Comparing Two U.S.-Government Catastrophes: Bush’s 2003 Invasion Of Iraq, & Obama’s 2014 Coup In Ukraine

The U.S. Government lied its way into invading and destroying Iraq in 2003, and the U.S. Government lied throughout and since its 2014 coup in and destruction of Ukraine in 2014. Both operations are and were based upon lies that the U.S. Government, and its vassal-nations, (‘allies’) reiterate — or at least tolerate — even to this day. Because the U.S. Government is the world’s most powerful, George W. Bush has not been executed for what he did to Iraq, and Barack Obama has not been executed for what he did to Ukraine. Neither of those two has even faced an international criminal tribunal for the horrors that he initiated against — and which conquered (one by outright invasion, and the other by subterfuge and coup) — a distant country which had posed no threat to the aggressor-nation, the United States. How can the world even pretend to care about international justice, in such a circumstance?

Many people now know that the U.S.-and-allied invasion of Iraq on 20 March 2003 was based only on lies (which now the participating Governments refer to instead as having been ‘intelligence errors’, which is yet another lie); but America’s coup which grabbed control over Ukraine’s Government and has worked with the EU to get Ukraine into America’s anti-Russia military alliance, NATO, is still ignored by Western ‘news’-media, so that Russia’s ultimate response to that coup, on 24 February 2022, by physically invading Ukraine to prevent Ukraine from hosting U.S. nuclear missiles on Ukraine’s border only 300 miles away from The Kremlin, is being lied-about by them, as having started the war in Ukraine — what America’s coup there had actually started.

Both victim-countries — Iraq and Ukraine — were destroyed by Washington’s grab.

On 29 September 2015, I headlined “GALLUP: ‘Iraqis Are the Saddest & One of the Angriest Populations in the World.’” Then, on 25 January 2020, I headlined “U.S. ‘News’-Media Hide Truths So U.S. Public Supports Invasions” and documented: “Iraqis are furious that the U.S. continues its military occupation — a continuation of the 2003 U.S. invasion — of their country, after the U.S. was finally ordered out by Iraq’s Government on January 5th. U.S.-and-allied ‘news’-media constantly lie about this and about anything else which reveals the ugly imperialist reality of U.S. foreign policy. Americans are deceived, and kept in the dark, by ‘our’ ‘news’-media.” Even today, and despite unanimous votes by Iraq’s Parliament for the nation’s Government to eliminate all U.S. occupying forces from the country, they still are there.

obamaOn 21 March 2019, I headlined “Three Neo-Nazis Lead Ukraine’s Presidential Contest: Gallup Finds Ukrainians Despise All the Candidates”, and reported that, “Gallup headlined on March 21st, “Ukraine’s Election: Voters Disenchanted Ahead of Key Vote”, and “World-Low 9% of Ukrainians Confident in Government”. Might the reason for both be that no candidate in the contest is respected by the Ukrainian public, and that only three — the candidates with the least-low public approval — are the only ones who have even a remote chance of winning, and that all three of those candidates are racist-fascists, or hold the ideology of nazism? This will be documented here.” This was the election that placed Volodmyr Zelensky into office, and he failed to fulfill on ANY of his campaign-promises — such as to reach a peaceful settlement with Russia. Obviously, he did nothing of the sort.

Even Ukraine’s gross population figures display the catastrophe that America’s control over Ukranie’s government has wrought:

The last time that Ukraine’s Government did a census — a head-count — was 2001, and Wikipedia’s article about it says that “The total permanent population recorded was 48,241,000 persons.” But now, on 5 June 2023, an English-language Russian news site has reported that “Currently, the approximate population of Ukraine is allegedly 29 million people. This figure was announced by the Ukrainian Institute of the Future. … By the way, Russian analysts give even smaller figures, estimating the country’s population at 23-25 million people.” So, it’s down by about half.

On 6 June 2023, a U.S.-and-allied news site, BTE Intellinews, headlined “Ukraine’s population crashes to 29mn”, and on June 9th another U.S.-allied site, an English-language Ukrainian news site, headlined “How the population of Ukraine decreased during the war: sociologists’ estimates” and presented estimates of Ukraine’s population by not only Ukraine’s Institute for the Future, but by the World Bank, the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights, the U.N. Refugee Agency, and the U.N. Population Fund. (For some reason, the BTE Intellinews report alleges that Ukraine’s ‘2000’ Census counted not 48.2mn. but 43.3mn. Ukrainians.)

These were major catastrophes in modern times, and each of the two was initiated and promoted and lied-about by a U.S. President, who was never prosecuted. Why the silence about those immense international crimes?

When the U.S. Government takes over in a country, the people who suffer the most are the public. And there’s no one to defend their interests. No one even to present their case.

A big error in the design of the U.N. is that the General Assembly wasn’t given the full authority over all international courts to judge all international cases, to the exclusion of any other legal body, and also to the exclusion of the Security Council. Until that reform is instituted, we still are in a primitive world, nothing that should be called “civilized.” It’s still only a might-makes-right world, not a civilized one.

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