Day: December 30, 2022

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After Bush, Obama And Biden, Restoring Freedom Of Expression In The West

Republican President George Bush Jr., and Democratic Presidents Barack Obama and Joe Biden have destroyed freedom of expression in the West. All three have managed to make the main media support their common ideology. In two decades, the press has turned a blind eye to anything that contradicts the official rhetoric from Washington and has become converted to its nonsense. The Jacksonian, Donald Trump, has made the restoration of freedom of speech the focus of his 2024 campaign. He is currently the only candidate to position himself in this way.

Rus army

Why Russia, Which Spends One-Twentieth What America Does On Military, Is Militarily More Successful Than America

Whereas in America (which makes and sells half of all of the world’s war-weapons), the manufacturers of war-weaponry are privately owned and succeed only by enriching their investors, Russia’s manufacturers of war-weapons are majority-owned by the Government and succeed only by winning Russia’s wars — serving the Government, which controls […]