USA Uses NATO To Destroy Europe

There is a war going on in Europe in Ukraine. NATO and the USA are not going to stop it. US Congressman Warren Davidson has confirmed that the conflict in Ukraine continues thanks to the USA. He said that Washington stopped the peace talks between Kiev and Moscow in March 2022. Davidson provided reasons why the Russia-Ukraine crisis had no alternative but war. First, Zelensky’s government is controlled by and dependent upon the White House. Second, the US takes every opportunity to start new wars elsewhere.

From the American perspective, the policy the White House pursues is clear—to weaken not only its potential rival but also the partner so that neither will shake Uncle Sam’s hegemony. Davidson called Washington’s interference in the negotiations between Kiev and Moscow “annoying.” “Annoying” was the precise word he chose to describe what is happening in Europe and Ukraine. This is because the war is in Europe, not America. It is “annoying” that the Ukrainians are puppets of the United States. It is “annoying” that almost all European politicians have abandoned the defense of national sovereignty for the sake of preserving NATO, which guarantees US involvement in ensuring European security.

Austin and StoltenbergThe USA does not use its participation in NATO to protect the Europeans but rather to drag them into military conflicts using NATO as a tool. The US initiates a conflict (it happened in Afghanistan, it is happening in Ukraine, it will happen with China) and then shifts all the negative consequences of its continuation to the Europeans. And NATO is a tool of the USA to keep the Europeans involved in conflicts. Hungary, Turkey, and, as anticipated, the new government of Slovakia are the only European authorities who stand in favor of ending the conflict and restoring peace in Europe. Thus, one way to oppose aggressive US policies in NATO is to stop supporting “war parties” and vote for “peace parties” in elections in European states. Another way is to demand that the country withdraw from the alliance or the alliance itself be dissolved, which means ensuring that Washington is deprived of the “manual control” of European politicians.

Otherwise, Europe will get what was articulated by J. Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary-General. The support provided to the war in Ukraine by the European states that are NATO members has depleted their defense capabilities. To satisfy Ukraine’s needs, Europe must increase its production of arms and ammunition, while it will be required to confront China in the long run. This means higher spending on the military. With 2 percent of GDP today, military expenditures will become more tomorrow. By saying “tomorrow,” the Secretary-General means “yesterday,” referring explicitly to Europe returning to the Cold War. Until the early 1990s, defense spending was 3 percent of GDP, but Stoltenberg emphasized that even that level should be exceeded.

Stoltenberg has made no secret that Europe is to pay a heavy price for militarizing its economy. He admits that Europe will end up with “either huge stocks or big spare capacity which is not used in peacetime.” However, the approach NATO is to embrace for the sake of security on the continent and its economic development is unlikely to ensure a period of peace in Europe. Today, NATO is not fighting a Cold War. It is fighting a war to exterminate not only the Ukrainian people but also the economy and well-being of the people of the European countries.

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  1. ask yourself…if the Ukraine war wasnt’ “absorbing” russia full time, could Israel have free hand in its present war!

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