WaPo’s Report About The US-Ukrainian Spy Alliance Confirms Russia’s Security Concerns

It’ll now be much more difficult for the Mainstream Media to gaslight their targeted audience into thinking that Russia’s special operation was supposedly an “unprovoked invasion”.

The Mainstream Media (MSM) always describes Russia’s special operation as an “unprovoked invasion”, which is why it was so surprising that the Washington Post (WaPo) just reported about the US-Ukrainian spy alliance and thus confirmed Russia’s concerns about security threats emanating from that country. Titled “Ukrainian spies with deep ties to CIA wage shadow war against Russia”, the piece details the extent to which the CIA has exerted predominant influence over Ukraine’s SBU and GUR since 2014.

According to their unnamed Ukrainian, US, and Western intelligence and security sources, whose claims WaPo’s journalists alleged were vetted with multiple sources with independent streams of intelligence, the CIA literally created a whole new SBU directorate and rebuilt the GUR from the ground-up. For all practical intents and purposes, Ukraine’s spy agencies have been operating as American proxies for nearly a decade, which therefore makes the US responsible for everything that they’ve done since then.

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines

This includes assassinating “at least half a dozen Russian operatives, high-ranking separatist commanders or collaborators” prior to the special operation, one of whom was killed in Moscow, and dozens of others after February 2022. The first part of this disclosure confirms that the US was waging its proxy war on Russia through Ukraine long before the latter was forced into commencing its special operation as a last resort to uphold the integrity of its national security red lines that Washington was gradually eroding.

As for the second, WaPo also reported that the SBU was responsible for assassinating Darya Dugina last summer despite Kiev’s denials, and their sources told them that “no major operation by the SBU or GUR proceeds without clearance — tacit or otherwise — from Zelensky.” This revelation implicates the Ukrainian leader in all the terrorist attacks that his side carried out since February 2022, including the one against the Crimean Bridge that involved an “unwitting accomplice” who was then blown up.

All that being the case, it’ll now be much more difficult for the MSM to gaslight their targeted audience into thinking that Russia’s special operation was supposedly an “unprovoked invasion” since WaPo of all sources just confirmed its concerns about Ukrainian-emanating security threats. The CIA was employing that country’s SBU and GUR intelligence agencies to wage proxy warfare against Russia this entire time, which made a larger conflict inevitable in hindsight.

After all, there was never any realistic chance that the US would voluntarily cede the predominant influence that it obtained over those two after “EuroMaidan” since this enabled it to keep Ukraine’s pro-Western puppet regime in power, thus entrenching American power in Eastern Europe. That former Soviet Republic was transformed into a pro-US dictatorship that wantonly violated its own people’s universally recognized human rights in parallel with posing an expanding range of threats to Russia.

All of this served to reassert America’s previously declining unipolar hegemony over the continent by dividing-and-ruling the EU and Russia through Ukraine, which culminated with NATO clandestinely expanding there upon its complete state capture by the CIA and thus provoking the special operation. It goes without saying that the US would have responded in a similar way had a fascist coup led to Russia’s spy agencies obtaining control over Mexico with a view to dividing-and-ruling the US and Ibero-America.

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