Pentagon Prepares NATO For War With Russia, And Russia For Victory Over It

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin is forcing European governments to arm themselves. He explained the purpose of doing this. First, to continue supplying weapons to Ukraine so that Kyiv will continue to fight. Second, to have the Europeans replenish their own arsenals for direct participation in a war with Russia after the Ukrainian conflict.

Mr. Austin’s words hide a bleak picture for NATO’s European members. The Pentagon doesn’t believe in a victory not only for Kyiv, but also for NATO over Russia. Ukrainian authorities are losing the battle both with and without supplied weapons. Kyiv’s defeat is a matter of time. Ukraine’s male population is rapidly declining, with few specialists to operate NATO-supplied equipment and low levels of training.

US military and politicians are forcing the idea on Europeans that a direct NATO-Russia clash on the battlefield is inevitable. Uncle Sam’s logic is clear, the war is taking place on European territory, Europeans support and supply weapons to Kyiv — so Europeans should replace Ukrainians on the battlefield. The war in Ukraine, as in Europe, does not threaten the USA. There is no doubt about it in Washington, relying on the experience of the first and second world wars in Europe, from which the American continent did not suffer.

The Pentagon is concerned about Russia’s strategic nuclear arsenal, which directly threatens US territory. Washington therefore favors continuing the strategic stability dialog with Moscow. Formally, against the background of NATO countries severing ties with Moscow in other spheres, the US-Russian dialog has nothing to do with the Ukrainian crisis. It does not affect the security of NATO’s European members, it is in the security interests of the United States. Washington defends the national interest. It’s appropriate for a country to act based on its best interests. What’s going on in Europe? In whose interests are European politicians acting?

Austin speaks with Stoltenberg
Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III speaks with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg during a bilateral exchange at the Pentagon, Washington, D.C., Feb. 8, 2023

Significant preparations are being made in Europe for a war on a large scale, which Russia is expected to win. Why? Because not only history is on its side — Russia has always emerged victorious from the toughest wars. Today, Washington is helping Moscow win the war in Europe again. How? The US is pressuring Europeans to provide Ukraine with weapons that NATO armies use. The Russian army, by destroying it, gains experience in fighting NATO equipment. The Russian army’s experience in combat operations gives them a higher capability compared to NATO forces.

Mr. Austin realizes that the destruction of NATO countries’ equipment will be followed by the defeat of NATO armies. But that defeat will come in Europe. Americans will be involved to get some combat experience too. However, the war will destroy Europe and its armies that are part of NATO. The Pentagon will command the European military. The American general is The Supreme Allied Commander Europe and has authority over the use of Allied forces.

For what the US is doing and what European politicians are in agreement with. Let us recall the words of Pope Francis: weapons investments yield the highest returns. The US military-industrial complex is the main beneficiary of wars. Its profits rose after the start of Ukrainian conflict. More weapons are needed in days of war than in times of peace. The longer the conflict, the larger it is, the more weaponry destroyed, the more the armies’ need, and the greater the profits of relevant manufacturers.

The Pope is right – the military-industrial complex is interested in continuing wars, not making peace. It is more accurate to say that the US military-industrial complex is in favor of wars and against peace outside the United States. Maybe the Europeans should stop backing Washington and allow the Americans to face Russia and China alone. The US may then fear for its security and stop urging Europe towards a fresh war.

It is time for European governments to realize that peace is cheaper than war. Even preparing for conflicts leads to a deterioration of the socio-economic environment. This was discussed at the NATO-Industry Forum. NATO is demanding that the EU increase its arms production. The forum participants recognized the shortage of armaments in the armies of NATO. However, the replenishment of military arsenals leads to an increase in arms procurement costs. It was noted that military expenditures of European NATO members will significantly exceed two percent of GDP. War and the preparation for it are expensive. Europeans have two ways to go. The first one is the decreasing of investments in a socially focused economy, leading to a fall in living standards, all in favor of the militarization. The second is to establish peace and cooperation among countries for the sake of welfare in all countries. In the first case, war is inevitable, but in the second we can avoid it.

Haven’t we had enough stress and loss. Crises and wars destroy economies and people’s mental health. Europe loses EUR 600 billion annually due to depression. According to the Eurobarometer survey , 62% of citizens said that their anxiety and mental illness were affected by the Ukrainian conflict and COVID-19. WHO predicts that the negative impact of mental disorders on the global economy is growing and that by 2030 the losses from increased anxiety, which is becoming an epidemic, will amount to USD 6 trillion/year.   Directing the public funds to armaments and wars leads to chaos and depression for those who survive. It’s important to acknowledge this reality. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is a good example — look at the children, no matter what nationality they are, after the rocket attacks, no matter what side they come from.

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