Why U.S.-&-Allied Governments Are Traitors Against Their Own People

I am an American born and raised and living here all my life, whose heroes include America’s great Founders who collectively together authored the most progressive national Constitution yet (not only as-of their own time, but perhaps even till this very day, the world’s most progressive Constitution, after it has been made even better — improved — so many times, by essential Amendments). And also among my heroes are America’s two greatest Presidents: Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

I therefore recognize that any U.S. Government official who shares responsibility for my Government’s violating its Constitution — my Constitution and that of all other U.S. citizens — is at war against my Government and all other Americans, in the most profound way imaginable, and is consequently an American traitor and should be prosecuted as such.

With a heavy heart, therefore, I here shall document that this means that essentially all U.S. top federal officials — President, members of Congress, and U.S. Supreme Court — are American traitors, as will now be documented here:

The U.S. Constitution — the Fundamental Law of my country — includes, as its First Amendment, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Consequently: no federal official may impose any “law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press …” without thereby being a traitor to one’s country. Such a person is at war against even the nation’s very Constitution. Any federal official who does any such thing is joining with the traitorism of any federal official who has participated in demanding it to be done.

In August of 2020, the Global Engagement Center of the U.S. Department of State (and so an agency of the U.S. Government) issued a “GEC Special Report: Pillars of Russia’s Disinformation and Propaganda Ecosystem”, which listed 7 Websites it alleged to be “Disinformation and Propaganda” and which websites were thereby being declared by the U.S. Government to be part of a “thriving counter-disinformation community comprised of governments, civil society, academia, the press, the private sector, and citizens around the world who refuse to tolerate these tactics is pushing back. This report is offered by the U.S. Department of State.” That DOS-GEC report included no recommended bans against those 7 named Websites. However, two FBI agents came to my residence about a year later and interrogated me because some of my articles were published on one of those sites, and I was shocked — not that they were interrogating me about it, (the FBI has always been a fascist organization at least ever since U.S. President Calvin Coolidge appointed J.Edgar Hoover to run the FBI on 10 May 1924), but instead because the only reason why they wanted me no longer to submit articles to that site was that they alleged the site to be run by “the Russian Government” and yet there was not the Constitutionally required Congressional declaration of war against Russia that would have been required in order for such a restriction on my freedom of speech to be able Constitutionally to be reduced by the U.S. Government (if even a declaration-of-war would have justified the First-Amendment violation). That visit by the FBI was no law being enforced against me, but they claimed it to be lawful. My concern was whether it was even Constitutional.

FBI headquarters in Washington

The blatancy of the FBI’s fascism had never been clearer to me than on that day. I didn’t care whether the FBI’s accusation against the site was true or not but only whether that site and the other hundreds of sites to which I routinely submit each one of my news-articles would publish it or not. I routinely submitted each one of my articles free-of-charge to hundreds of sites, amongst which are all of the mainstream ones. That site, which the FBI was advising me not to send my articles to, happened to be one of the nearly fifty sites that had published one or more of my submissions, and it was among the sites that were doing so with the most frequency. The FBI was advising me to stop submitting my articles to it. I asked them why. They said it was a Russian Government site. I had never heard that allegation about it before, but told them that I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true, since I knew that it was located somewhere in Russia and that its views were ordinary views among the Russian people, and not only of Russia’s Government.

The two FBI agents left, and I continued keeping that site on my email-submissions list, despite their advising me not to. Then, a few months later, one of those two agents came yet a second time, on this occasion to deliver from the U.S. Treasury Department a letter, dated “October 15, 2021,” warning me that under the sanctions-Acts that Congress had passed, I might become charged with violating those Acts and assessed “$311,562” in fines if I didn’t stop, which I then promptly did. I stopped submitting articles to that site. This blatantly unConstitutional reduction of my freedom-of-speech (and of that site’s right to publish me — but the publisher wasn’t a U.S. entity, so that’s not so clearly a Constitutional violation by the U.S. Government) — festered in me for a few years, until recently, when I finally tried to find out whether that site actually was on any sanctions-list.

I found this: on 15 April 2021, came “Treasury Escalates Sanctions Against the Russian Government’s Attempts to Influence U.S. Elections”, saying that a half-dozen sites — three of which had been among my publishers — were being banned for having allegedly tried to get Trump elected as U.S. President, and that Trump had issued Executive Orders under which his Treasury Department was now acting to enforce those bans.

So: when the FBI had threatened me, it was based on the ridiculous allegation that Trump might have become President with the alleged help of Russia’s Government — which was never proven (and had never even been credible to me) and which even the Special Counsel Robert Mueller never could prove, and which certainly did not constitute a Congressional declaration of war and Presidential imposition of martial law, but which Trump nonetheless signed into law at the time in order not to be declared by congressional Democrats to be a foreign agent of a hostile power — nothing of which was ever even possibly actually true, based upon what I had seen. It was all merely on the basis of bipartisan political lies, by the Democrats against Trump, and by the Republican Trump not denying and resisting their lies but instead signing — as opposed to vetoing — their sanctions-bills that were embodying those lies against Russia.

As it so happens, of those 7 U.S.-Government-condemned sites in the August 2020 DOS-GEC report, 4 had been among the more-than-40 sites that had been occasionally publishing me. Based upon what the U.S. regime had done regarding that one site (the one I stopped sending to), a reasonable expectation would therefore be that the FBI might yet threaten me with heavy fines unless I cease including the other 3 on my submissions-list. However, now that I know that any official U.S. sanctions-list can be concocted by the Congress and signed by the President, at any time, in order to fool the American people to vote for the candidates whose campaigns are, overall, 57.16% funded by only the richest ten-thousandth of the U.S. population (and controlled mainly by America’s roughly a thousand billionaires), I recognize, even more than before, that I am actually living in a fascist state, under an anti-Constitutional Government that’s being run on the one-dollar-one-vote principle (liberalized fascism), instead of under any sort of actual one-person-one-vote principle (an authentic democracy). It’s certainly not in accord with its own Constitution.

Any foreign ally of this fascist state — that is, any of its vassal-nations or foreign colonies — is likewise fascist, no authentic democracy. In fact: since any such ‘ally’ is subordinate to a fascist Government, within that fascist Government’s empire, it has to be at least as much of a dictatorship as is the imperial nation itself. The vassal-nation’s Constitution (if any — because UK and Israel don’t even have any) might allow that (dictatorship), but being Constitutionally fascist (as ours is not) would be no contradiction to that Government’s being traitors to its own population. And any colony is necessarily even less of a democracy than its imperial nation (here being the U.S.) is.

There have been many other instances (such as this) in which the U.S. regime has greatly limited the size of the audience for my news-reports and opinions, but most of those instances are carried-out by private corporations instead of by the U.S. Government that they are working for. What was involved in the instance discussed here, was the U.S. Government’s violating the U.S. Constitution’s declaration-of war and First-Amendment provisions. If the Government does that (violates its own Constitution), it needs to be overthrown and replaced by an entirely new Government that will be subject to this same Constitution which the current U.S. Government so obviously despises enough as to violate it even routinely — and to be constantly giving merely false and propaganda-based excuses (no truthful explanations) for its persistent and outrageous behavior violating its own Constitution. To be ‘allied with’ (a vassal or colony of) such a Government is to be subject to its demands and therefore to likewise be fascist. Any such Government that claims to be part of “the free world” against “dictatorships” is lying through its teeth and needs to be overthrown and replaced, because it’s being run actually by lying traitors. America’s democracy is now a sham, and any Government that is its ‘ally’ can only be even worse.

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