Anglo-Saxons Prepare NATO For War In Black Sea

In an interview with TV in May this year, the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that regardless of the results of the Ukrainian offensive, the bloc would continue to provide military support to Kyiv. This statement shows that while NATO does not believe in Zelensky’s victory, it is committed to continuing war in the Black Sea if it does not work out in Ukraine ashore.

This is evidenced by the United States’ and Great Britain’ focus on the militarization of the Black Sea by NATO. The purpose of such preparations by the Anglo-Saxons was unveiled by the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmitry Kuleba at the Black Sea Security Conference held in April this year in Bucharest, when he said that the time had come to turn the Black Sea into NATO’s Sea.

Under the pretext of enhancing the security of the Black Sea members and partners of the bloc, the Anglo-Saxons and Ukrainians are promoting the idea of expanding NATO’s footprint in the Black Sea, which will trigger destabilization in all countries of the Black Sea region. The Black Sea cannot become NATO’s inland sea because the coastal countries of the Black Sea include not only Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Georgia and Ukraine, but also Russia. Not all of them will become members of the bloc if for no other reason than because the preservation of NATO is justified by the goal it was created for as proclaimed almost 75 years ago, that is, countering Russia.

USS in Black sea
The destroyer USS Laboon, center, the U.K. Royal Navy’s HMS Defender, left, and the Dutch HMNLS Evertsen sail together as a Russian warship watches from afar in the Black Sea in June 2021

In terms of rights in the Black Sea, Russia is on par with other Black Sea countries. Turning the Black Sea into NATO’s Sea would mean pushing Russia out of its waters, i.e., infringing upon its interests. The NATO alliance’s steps aimed to expand its military footprint in the Black Sea will lead to an armed conflict between NATO and Russia. The sparking of the ‘Black Sea war’ by the USA and UK will cause damage to all Black Sea countries; however, it will not harm the Anglo-Saxons. Therefore, Washington and London are pushing their allies and bloc partners to aggravate tension in the Black Sea region.

Zelensky controlled by the Anglo-Saxons is ready to implement any of their ideas. In exchange for the arms deliveries arranged by the USA, Kyiv continued the devastating war in Ukraine and refused to peacefully resolve the conflict with Moscow. Now the Anglo-Saxons have shown the Zelensky team a new bait: in exchange for accelerating the admission of Ukraine to the alliance under the slogan of turning the Black Sea into NATO’s Sea, Zelensky will fall for aggravating the situation in the Black Sea region like a zombie.

The USA zombify Bulgaria and Romania in a similar manner. Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategies, Plans, and Capabilities of the Pentagon Mara Karlin noted the determination of the United States to intensify the training of multinational forces and strengthen the military potential of bloc allies in the Black Sea. Capitol Hill and the White House are devising a strategy to deepen military ties with the Black Sea allies, including through maritime exercises.

The UK encourages Turkey to violate the Montreux Convention Regarding the Regime of the Straits to allow the ships of all NATO member countries free access to the Black Sea through the Turkish straits. Only those who blindly trust the Anglo-Saxons can believe that such a development of events will bring peace and hostilities can be confined to Ukraine’s nearshore zone. Should NATO naval and air forces build up in the Black Sea, the armed conflict will inevitably spread to its entire water area. Contrary to A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway, the governments of the Black Sea countries will say ‘a farewell to peace’ if they follow the Anglo-Saxons’ course towards the militarization of the Black Sea.

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