How the Democratic Party’s Billionaires Aim To Crush RFK Jr.’s Primary Against Biden

The megadonors control the U.S. Government by buying the winning candidates, and are terrified that RFK Jr. might become that, despite them, and so are aiming their media organizations against him, to make sure he won’t stand a chance to get to the primary contests.

This includes also buying the pollsters and the talking heads whom the billionaires’ organizations hire as ‘experts’ at CNN, NYT, WP, etc. — everything to discredit him to the public.

Here are some likely examples of this:

On May 22nd, I emailed to the three top individuals at the Harvard Harris Poll, regarding this new poll of theirs:

The email’s “Subject” line was: “RFK Jr. is primarying Biden but not named on your poll. Why?”

The message regarding that poll was:

Page 14 even names “Elon Musk,” but no “RFK Jr.”

Page 22 names 12 Democrats primarying against Biden, but not RFK Jr; and the only one of the 12 named who is primarying against Biden is Marianne Williamson. Why isn’t RFK Jr. even NAMED there?

Right now, the only Biden-v-RFK Jr. polls show RFK Jr. already getting 20% against Biden. 

Why didn’t your poll even include him AT ALL?

None of the three replied.

Another possible example:

On June 1st, the British newspaper, Guardian, which from its days prior to around 2013 when it switched from being progressive to becoming neoconservative and neoliberal after it got taken over by Rhodesist but mainly American billionaires, and yet is still read mainly by leftist liberal Americans, and remains very influential in the U.S. Democratic Party and to its voters who haven’t yet figured out that it’s now neoconservative, headlined hostilely against the anti-neoconservative RFK Jr., “Robert F Kennedy Jr says he has ‘conversations with dead people’” and opened: “Robert F Kennedy Jr., the conspiracy theorist and vaccine skeptic challenging Joe Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination, told an interviewer he had ‘conversations with dead people’ every day.” It pretended that he’s a kook, and emphasized all of the anti-Establishment views that he has, including his warnings about the inadequate pre-testing of the safety of the covid vaccines. Its linked-to source, regarding his statement that he has “conversations with dead people,” was an article that had ended with this passage:

RFK Jr. is Biden’s closest opponent in the 2024 Democratic presidential primary race

When I asked Kennedy how he thinks his father or uncle would have responded to the many challenges facing the Democrats and the United States, he was vague.

“You know,” he said, “I have conversations with my father and my uncle about what I’m doing. I do meditations every day, and that’s kind of the nature of my meditations. I have a lot of conversations with dead people.” 

In a follow-up text, he clarified: “They are one way prayers for strength and wisdom. I get no strategic advice from the dead.”

Maybe to him, it was in jest, but in the hands of a skillful propaganda-operation such as today’s Guardian newspaper, it becomes toxic against him.

Today’s Guardian is extremely in favor of every U.S. and UK invasion, coup, bombing campaign, and everything else that boosts the sales-volumes for corporations such as Lockheed Martin. RFK Jr. is, in effect, campaigning against the Guardian’s megadonors.

Who are those megadonors? I’ll cut to the chase and give you just one Web-page as an example, though there are also others. It’s this. The first thing that you see there is “The 11th Hour Project.” It’s in the class of donors who gave “$500,000 and above” to the Guardian. That project is a “project of the Schmidt Family Foundation.” That is Eric Schmidt, the former Chairman and CEO of Google. He is the person that Julian Assange wrote about, as I noted on 17 September 2016 and said “Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt and Google’s and the U.S. State Department’s Jared Cohen had deceived Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange into informing them, on 23 June 2011, how to foment massive public demonstrations online,” and Schmidt and Jared used information, that Assange (who thought they were against imperialism instead of representing it) supplied, not against but for imperialism: actually in order to help Obama’s State Department to plan and organize the February 2014 U.S. coup in Ukraine. As I wrote there: “Only in retrospect did Assange come to recognize that, as he headlined in October 2014, ‘Google Is Not What It Seems’. That’s when he noted, ‘Jared Cohen could be wryly named Google’s ‘director of regime change’.” And Schmidt and Hillary were Jared’s bosses.

That long list of megadonor foundations, which keep the Guardian afloat, represents also almost every billionaire whose foundations keep NATO’s PR organization the Atlantic Council, and NATO’s think tanks such as the Center for Strategic and International Studies, going (but they’re funded additionally by the big armaments firms directly, and by virtually all NATO governments). Maybe the game is to buy a stock such as General Dynamics and then use one’s foundation in order to fund hate-propaganda to regime-change a Government that (by ‘coincidence’) becomes invaded with the types of weapons which this particular firm specializes in marketing.

So: that’s just touching the surface of what’s being done to hide RFK Jr.’s campaign and to build negative feeling about him among Democratic Party primary voters.

And the Democrats’ Presidential primary campaigns haven’t even started yet.

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