldives, collectively constitutes almost half of the world’s population. If any misadventure happened in this region, half of the population of the whole world is under threat.

It will be not a wise decision to promote nuclearization, either by the US, UK, or France. One mistake cannot be compensated for by making another one. It will be a total disaster for humankind.

Humankind needs peace and prosperity. Human-made disasters can be averted and must be averted. It is the right time to take appropriate measures to stop nuclearization and the promotion of the nuclear race in this part of the world or any other part of the world. It is our individual’s responsibility to raise our voice and bring public awareness of such human-made disasters. Collectively we may avert such disasters, all peace-loving nations and individuals must join efforts to neutralize such deals and agreements. Countering China, to take such extreme actions is not justified. The US and France, may review their decisions and avert disaster to humankind.

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