Alexander Mercouris Charges U.S.-EU Coup Against Moldova

BACKGROUND: Moldova is a small country on Ukraine’s southwest, in which the language is Romanian (Romania is another of its bordering countries) and the vast majority of its domestic population prefer Russia to the EU but many Moldovans have emigrated to the EU, where all the news is against Russia and these Moldovans are overwhelmingly anti-Russians. The U.S. and EU have poured billions into getting those emigres to vote in Moldova’s elections, as a result of which Moldova’s Parliament, President, and Prime Minister, are trying to get the country into the EU and NATO. Some recent news-reports allege that America and NATO are planning to bring an end to Moldova’s post-1991 official policy of non-alignment and to use Moldova as a passage-way through from Romania into Ukraine by which to send weapons from the U.S. and NATO into Ukraine, so as to drag out Ukraine’s war and thus to increase even more the profits of U.S.-and-other-NATO armaments firms, as well as to increase yet further America’s global hegemony (ultimately to include the whole world).

NEWS REPORT: Alexander Mercouris, whose reporting on international affairs has always turned out to have been accurate whenever I have checked the primary sources regarding an allegation by him, headlined on February 23rd, “Moldova tensions rise, new Prime Minister wants Transnistria demilitarized”, and here is a two-point summary of recent events that he recounts there, and which I shall document here from my own sources:

1.  Most people living in Moldova are more favorable toward Russia than toward the U.S. and its EU and NATO. (I have checked to find whether this allegation by him is correct, and the latest information I found regarding it is from the Moldovan institute of marketing and polls, which claims that it “faces pressures and blackmail on behalf of politicians and representatives of NGOs, bothered by the findings of opinion polls”, and about which firm Russia’s Tass News Agency headlined on 6 December 2022 “Majority of Moldovans consider Russia country’s best partner — opinion poll” and reported that that polling firm found “62% of respondents think that Moldova should have close relations with Russia, 21% want neutral relations, 10% want remote relations, and only five percent spoke in favor of severing relations with Russia.” For economics and trade, 38% chose Russia, 30% chose EU, 12% chose Romania, and 4% chose U.S. For national security, it was 36% for Russia, 21% for EU, 10% for Romania, 10% for NATO, 5% for U.S., and 1% for China. However, virtually all electoral ballots that come in from expatriots — in the EU — are pro-EU-U.S. and anti-Russian; so, if the ballots are being honestly counted, then the Government represents instead the non-resident Moldovans, not the resident ones. That Moldovan poll sampled ONLY from Moldovans who live in Moldova.)

Biden with Sandu
President Biden met on February 21 with Moldovan President Maia Sandu in Warsaw.

2. Both the President and the Prime Minister, as well as the Parliament, of Moldova, want their country into the EU and NATO, and so are cooperating with both in order to open up a pathway for NATO weapons into Ukraine. (InfoBRICS had headlined on 6 June 2022, “US ensures Russia-friendly voices in Moldova are silenced”, and reported that, “The US Agency for International Development intends to allocate $35m for structural reforms in Moldova. The goal is to secure the country’s pro-Western course and support anti-Russian rhetoric in the Moldovan media. The job, according to US documents, will be awarded to Nathan Associates.” Nathan Associates had already reported that: “On July 18, 2018, Nathan presented its Trade Corridor Assessment (TCA) of Moldova in a high-level ceremony in Chisinau, Moldova. The TCA is a critically important deliverable completed as part of the USAID/Moldova funded Moldova Structural Reform Program. The TCA lays the foundation for many of the activities that will ultimately improve Moldova’s ability to trade across borders and integrate the country further into regional and global markets. Doug Muir, COP of USAID’s Moldova Structural Reform Program, presents analysis from the Moldova Trade Corridor Assessment at the July 18 event. Photo: USAID Moldova Structural Reform Program. Opening remarks at the TCA event were delivered by the U.S. Ambassador to Moldova, H.E. James D. Pettit, State Secretary from the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, Ms. Iuliana Drăgălin, and Deputy Director of the Moldova Customs Service, Mr. Iurie Ceban. Nathan experts, including Senior Vice President Dr. Paul Kent and Managing Associate Ms. Kristen Hartpence, presented on the TCA findings and led a stakeholder discussion group. …”)

Consequently, it is now extremely likely that NATO’s weaponry will soon be traveling through Moldova into Ukraine. If and when that happens, Moldova’s residents will be overwhelmingly opposed. As regards Moldovans living abroad, many of them might approve of this, but what that would mean isn’t clear, even if they will approve of it. According to the CIA-edited and written Wikipedia, which blacklists (blocks from linking to) sites that aren’t CIA-approved (and so the U.S. regime itself accepts this as being the case), “Moldovan citizens (almost 45% of a population of some 3.6 million) are working abroad”, and none of those 45% are counting the ballots; only individuals who are residing in Moldova do, and they are part of the existing Government, which is already controlled by agents of the U.S. and EU Governments.

Moldova has already had its “color revolution” and will then, in effect, be having its coup, much as had earlier happened first in Georgia in 2008, after what the U.S. Government’s Institute of Peace, or Orwellianly named institute actually of war, had, in 2003, called its “Rose Revolution” there; and, then, in Ukraine in 2014, which coup that happened there drew “on the hard lessons of the failures of the 2004–05 Orange Revolution as a motivator”, and is now leading to likely the same fate for the residents in Moldova. However, if the polls that have been taken inside Moldova are at all accurate, then there might be even more resistance by residents there to this coup-Government than existed against Ukraine’s in 2014; and, so, this might instead end up being like the 29 April 1975 U.S. evacuation of South Vietnam was, and the current rulers of Moldova could become overthrown, and perhaps even killed, in an authentic revolution there. This is how the post-1945 U.S. Government spreads ‘democracy’ around the world but especially to the lands that border, or that are near to, countries (especially Russia and China) that the U.S. regime still hasn’t yet captured (by means of subversion, sanctions, coup, and/or invasion and occupation). It’s the way the U.S. Government has been functioning internationally, ever since 25 July 1945.

MY ANALYSIS: None of this would be happening but for the decisions that have been made by the Presidents and Prime Ministers of the U.S.-and-allied countries. In any proceedings by the International Criminal Court or any other, those (and, of course, their financial backers) would need to be the primary targets for prosecution and possible execution. Certainly, Barack Obama and his successors would need to be at the very top of this list, for decisions that they had made — both of intent and of negligence — without which there wouldn’t even have been, or even survived till the present day, the U.S.-controlled Ukrainian government that is posing a very real existential threat to its neighbor Russia. Until that coup and those international war crimes of aggression — including that coup and all of the international sanctions that had never been authorized by the U.N. — are honestly dealt with, international law will have no real or solid foundation or justice. This is simply a statement of fact.

After all: what the world is now coming precipitously close to as a consequence of the continuation of this immense and perhaps historically unprecented criminality is a nuclear Armageddon WW III, and this has never been the case before because the resoluteness of the U.S.-and-allied criminals in their voracious imperialism exceeds all but Hitler’s — and he had no nuclear weapons at all.

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