The US Can Not Catch-up With The Rapidly Changing Geopolitics

Geopolitics is changing rapidly and the U.S. can not catch-up with it. The revival of Russia and the rise of China has changed the unipolar world into a multipolar one. Russia and China are balancing powers. The U.S. is no longer a unique superpower in the unipolar world. The U.S. must understand the realities and accept others too.

Yet, the U.S. is always looking for outdated instruments from the Cold War toolbox, frequently discrediting others and provoking conflicts with lies they have fabricated. The U.S. is using bias and discernible media as a tool to promote its own narrative, which is based on fake news, fabrication of stories, and distortion of facts and realities.

Such dangerous practice mirrors Washington’s inaccurate understanding of China and China-U.S. relations and reflects these U.S. politicians’ ignorance about international situations. It will only lead to a loss of all sides and be abandoned by the times.

Similarly, mainstream media is also over-engaged in anti-Russia propaganda, keeping its own people from ground realities and distorting the Russian image. They are hiding the positive image of Russia and pointing out only negative aspects. In fact, they are projecting Russia as a threat and defaming Russian contribution toward global developments and humanity.

Their utmost desire is to apart Russia and China, and then defeat them one by one. They are trying to create a misunderstanding between Russia and China. They might also attract with incentive each of them separately to weaken their cooperation and isolate from each other.

U.S. Congressman Michael McCaul recently issued a so-called report that once again made hypes about the “Wuhan lab leak theory”. The report exaggerated the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s budget for central air-conditioning by 1,000 times to prove there’s something “unusual” about it. While, there are reports about the origin of COVID-19 which reveals that it was originated from America, and then carried over to China purposely. The US Secretary of Commerce celebrated the early days of the spread of the virus in China as it will create opportunities for America and strengthen the deteriorating economy of the US. It is on record that he was happily celebrating the Pandemic in China.

In an open letter, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Ford confirmed that from December 2020 to early January 2021, under the direction of former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the Office of Policy Planning under the U.S. State Department instructed relevant officials to bypass biological scientists to brief this false argument inside the Department that the coronavirus is a biological agent deliberately unleashed upon the world by the Chinese government.

Biden puzzledThere are more such cases. In a word, the fabrication and spreading of rumors by these U.S. politicians are totally immoral.

Besides, some U.S. media organizations have also joined the “origin tracing show” of these U.S. politicians and played a very indecent role, frequently citing the so-called intelligence reports and anonymous officials with insinuations.

To start a new Cold War against Russia and China, some U.S. politicians are making trouble with all possible means. Some Chinese enterprises were listed as Communist Chinese Military Companies just because the Chinese government once awarded their founders. Some Chinese students were said to have a military background and repatriated just because they saved photos of military training, an almost mandatory course for Chinese college students, on their phones.

Ill-motives sanctions are imposed on Russia and banning Russian exports to harm the growing economy. Especially, preventing Russia’s gas supply to the EU. Using lame excuses, black-listing Russian companies, and individuals, to prevent them from traveling and exporting.

Using fabricated stories to blame Russia on Human Rights violations and justify its sanctions. To persuade more U.S. citizens and people around the globe to believe that Russia and China are real enemies of the U.S. and to make mischief between Russia and China and other countries, they not only requested Washington to expand the Countering Russia and Chinese Influence Fund, but also mobilized media, think tanks, and enterprises to launch a comprehensive social war against them.

Even in the U.S., rational voices are warning the danger of taking Russia-China threat. Bruce Jentleson, William Preston Few professors of public policy and political science at Duke University, noted that the Russia-China threat is being inflated in ways that are counterproductive for foreign-policy strategy and distort domestic politics in dangerous ways.

It would be absurd and dangerous to apply the “Cold War playbook” to today’s changing world. Access to information has changed the public perception, and when, the people understand that their Government is deliberately distorting the fact, to malign Russia-China, they might turn up against them. Over-exaggeration might become counterproductive, even may harm their credibility too.

In today’s world, where economic globalization is taking place in a profound manner, countries are seeing integrated interests. The demand for cooperation among all nations is rising rather than going down when the world faces increasingly more risks.

The idea of the new cold war is not accepted by any civilized nation and people around the globe may reject such an approach. Instead, cooperation, mutual respect, co-existing, and collective developments and prosperity is an optimal option available. I Hope, the leadership in the US, may understand the public sentiments and change its coercive, conspiracy, and cold war behavior.

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