U.S. As The Model For Western Countries

The model for Western countries is the United States, where billionaires have even more freedom than they do in the UK, which has been copying the U.S. ever since in 1979 in UK (Margaret Thatcher) and 1981 in U.S. (Ronald Reagan). Both countries at that time elected fascists (supporters of privatization of services that were being provided by the Government, and of labor policies that empower management against workers, and of expansion of the military-industrial complex and imperialism, and of reductions of services to the poor). The first-ever fascist leader, Mussolini, defined his system synonymously as being “fascism” and “corporationism”. This was composed of those types of pro-rich, anti-poor, policies, so that the billionaires who controlled the mega-corporations would be satisfied. Mussolini and Hitler were the first-ever national leaders to advocate and do privatizations of governmental services; Thatcher and Reagan copied them but pretended that this was in service to ‘freedom and democracy’, instead of to billionaires.

The boards of virtually all international corporations consist of representatives of the world’s fewer-than-3,000 billionaires, individuals who routinely are doing business with each other and who also are top funders of their politicians’ electoral campaigns and of the major news-media, so that only political viewpoints that are supported by at least some of those billionaire-individuals are deemed to be acceptable for publication by the press and by public officials. Censorship is, in fact, carried out to eliminate from publication any information that is outside the boundaries of that “acceptable”(-to-the-super-rich) field of ‘truth’ and of opinion. (Whether a statement is actually true is virtually irrelevant to the censors, because those censors work for the billionaires, not for the public.)

Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, outside the White House in 1983

The country with the largest number of billionaires is the United States; and, so, America’s billionaires control the U.S. Government, which has thus become the center of the world’s fascist empire — the only empire that still exists, the U.S. empire. It was created on 25 July 1945, by Harry S. Truman, under the influence of Winston Churchill but especially of Truman’s hero, who was General Dwight Eisenhower. All other Governments in this empire are America’s vassal-nations (colonies, or ‘allies’). Any Government that isn’t in this empire is potentially a target for the empire’s subversions, coups, and/or invasions, to conquer. Its main targets are China and Russia.

Because billionaires control international corporations, national borders mean less now than ever before in history.

For example: The world’s third-largest auto-maker (behind #1 Volkswagen and #2 Toyota) is Stellantis, which is controlled by Italy’s Agnelli family (Exor N.V. headquartered in Netherlands) with cooperation from Peugeot Invest in France, Bpifrance (France’s Government), Dongfeng Motor, and BlackRock. It includes mainly the former Fiat, Chrysler, and Peugeot.

U.S.-and-allied billionaires transcend any merely national boundaries, and function more like an ideology, which is alternatively called, in various countries, fascism, libertarianism (supporting liberty for investment capital), neoliberalism-neoconservatism (supporting their global hegemony), but most fundamentally being a wealth-based supremacism, or control of government, by wealth instead of by persons: owners of wealth merely represent the wealth that they own. That’s what this ideology actually is: it is imperialistic fascism, or control of governments by the richest, not by the public anywhere. It is intrinsically hostile to democracy (rule by authentic representatives of the public — not representatives of the wealth).

Consequently, for example: like in any imperialism, it demands the right by rich people to assign their wealth to whomever they choose at death, and even to control whom its recipients will be through all future generations — unlimited right to control their wealth — because a person IS his or her wealth and no government should have any control, at all, over that. It is pure aristocracy — the unfettered right to bequeath and to inherit. It is zero democracy. Democracy cannot exist in an aristocracy.

This used to be called “feudalism” during the agrarian era, but now it is called “fascism” or “corporationism” during the industrial era. By controlling the right to bequeath, and to inherit, the aristocrat is asserting that he or she is his or her wealth, and that in his or her will that person’s wealth therefore ought permanently to be controlled by that person, the one who bequeaths it — no government, at all, should have any control over it, any right to tax it or otherwise have power over it. By this means (permanently controlling their wealth), aristocrats are allowed to immortalize themselves.

This system has become more fully embodied in the U.S. than in any other country. The conceptual categories and ‘ideologies’ — such as ‘democracy’, ‘authoritarianism’, ‘dictatorship’, and ‘freedom’ — that political ‘scientists’ throw around, are distractionary, false, not intended to inform, but instead to misinform and mislead. This is how the billionaires can control the public: by deceiving the public about what is what. The billionaires control all of the high-prestige colleges, universities, and think tanks. These are institutions of corporationism. They inculcate corporationism into future generations, to have the public accept it, and to reject democracy — even to call it by such terms as ‘extremism’, and ‘conspiracy theories’ (as-if there aren’t any conspiracies at the top levels of governments, and even of international corporations). Behind-the-scenes control is what conspiracies are; and this has always been normal in international relations, and even in strictly national or internal governmental affairs. Every aristocracy is controlled by conspiracies. The number of people (super-rich) who control it are few enough to conspire; and, so, they do. They reach agreement among themselves.

Dictatorships have always been the norm; democracy is the rare exception. Any fascist (or “corporationist”) government is necessarily a dictatorship. Right now, both Russia and China — both of which have consistently opposed imperialism in Africa — are appealing to all nations in Africa to establish win-win relations with them, and to reject the win-lose relations and threats that the U.S. Government is offering to them to entice them to join the U.S. empire’s planned wars against them.

No billionaire would allow an article like this to be published; and, so, they don’t. But that’s not because it’s not true.

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