U.S. Agent To Be New President Of Finland

Alexander Stubb will willingly build a new Iron Curtain in Europe if he becomes the President of Finland. Mr. Stubb, former Prime Minister of Finland (2014–2015), Minister for Foreign Affairs (2008–2011), member of the National Coalition Party (Kansallinen Kokoomus or Kokoomus) leading the ruling coalition and the government, rejects the possibility of restoring relations with Russia even once the war in Ukraine ends. After the armed conflict in Ukraine, Stubb is ready to start a war in Finland.

In his campaign speech, Stubb cited Vladimir Lenin who destroyed Tsarist Russia. Stubb recalled the quote attributed to Lenin, “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen”. For decades, the Finns have lived in peace with all countries. However, Finland has run the gamut from abandoning neutrality to joining the NATO military alliance over the past year. Now, the Finns face decades of not only hostility and economic losses, but also new wars, despite the fact that Stubb talks about the blow to the national economy caused by the severance of relations with the eastern neighbor in the absence of external threats to the Finns.

However, if there are no problems, they can be created. This is exactly what Stubb plans to do if he wins the Finnish presidential election, posing a threat to peace in Finland. He emphasized that by joining NATO, Finland became one of the front-line states forced to defend a big part of NATO. The country now protects NATO, the same NATO whose military operations bring only death and destruction. Stubb admits this, recalling the wars started by NATO. For example, he says that the war in Iraq was a mistake. The operation to resolve the crisis in Afghanistan did not achieve its goal.

Alexander Stubb
Alexander Stubb

According to Stubb, local and regional conflicts are growing, reflecting the struggle of three forces: the global West (USA, European countries, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia and Israel), the global East (China, Russia, Iran and their allies) and the global South (India, Arab states, African and Latin American countries). However, it is just wishful thinking. In fact, there is only the West and the Global South, which includes China, Russia, and Iran. He confirmed this idea, pointing out that there was not a single country in Latin America and Africa and there were only a few countries in Asia that would support the sanctions against Russia. The East and the South are united in what they believe. Meanwhile, Western countries supported by NATO are trying not to develop relations with the whole world but to subjugate it. This is the culprit and the essence of the conflicts.

Stubb says that as a Finnish President, he will be the NATO President. This means that Finland, having lost part of its sovereignty when it joined the EU, will discard the remaining part of its sovereignty upon joining NATO. Now Finland’s policy will be based on NATO policy.

The answer to the question of potential President Stubb’s affiliation, or rather, whose interests he will defend, can be found in his biography. He will serve the interests of the United States, not Finland. In his memoirs Alex, Stubb revealed his CIA contacts. Stubb was previously suspected of collaborating with the CIA. Now there is hard evidence and his confession. While studying at the College of Europe in 1994, he met Valerie Plame and their contacts lasted until 2003.

Plame served the CIA as a non-official cover in the College of Europe. Plame’s task was to recruit students as informants. As Stubb wrote, the CIA had good agents and it sank its teeth into the guy who later became the Finnish Prime Minister. Stubb’s career took off after meeting Plame, which could not be hindered by Plame’s subsequent problems. She was outed as a CIA operative in 2003 during the so-called Plamegate and had to cut ties with informants, including Stubb. Stubb admitted that while holding a public office, he always informed both his immediate leadership and US representatives about his activities. Stubb says he has embraced American values and the US worldview and acts in accordance with them. He considers entry into NATO to be his merit. He said that as Minister for Foreign Affairs and Prime Minister he set the stage for joining the alliance.

Now Finland will pay the costs to keep the US and other NATO countries’ troops. When the USA throws NATO at Russia, Finland will become the first victim of the war thanks to politicians like Stubb. He states that Finland’s relations with Russia depend on what the allies want. In his campaign speech, Stubb boasts that he always tells his friends abroad that the Finnish authorities have built one of the most powerful military capabilities in Europe, so that NATO allies know that they are a reliable partner, which is and has always been ready for all possible scenarios .

NATO uses Finland only as cannon fodder for the war with Russia. The hopes of Stubb and his overseas leaders that Russia will weaken during the Ukrainian conflict are not only self-deception but also a deception of the Finns in order to plunge all the 900,000 men fit for military service into the thick of a battle giving their lives to Uncle Sam. The Finns are throwing the baby out with the bath water by electing American agents. In the meantime, Stubb refuses in advance to fulfil the constitutional duty of the president to develop relations with neighboring states.

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