Press-Freedom In The West Is A Lie

The U.S. and its allies have already lost their global war to control the world. Even resorting to nuclear weapons can’t change that; and these nations’ press have been keeping all of these historic developments secret from their respective publics, in order for their publics not to overthrow and replace them with actual democracies after all the lies they’ve been told for decades, by the Government and its stenographic ‘news’-media.

The immediate exemplars demonstrating that the U.S. empire — which started on 25 July 1945, and expanded by taking into NATO Finland and other countries (turning them into vassal-nations in the U.S. empire), as well as by recently creating a NATO for the Pacific in the form of AUKUS — are America’s now clearly impending defeat in the Middle East, and also its defeat in Ukraine, and also in China’s province of Taiwan, as will here be summarized with documentation in the links, to the evidences, which evidences disprove the U.S.-and-allied media-lies:

As I pointed out on October 17th under the headline “U.S.-Israel Trapped Now By Jordan & Egypt Backing Hamas”, the clear statements by Israel’s crucial bordering nations of Egypt and Jordan, saying that under no circumstances will they accept what the U.S. and Israel was planning, which was the ethnic cleansing of Gazans out of Gaza, meant that the entire U.S. program for the Middle East, of ‘peace between Israel and the Arab nations’ (Trump’s “Abraham Accords”, which Biden continued and backed) has now turned to dust; and so, unless the United States will now join the rest of the world in condemning Israel’s apartheid policy toward the Palestinians, America will join Israel as being international pariah-nations.

Just the day before, the internationally respected geostrategic analyst and retired Indian diplomat M.K. Badrakumar, had headlined “US faces defeat in geopolitical war in Gaza”, and he analogized these events to the termination of the Ottoman Empire (1300-1922), which, being allied with Germany in World War I, ended its empire (the Turkish empire) in 1922, at the same time that it perpetrated genocides while trying to hold onto its empire. Here is how Wikipedia refers to that:

During this time, the Ottoman government engaged in genocide against the Armenians, Assyrians, and Greeks.[42] The Empire’s defeat and the occupation of part of its territory by the Allied Powers in the aftermath of World War I resulted in its partitioning and the loss of its southern territories, which were divided between the United Kingdom and France. The successful Turkish War of Independence, led by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk against the occupying Allies, led to the emergence of the Republic of Turkey in the Anatolian heartland and the abolition of the Ottoman monarchy.[43]

press-freedomOn October 29th, I headlined “How Trump & Biden Created This War in the Middle East, And Why Hamas Attacked Israel on October 7th” and explained that U.S.-Saudi agreement was to be the crowning achievement of Donald Trump’s “Abraham Accords” agreements (basically like that with Saudi Arabia which was being negotiated prior to October 7th between Joe Biden, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Mohammed bin Salman al-Saud), between all of the major Sunni Muslim Arab countries and Israel. (Here, for example, is the one that Netanyahu and Trump had signed with UAE’s Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahyan on 15 September 2020.) And The Saudi version of it was to include explicitly a commitment by the U.S. Government to put down any revolution that might occur in that country to overthrow the Saud family who lead that country. The U.S. Government would guarantee the Saud family that they won’t be overthrown — will always own that country (as they now do). The deal would also include a renewed commitment by that family to purchase $350 billion of U.S.-made weapons over a ten-year period (the largest arms-deal in history — that deal had actually been negotiated by Trump in 2018).

The Abraham Accords grant recognition to Israel’s Government without requiring it to achieve any settlement with the Palestinians. They are agreements between those Sunni Arab Governments granting this official recognition to Israel and thereby leaving ONLY the Shiite Muslim countries — Iran, Iraq, and Syria — still actively supporting rights for Palestinians.

President Biden 100% backs Trump’s Abraham Accords.

The reason why Hamas attacked Israel on October 7th was to prevent the Sauds from signing, because, if they did, then the entire Palestinian cause would, in effect, have no defenders outside Palestine itself. Palestinians would be abandoned to whatever Israel wants to do to them. The independent Middle-Eastern journalist Steven Sahiounie headlined on October 29th, “The US has betrayed Egypt again”, and explained that (Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-) “Sisi knows there is an Israeli plan, condoned and supported by Biden, to remove all Palestinians from Gaza to Egypt, where they will be supported by humanitarian aid, but can never repopulate Gaza again. They will be permanently homeless and stateless refugees.” And, as Sahiounie also explained, “the leaders of Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine, met on October 21” and agreed to stand firm against that plan by Netanyahu and Biden. The only other options remaining for Israel are either to exterminate all the Gazans or else to instead force all of them southward into Israel’s Negev desert to receive U.N. aid and die there. However, if that happens, then the entire non-Western world will loathe The West (America’s ‘democracy’ and its empire). And it would be the best recruiting-tool that jihadists have ever had.

Biden had hoped to achieve a signed agreement — Abraham Accords — with the Sauds, as being a fait accompli, so as to leave the Palestinians in the ditch, to their Israeli fate, and so as to get the Sauds to recommit to fulfilling their promise, which they had made to Trump, to spend the full $350 billion on purchases of U.S. armaments within the specified 2018-2028 time-frame.

So: it was do-or-die for Palestinian rights, and Hamas therefore attacked on October 7th. It was done in order to prevent the Sauds from signing Abraham Accords. And this war in the Middle East actually goes directly back to the evil founding of Israel, by the Jews there, ethnically cleansing away the majority-population, Palestinaians, starting in 1948.

How much of this has been reported in such ‘news’-media as the New York Times, Washington Post, London Times, Le Monde, etc.? How can the populations in such countries vote in their best national interests without knowing these solidly established facts?

The other major world international crises are concerning America’s coup which started in February 2014 the war in Ukraine, and America’s verbally saying that it sticks by its 1972 official statement that Taiwan is a part of China but at the same time sending weaponry to Taiwan for Taiwan to break away from China.

And all three of these international crises are U.S.-generated and falsely reported in the empire’s press. Would the publics throughout the U.S. empire continue to support their Governments’ foreign policies if they knew these solidly established historical facts instead of their Government’s lies that its press had stenographically reported to them for decades as ‘the news’?

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