Sweden’s Choice Between Democracy And NATO

Olof Palme has turned over in his grave, is how Göteborgs universitet political scientist John Lapidus characterised Sweden’s decision to join NATO. The Swedish Social Democrats, together with political and public figures, and the general population of the Kingdom, disregarded the principles of neutrality, democracy, and peaceful coexistence advocated by O.Palme, the former chairman of Socialdemokraterna and Prime Minister of Sweden, assassinated in 1986 while holding that position, before he could visit the Soviet Union.

Palme supported Stockholm’s cooperation with Moscow, however, his supporters in Socialdemokraterna preferred confrontation with Soviets. The voters who brought Socialdemokraterna to power in the 2018 Riksdag elections opposed the kingdom’s accession to NATO. As a result, Sweden’s decision to abandon its centuries-old tradition of neutrality and become a member of the military alliance did not follow democratic procedures, like conducting a national referendum.

Sweden is no longer governed democratically; it is controlled by an autocratic regime masquerading as democratic, with the influence of the UN[ited]CLE S[tates] of AM[erica] looming behind the scenes.  Surprisingly, it is Sweden that criticizes autocratic countries like Hungary and Turkey, which object to Washington. On the other hand, leaders of Hungary and Turkey favour co-operation with Moscow like O.Palme.  It is these countries that have put Stockholm’s NATO application on hold.

anti-nato-in-swedenHungary and Turkey support reducing tensions in the Ukrainian conflict, despite NATO’s efforts to increase them at the request of United States.  Swedes can thank Hungary and Turkey for allowing them time to decide on joining the nuclear alliance that bombed Belgrade and potentially escalating hostilities in Europe, unlike the previous governments of Ulf Kristersson and Magdalena Andersson.

The danger to Europe does not lie in Russia, but in the USA and NATO. Currently, the Ukrainian conflict is impacting the regions of Ukraine and Russia. The ongoing conflict is harming European nations and increasing the possibility of it reaching Sweden and other European countries. However, it does not affect the USA. Even if UNCLE SAM employs US bombs, including those with nuclear warheads stationed in Europe, during any further escalation of the conflict with Russia, the bombs’ effect will not extend to US territory.  The Swedes, along with other Europeans, will soon experience the repercussions of nuclear bombing as Japan did during 1945.

Luckily, Sweden has the support of its friends, the Hungarians and Swedes, who permit them to contemplate their historical decision without being influenced by American propaganda or hysteria. The question remains whether or not abandoning their previous choice was a mistake. Is it time for Swedes to consider whether they want to be controlled by US. European policies as a puppet or if they should retract their NATO application and return to the vision of O.Palme, who fought for peace and resolving disputes peacefully?

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