Highlights From The Russian Defense Ministry’s Latest Briefing On Ukraine

Westerners might not have been aware of this important event due to their governments’ censorship of Russian media so the author took it upon himself to share the highlights from this briefing with the intent of breaking through that ‘(anti-)democratic firewall’.

Head of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Colonel General Sergei Rudskoy gave a briefing on Ukraine on Friday which updated the public about the progress of his country’s ongoing special military operation in that former Soviet Republic. Westerners might not have been aware of this important event due to their governments’ censorship of Russian media so the author took it upon himself to share the highlights from this briefing with the intent of breaking through that “(anti-)democratic firewall” for those who don’t have the time to read his full remarks here.

Rudskoy revealed that Russia was faced with two courses of action: either contain kinetic operations to the occupied portions of the newly recognized Donbass Republics’ territory and thus let Kiev regroup or carry out such action nationwide aimed at demilitarizing that country in support of Russia’s primary military goal of liberating the rest of its allies’ occupied territory. The second one was of course undertaken and resulted in achieving air supremacy in just two days’ time, crippling its target’s military logistics network, destroying its military-industrial complex, and inflicting immense losses on its personal and physical military assets that he extensively detailed with precise figures during his speech.

Igor Konashenkov
Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Igor Konashenkov

The author won’t redundantly list them here since those who are interested can simply reference the briefing that was hyperlinked to in the last sentence of the first paragraph. Moving along, Rudskoy shared the Russian Armed Forces’ (RAF) assessment that Western military supplies to Kiev are solely intended “to drag it into a long-term military conflict ‘to the last Ukrainian.’” He also hinted that Russia will react to the shipment of foreign weapons to the conflict zone and promised to “immediately respond” if US-led NATO attempts to impose a so-called “no-fly zone” against his country’s forces.

Another highlight was Rudskoy informing the world that Ukrainian nationalists destroyed over 127 bridges in a desperate attempt to stop the RAF’s advancement. According to him, at least 10 naval mines have broken anchor and now threaten international shipping in the Black Sea. Furthermore, “The rampant crime, looting and marauding and civilian deaths have been caused by the Ukrainian regime’s massive uncontrolled distribution of tens of thousands of small arms to the civilian population, including to criminals released from prisons.”

Rudskoy also claimed that Neo-Nazis are embedded in all military units without exception and threaten those within them who don’t fight to the death against Russia. Not only that, but these Neo-Nazis also exploit civilians as human shields by forcing them towards advancing units in order to cover the ultra-nationalists by deterring the RAF from opening fire. This anti-humanitarian and internationally illegal policy contrasts with Russia’s, which always warns civilians of impending operations, offers corridors for their escape, and advises those who remain to stay inside their homes.

On the topic of the foreign mercenaries that recently flooded into Ukraine, which he said numbered 6,595, Rudskoy confirmed that “They are not subject to the rules of war and will be ruthlessly destroyed.” An interesting tidbit that he shared about them is that “not a single foreign mercenary has arrived in Ukraine in the last seven days. On the contrary, there has been an outflow. Within a week, 285 fighters escaped into Poland, Hungary and Romania”. Rudskoy also hoped that they didn’t leave with Stingers or Javelins, which he said “are spreading out fairly quickly” all throughout Europe.

Gen Rudskoy
Sergei Rudskoy, Russian General Staff Main Operational Directorate chief

If anything about his briefing broke through the “(anti-)democratic firewall”, then it was probably his announcement that “the main objectives of the first phase of the operation have been achieved. The combat capabilities of Ukraine’s Armed Forces have been significantly reduced, which allows us, once again, to concentrate our main efforts on achieving the main goal – the liberation of Donbass.” The US-led Western Mainstream Media (MSM) will predicably misportray this as a de facto “admission of defeat in the face of valiant Ukrainian resistance” when the details from his briefing prove this is anything but.

Although Rudskoy acknowledged that “As of today, 1,351 servicemen have been killed and 3,825 wounded” compared to 498 deaths and 1,597 casualties the first time that such figures were shared on 2 March,  the same reasons for this that the author shared in his hyperlinked analysis remain in effect. These are the impact that Western weapons like Javelin anti-tank ones have on the RAF as well as Russia’s principled policy of waging a clean war that doesn’t resort to the war crimes that the US’ many ones are known for due to President Putin’s belief in the historical unity of Russians and Ukrainians.

From everything that Rudskoy just revealed, observers can conclude that Russia’s special military operation has indeed just successfully accomplished the main objectives from its first phase. The Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) and their Neo-Nazi allies have seen their military capabilities absolutely devastated by the RAF, which advances the goal of that country’s demilitarization. This outcome also facilitates the Donbass Republics’ impending full liberation that’s being prioritized during the conflict’s ongoing second phase.

All told, everything is proceeding “in strict accordance with the approved plan” like Rudskoy confirmed despite the MSM claiming otherwise. Their anti-Russian psy-op has confused innumerable folks who have since fallen under the false impression that Russia is “losing” even though that’s not the case whatsoever at all. Nevertheless, so long as their governments continue to censor Russian media through the “(anti-)democratic firewall”, they’ll remain hopelessly ignorant of the facts and continue to be manipulated by their elite for self-serving ideological and political purposes.

Source: One World

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