The Insanity That Rules The West

On May 30th, Newsweek headlined “Russia ‘On Course’ for NATO Conflict, Commander Says”, and reported that Karel Rehka, the Commander of Chechia’s Armed Forces, said that,

“We view war between Russia and the North Atlantic Alliance as the worst-case scenario, but it is not impossible,” Rehka said. “It is possible.” Russia, the commander added, “is currently on a course towards a conflict with the Alliance.” … NATO deterrence, he added, is the solution to show Moscow that “it’s not worth it because it just can’t succeed” in defeating its Western rivals through military means.

The West’s unquestioned assumption is that Russia is currently engaged in an invasion of Ukraine for the purpose of “defeating its Western rivals through military means.” But that statement is blatantly false, as will here be documented via the links:

On 17 December 2021, Russia formally presented to NATO a proposal for negotiation: “All member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization commit themselves to refrain from any further enlargement of NATO, including the accession of Ukraine as well as other States.” This was proposed within a context that opened with: “The Parties shall guide in their relations by the principles of cooperation, equal and indivisible security. They shall not strengthen their security individually, within international organizations, military alliances or coalitions at the expense of the security of other Parties.” In other words: it entailed that each NATO nation would agree never to participate in an invasion of any nation that has not invaded it and that has agreed with it not to invade it unless that NATO nation, or any other NATO member-nation, has FIRST invaded it or another NATO-member nation.

In other words: it was a mutual non-aggression pact, which Russia was proposing to NATO; and, IN THAT CONTEXT, it entailed that Ukraine will not be allowed into NATO.

Karel Rehka, the Commander of Chechia’s Armed Forces

The reason why Ukraine was specifically mentioned in the proposal — and no other nation was — is that Ukraine is much closer to Russia’s command-center than is any existing NATO-member nation; it is only 317 miles or a 5-minute missile-flying time away from blitz-decapitating Russia’s ability to, first, recognize that a nuclear missile had been launched at The Kremlin, and, then, press the button to launch Russia’s retaliatory weaponry in response to that invasion by NATO.

Russia’s 17 December 2021 proposal was the latest and final request from Moscow reflecting Moscow’s many-times-repeated “Red Line” national-security need that if Ukraine will become a NATO member, then Russia will not accept this, and that this acceptance of Ukraine into NATO will start WW III: nuclear war between superpowers.

Back on 24 February 1990, the U.S. Government started secretly instructing its NATO allies that though they all (under instruction from the White House) had told Mikhail Gorbachev that NATO will not expand even “one inch to the east” (i.e., toward Russia’s border) that had been only a lie, and that NATO’s goal to capture Russia will continue even after Gorbachev dismantles the Soviet Union and ends its Warsaw-Pact military mirror-image of America’s NATO military alliance and ends its communism — all of which Gorbachev did do in 1991. President Bush’s only recorded explanation of that secret instruction to his stooges was: “To hell with that [honoring the promise]! We prevailed; they didn’t.” In other words, he was telling them: Might makes right, and we will possess the might then even more than we do today — so: ‘Onward Christian soldiers!’, till ‘victory!’

If Russia were to accept that, then it would be allowing The West’s version of ‘Christianity’ (which Hitler likewise believed passionately) to emerge victorious over Russia’s — which rejects that viewpoint (the supremacist viewpoint — the demand to be supreme instead of to possess equal rights with all others).

Furthermore: whereas for The West this is all about ruling the entire world — it is about America’s becoming the global dictator — it is instead about something quite opposite from that for Russia: As the proposed document said at its opening: “The Parties shall guide in their relations by the principles of cooperation, equal and indivisible security.” It was a commitment to the exact opposite of what, for example, U.S. President Barack Obama had stated on 28 May 2014, to America’s future generals: “The United States is and remains the one indispensable nation.” Russia was demanding the rejection of that, the rejection of the idea that only the United States is indispensable and all other nations are dispensable. Russia was repudiating The West’s position — its ideological position: supremacism.

The Newsweek article continued by saying: “Moscow has framed its disastrous invasion of Ukraine as a pre-emptive strike against NATO, which it has long accused of fomenting ‘Russophobia’ in the country, even while the Kremlin meddled in Ukrainian domestic politics, annexed Crimea, and seized swathes of the eastern Donbas region.” Here is the actual history — not that myth — about that allegation. (Just click there, and you will see it.)

When America had won its Revolutionary War, it, too, had won its freedom and independence from its Master, the British dictatorship across the ocean. Russia, even now, is refusing to accept any less than that, for itself. This is what the 17 December 2021 Russian-proposed documents were offering, now to America’s NATO. Today’s America (and its colonies) rejected it.

That offer was, on 7 January 2022, contemptuously rejected by the United States and by its NATO. They wouldn’t even negotiate about anything in it. Russia had only one option left: to invade and take over Ukraine. This is, for Russia, a necessary defensive war against the United States’s ceaseless aggressions. Russia is demanding: Your aggressions to capture us will end here: “Give us liberty, or give us death!”

Russia is refusing to allow the U.S. to possess the capability to place its nuclear missiles a mere 317 miles away from The Kremlin.

That is the historical truth of the matter.

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