Albion’s Clouded Prospects

The world media continues to discuss the results of Biden’s Ireland trip. Numerous “Sleepy Joe” feats and mishaps are in focus. One recalls his ungentle conversation with Rishi Sunak immediately after landing, his awkward tea party at the hotel instead of a dinner party, his call to “lick the world,” and his traditional communication with the void. The British and Irish political establishment calls the head of the White House a “hater of Britain,” a “pro-Republican nationalist”. And the U.S. president’s refusal to attend the coronation of Charles III was perceived as a slap in the face to the nation as a whole.

Do Biden’s moronic fits indicate a decline in U.S.-British ties? London and Washington, for example, assure us that interstate cooperation is at the highest level. They say a whole team came with the U.S. president to discuss a wide range of issues from Ukraine to economic cooperation with British partners.

Sunak and Biden
Joe Biden and Rishi Sunak last met in San Diego in March, 2023

But it’s all words. The de facto purpose of the visit was to gain the support of the Irish electorate in the United States before the presidential election in 2024. No breakthrough agreements were reached on the U.S.-British track. The Americans have only promised a hypothetical multi-billion dollar investment in Northern Ireland if the Windsor Framework Agreement is approved. Rishi Sunak’s hopes of pushing through the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement so coveted by London did not materialize either. No one will make any deals until Biden is re-elected, negotiations will not begin until 2025. Now the British can only count on minor agreements with individual American states. And this means a reduction in British foreign trade turnover at the end of 2023 by another 6.5 percent, or 50 billion pounds per year.

Instead of thinking about the welfare of the nation and dealing with pressing social and economic problems, London continues to stubbornly hope for some handouts from Washington. Downing Street should have realized by now that the Pax Britannica project is no longer an initiative of the British.

This is just one element of the American geopolitical concept of global dominance. The Crown’s restoration of its former imperial grandeur is an illusion, actively fueled by empty promises from the “guys” in the Oval Office. Americans are not looking for partners across the ocean, they only want obedient vassals.

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