U.S. Not Willing To Solve Migration Problem

The White House seems to take special pleasure in bullying migrants.

The Biden administration abolished Title 42 of the U.S. Code on May 11 this year. It would seem that we can rejoice, Washington has returned to the pre-covid migration legislation. The obstacles that had prevented migrants from fully exercising their right to seek asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border for more than three years have now been removed. However, it’s usually more complex than that.

At the same time, Washington, – why does this surprise no one? – introduced another batch of new legislative barriers. As a result, the flow of illegal immigrants keeps growing and has now reached another peak. At the same time, the number of migrants stuck at the border due to new restrictive measures is also increasing. In addition, thousands of “lucky” who are already in the U.S. but have not yet managed to get their refugee status under the procedures of the already abolished Title 42 are out of the legal terrain.

migration-problemThe U.S. immigration system has once again proven itself to be a failure. The country essentially still lacks alternative routes for legal entry, which only serves to exacerbate the issue.

However, the American establishment does not seem to be interested in such “trifles.” Politicians continue to shamelessly PR on the topic of defenseless people, trying to squeeze extra points for themselves. One of them, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (who does he think he is?) is sending migrants as “live goods” by air to California. At this rate, the media will soon again be filled with pictures of brave “cowboys” hunting live people with lasso on the U.S.-Mexican border. It looks like the U.S. is firmly on course for the abyss and is not going to turn away.

The Republicans in Congress are also set on it. The suffering of thousands and thousands of Latin Americans stranded at the border or deprived of their tortured migration status after the recent repeal of Title 42 is clearly not enough for them. The Elephants and their supporters want hard-hitting footage of the masculine domination of whites over migrants of color. Apparently, the GOP can no longer sway its electorate for another election cycle without such “Viagra.”

On June 13 this year, U.S. citizens had the opportunity to observe the rampage of the congresswoman from the Republican Party of Colorado L. Boebert in the House of Representatives, who supported the bill impeaching President J. Biden, which had been put forward the day before. At the same time, the main answer she wants from the current administration is precisely a quick and fair (i.e., entirely at the expense of migrants) solution to the issue of border security. Otherwise, Boebert threatens to invoke her right to put the migration issue in privilege and bring it up for general debate in the House of Representatives.

This is nothing more and nothing less, but they are already trying to link this problem directly to the impeachment of the head of state. And note, not because of his poor physical condition (his advanced age, after all), but because of his “inability” to solve the migration problem. Threatening with resignation by knocking out an old, sick man for the inhumane decision you need is quite a cannibalistic approach, worthy of Governor R. DeSantis’s “carrier of live goods” line.

Politicians are true to themselves and continue to actively escalate the situation around migrants in their own immediate interests. Except that no one takes into account that a tragedy that could break out on the border would easily sweep away and send all those who are now promoting it into political oblivion. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

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