Authentic War-Reporting From Ukraine

This will be background and analysis that will help a viewer to understand and evaluate the reliability and truthfulness of the following video from the independent American journalist Patrick Lancaster in Ukraine:

This video presents evidence which some viewers might find extremely puzzling, if they don’t already know the relevant background, the history, which has led up to it, and which will here be documented via direct links to the evidence. In fact, anyone who clicks onto the links in this article will see the evidence for themselves, which explains what is currently happening in Ukraine. It’s written ONLY for individuals who want to do that. (Anyone who is already satisfied with what they think or believe to be the explanation behind the war in Ukraine will likely not find this article to be of interest — especially because taking the added time to click onto and consider the evidence that’s supplied in any of the links here would likely not be something they’d want to do.

Patrick Lancaster is a purely crowdfunded American independent war-reporter who is now in Mariupol, Ukraine, a major city that had rebelled against the 2014 overthrow of Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych, who had been democratically elected in 2010, and who pursued a neutralist international policy despite America’s President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton both telling him, in person, later that very same year: Ukraine should instead join NATO, America’s military alliance against Russia, which had always (prior  to the coup) been considered to be “the enemy” by more Ukrainians than who considered it “friendly.”

The new Ukrainian government succeeded in 2014 to conquer Mariupol, but not the areas in adjoining Donbass. Consequently, whereas in Donbass, the defenders are the local residents, against the invading Ukrainian government’s forces; in Mariupol, the defenders are instead the Ukrainian government’s forces, against the invading forces from Russia and from Donbass.

Yanukovych said no to the U.S. demand, on both occasions; and, so, by no later than 23 June 2011, a coup was already being planned by Hillary Clinton’s U.S. State Department and Google (a major financial backer of hers) to overthrow Yanukovych and replace him and all of Ukraine’s top national-security officials, by members, supporters, and allies, of Ukraine’s two most-far-right political Parties, the Social-Nationalist Party of Ukraine (renamed, upon advice from the CIA, to become the “Freedom” Party or “Svoboda”), and the Right Sector Party. The Freedom Party was founded (as the Social-Nationalist Party of Ukraine) and led by Andrei Parubiy; and the Right Sector Party was founded and led by Dmitriy Yarosh, as, originally, Ukraine’s largest paramilitary organization. Both groups were intensely, and racistly, anti-Russian, and derived their chief support from the far-western Lviv area of Ukraine, where pro-Hitler sentiment during World War II had been the highest in all of Ukraine. That was the strongest pro-Nazi part of Ukraine, and Ukraine’s collaborators with Germany’s Nazis subsequently became memorialized as heroes in that region. Their racism is more anti-Russian than anti-Jew, but it is both. The CIA has instructed all of Ukraine’s nazis (or racist-fascists) to suppress their anti-Semitism and White Supremacy until after Ukraine has become admitted into NATO. (The U.S. goals in this matter have been to replace Russia’s biggest naval base, which is on Crimea, with a U.S. naval base there, and — above all — ultimately to become able to place its missiles on Ukraine’s border with Russia so as to become enabled to blitz nuclear-attack the Kremlin within a mere 7 minutes or less, and thereby maybe destroy Russia’s ability to counter-attack — ‘WIN’ (instead of prevent) a nuclear war against Russia.)

The Azov Battalion uses the Nazi Wolfsangel symbol as its logo. Its founder Andriy Biletsky (center) has moved to ban “race mixing” in the Ukranian parliament

A third leading Ukrainian racist fascist, or ideological nazi, whom the U.S. Government hired into the new Ukraine’s national-security leadership, was Andrei Biletsky, who had founded the far-right “Patriot of Ukraine” group and its Azov Battalion of openly Hitler-admiring fighters. That Battalion started in 2015 to receive support from America’s CIA and to be integrated into the new Ukraine’s army as its most elite fighting force. They are (or were) centered in Mariupol and along the Ukrainian border just outside the breakaway far-eastern Donbass region, where the Battalion were constantly shelling into that region in order to kill and/or compell to flee anybody who lived in that region, which had voted over 90% for Yanukovych (“Janukovych”). It was an ethnic cleansing in order to get rid of enough of those residents so that, if ever that area would again become integrated into Ukraine and its remaining residents would therefore be voting again in Ukrainian national elections, the U.S.-installed nazi Ukrainian regime will ‘democratically’ be able to continue to rule in Ukraine.

This is the background behind Lancaster’s video.

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