U.S.-&-Allied Press Is Riddled With Lies, And Most Of The ‘Alternatives’ Also Are

This news-report is submitted to all mainstream and most ‘alternative news’ sites, and will likely be published by only a few small sites, the few honest news-sites, because the biggest of all cover-ups by the press is the psychopathic scandalousness of virtually all of the U.S.-and-allied ‘news’-media themselves. Examples will now be provided:

On June 17th, the following, from the great independent war-reporter Eva K. Bartlett in the breakaway Donbass former region of Ukraine, was posted to youtube:

17 June 2022, Eva K. Bartlett

(And details of Ukraine’s bombings of schools in the breakaway Donbas region were shown on June 16th, by Russell Bentley, providing yet another close-up view of what’s under those bomb-clouds.)


Those videos show major world news, but because they expose the psychopathically lying U.S.-and-allied ‘news’-media, few of them reported it — and the ones that did, lied to imply that this bombing was by Russia, not by the Ukrainian Government that we fund with our tax-dollars. In order for U.S.-and-allied ‘news’-media to report this, and do it truthfully, they would be reporting that they have all been lying rampantly, and this (the fact that they are so profoundly corrupt) is something that all of them are prohibited to report. Their owners would demote or fire them if they did.

These videos prove that what Americans and Europeans buy with our tax-dollars includes such mass-murders and lies, as these videos are documenting to be the case. But this fact (that we are funding such atrocities) is prohibited to be published, in ‘our’ ‘democracies’. The public aren’t allowed to know how profoundly corrupt the Government that rules us is.

The fraudulence of ‘our’ ‘democracy’ is prohibited to be made known to the public.

Maternity Hospital
Maternity Hospital in Donetsk

Is it right to teach children that they live in a democracy if they don’t? How can the end of the dictatorship be even possible if that mega-lie (America’s being a democracy) is still being taught to children? It’s definitely NOT a democracy. (It is actually the world’s #1 police-state.)

We, with our tax-dollars, funded the 20 March 2003 U.S.-and-allied invasion and destruction of Iraq that was based entirely on lies — not mistakes, but knowingly based totally on lies, and with the relevant truths being intentionally hidden instead of reported by the press. Can we live that down? Can the people who own the controlling interests in ‘our’ ’news’-media and who are ultimately responsible for their media serving as stenographers to a lying U.S. Government like that instead of as actual journalists — serving as propagandists instead of as journalists — can they live it down, or do they even care about it, at all; and, if so, then what have they ever done about it? But doesn’t this situation continue unchanged today? So, don’t we already know that they DON’T care?

On June 16th I headlined “Have Europeans been profoundly deceived?” and documented that the answer is yes (and overwhelmingly).

The biggest real threat of producing a global nuclear holocaust — a U.S.-v.-Russia nuclear war (which would be over in less than an hour, with losses of practically everything to everybody — WW III) — is the psychopathically lying press. By now, only fools trust it (especially regarding the mainstream ‘news’-media). Though there are perhaps a half-dozen media-exceptions (including this one, and all of them likewise being small), that is the case, and this is the reason why ‘our’ Government is so psychopathically bad. That is the reality, about the world that we actually are living in.

To publish such truth, in such a country, is effectively prohibited.

These atrocities do not result from any democracy. They result from a barbaric dictatorship, in the U.S.-and-allied countries — the globally dictatorial reign here, by America’s oligarchs, who own what they need to own, in order to control these governments.

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