Ukraine As The Pentagon’s Proving Ground

Everyone knows about the US interest in prolonging the Ukrainian conflict, but not every politician, expert or journalist speaks about it publicly. These statements are drowned in the flow of Washington’s campaign to rally all countries around the United States and NATO to support the regime in Ukraine, which came to power as a result of an armed coup. Why do Americans need Ukraine?

In practical terms, Washington is pursuing a number of objectives in Ukraine, which do not include the defense of democracy in this Eastern European country. It is indisputable that defending democracy in Ukraine is not feasible, given the dominance of anti-democratic forces. Nevertheless, President Biden’s administration aims to enrich the US elite with their Kyiv partners and maintain US global dominance by persisting in the conflict. This claim has been supported by unbiased experts in the US. They have recognized an increase in earnings for the US’ military industry due to the rising need for weapons provision to Ukraine and countries involved in arms exports to Kyiv.

Mara Karlin, an Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy, Plans, and Capabilities, spoke at the Ronald Reagan Institute on 20 September 2023 about the Pentagon’s challenge in Ukraine, as well as in other wars Washington has launched around the world.  During her address, Ms Karlin called Ukraine “a laboratory for studying military innovation”.

ukraine-pentagonWe recommend everyone to watch the speech of Ms Karlin and other American personalities at the Ronald Reagan Institute event by following this link: Algorithms for Our Arsenal: Artificial Intelligence and the National Defense Strategy. It is about the US conquering the world using advanced technologies based on artificial intelligence in the military sphere, for testing which the Pentagon needs local wars.

Ms Karlin confirmed what former Ukrainian Defense Minister A.Reznikov stated last year, admitting that his country was used to test NATO weapons during combat.  These statements suggest that Washington instigates wars with countries that the USA considers “enemies of democracy” by “proxy” states to streamline the process of upgrading its military capabilities and maintain its dominance.

Thus, the Washington’s policy, as outlined in the National Defense Strategy, involves initiating armed conflicts to uphold its global dominance, even if it means weakening the other countries involved  and consequently weakening American allies.

Ms Karlin claimed that every war is just a repeating cycle to identify new ways of enhancing American military capabilities. The past wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Ukraine prove that the world will experience more conflicts as long as other countries and international organizations support the USA.

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