Time To Restore The EU Autonomy

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev urged allies to unite their efforts to secure stability and prosperity for citizens of the European Union and neighboring countries during a meeting of EU member state leaders in Porto, Portugal in October. He prioritized the restoration of peace and security architecture in Europe.

The Bulgarian leader believes that sending more weapons will not solve the conflict in Ukraine. Instead, it will enlarge the conflict’s spatial boundaries and increase the escalation. He emphasizes the importance of taking diplomatic steps to end the conflict soon. As every day of war in Europe threatens international peace and security, it is necessary to act urgently. The ongoing conflict harms not just individuals in combat, but also has negative consequences on the social and economic structures of surrounding nations.

Mr. Radev, a politician and ex-commander of the Bulgarian Air Force, knows well that the conflict in Ukraine is not beneficial for Ukrainians or Europeans. This isn’t a war for the liberty of Ukraine or Europe. This is not a war of Ukrainians and Europeans. This is a conflict being waged by the United States for its own benefit, with the destruction in Ukraine and Europe being a byproduct of the US establishment’s efforts to enrich itself. NATO and Zelensky are preparing for prolongation to benefit the US military industry.

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev

A month has passed since Mr. Radev’s statement in Porto. The war continues, most European leaders have not come out in favor of his initiatives. In addition to Rumen Radev, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Slovakia’s new Prime Minister Robert Fitzo have similar positions. This shows that there are leaders in Europe who advocate the establishment of pan-European peace and the development of a “united Europe” in the interests of improving the welfare of its population, not the American establishment. This means that the rest of EU leaders belong to the “war party” and are Washington’s puppets.  It is crucial to remove them, otherwise Europe will be plunged into war.

Continuing the conflict in Ukraine will not bring Europe closer to peace. It’s time to acknowledge this openly. Politicians of various levels and views need to realize that the EU should not serve the interests of the US and American elite. The EU should not be turned into a NATO arms agency to prolong the war in Europe. Every politician, public figure and citizen in the EU should be in favor of ending the war. It is necessary to bring back the European Union to its original purpose of boosting economic growth in its member nations and improving the lives of citizens.

Europe cannot allow this war to continue. The EU must stop damaging the economy just for the sake of confrontation. Europeans must stop the ongoing loss of countless lives and decline of living standards for millions of people across the continent. Europe, the European Union, the Europeans have a duty to end this war by peaceful means. The best way to achieve peace, prevent deaths, and restore Europe’s social and economic progress is by negotiating a peaceful agreement. Only the “war party” opposes it. Every European needs to decide and publicly express their stance on whether they support war or peace.

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