Economist Who Predicted 2008 Crash Says Another Will Soon Happen

Stephanie Pomboy is one of the only 33 economists in the world who predicted the U.S. economic crash that came (despite all of the thousands of other economists who said it wouldn’t); she predicted it on 7 December 2007, which was nearly 10 months prior to the 20 September 2008 crash when Lehman Brothers collapsed. And now, on 9 May 2023, she has explained why it will happen soon again. Her 2007 prediction was based on unmistakable indications that it must, which she displayed in eight clear charts. Her 9 May 2023 warning entails at least as many clear indicators, but she merely describes them verbally this time, in the following video:

So, if the time-delay prior to the crash will be like it was last time, then the blood-in-the-streets moment will probably be happening in around 8 months from now, in around March 2024, perhaps just after Super Tuesday on March 5th (the key day of the Presidential primaries). If it happens prior to that time, then Biden might not become the Democratic nominee, because of that economic collapse. If it comes later, then he’ll likely get the Democratic nomination but lose to whomever the Republican nominee will be. The best chance that RFK Jr. would get the nomination will be if the crash happens before 5 March 2024.

If Biden gets the nomination and a crash happens before Election Day, 5 November 2024, then the Republican nominee will almost certainly win. If RFK Jr. gets the Democratic nomination, then he’ll almost certainly become the President in any case, because his net-favorability rating among the entire electorate is far higher than is that of any other candidate of either Party.

Predicting timing of an economic crash is always a guess, but Pomboy’s guess that a crash will come soon is more credible than just about anyone else’s would be, because on 7 December 2007, she came out with the right prediction at the right time. She waited that long to make the prediction because she was waiting for enough indicators to signal that a crash would come before she would go public with her prediction that it would, and that was when she had enough such signals to feel confident enough to make such a prediction. Now that has happened again.

I have looked also at the recent statements from the other 32 economists who had correctly predicted the 2008 crash, but many of those people are now retired or dead or otherwise not making any predictions. She’s the only one of them who is making predictions about the matter one way or the other. I find her argument persuasive now, just as I did in December 2007, because she waits until there are enough signs for her to be able confidently to predict, and that’s a good thing. Some other of the 33 economists had predicted the crash earlier than she did, but she was more cautious than they, and therefore waited a bit longer than they. So, she has just about the best track-record that anyone can possibly have in order for someone to take seriously such a prediction. And that’s what it is: an economic prediction from a real economic expert. If anyone’s the gold standard for economists, it would be Stephanie Pomboy.

Standing behind and causing the Great Crash that is soon to come in the U.S. is trillions of dollars worth of corruption that was shockingly described — publicly exposed — by the great American investigative journalist Max Blumenthal, on June 29th, at the U.N. Security Council, in this video of his address, which is archived here. He spoke for 14 minutes there, at an informational or educational meeting, for U.N. Security Council (S.C.) members, a meeting that the U.N. titled “Briefers Alternately Spotlight Western Proxy War, Kyiv’s Right to Self-Defence”. In his address, Blumenthal discussed the immense profits that are being made off of the current war in Ukraine by American billionaires and their agents who run the U.S. Government. He was one of only four persons presenting “Briefings” there. These “Briefings” were then followed by “Statements” or “Remarks” from the Representatives of each one of the 15 S.C. member-nations plus the Representative from Ukraine. Like all of the others, the “Remarks” made by the U.S. Representative ignored Blumenthal and what he had said. Even the Representatives of Russia and of China ignored Blumenthal’s presentation. The transcript of Blumenthal’s address can be read here, and this transcript (which no merely audio or even video presentation can even possibly do) links directly to, and thus places only a click away from the reader, the documentation for each allegation — the evidence proving it — documenting the limitless greed that stands behind the Great Depression that will soon come, and that will bring the devastation, by the U.S. empire, home to the American people — even as the U.S. Government and all others ignore it. Blumenthal’s news organization, The Gray Zone, has also posted online their audit of U.S. Government expenses in Ukraine, which is here. Corruption like this, throughout the top levels of the U.S. Government, stands behind the crash that is soon to come in the United States. I have previously documented how that operation — the one in Ukraine — originated, including the planning that led up to America’s February 2014 coup in Ukraine, which caused the war in Ukraine. Building and controlling an empire are costly but enormously profitable for its beneficiaries, though destructive of the publics everywhere. Above all, there is no accountability for the profiteers from this corruption, the “Deep State” that is actually behind it.

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