Ukraine’s Chances Of Ever Being Accepted Into NATO Are Now Virtually Nil

On January 20th, Robert Fico, the Prime Minister of Slovakia, publicly stated that, “we will block and veto Ukrainian accession to NATO, because it would be nothing but the basis for a third world war.” That was reported both by DPA (Deutsch Press Agentur) and RT from an RTVS Slovak interview of Fico: all three of those networks are public broadcasters, like BBC, DW, NPR and PBS. The RT report also mentioned that Fico had additionally said in the interview that Ukraine still is far from meeting the minimum standards for any country to be accepted into the Euroean Union, and that Slovakia will not vote to accept it into the EU unless and until it does meet the standard requirements. Slovakia is a member-nation of both the EU and NATO, and both of those organizations allow a new nation into it only if no current member rejects that given applicant nation.

In addition to Slovakia’s having now decisively committed itself to reject Ukraine’s application, both Hungary and Turkey have indicated that they too might veto an application for membership to NATO by Ukraine.

zelensky-natoThe current war in Ukraine was sparked by and is entirely about Ukraine’s attempt to join Washington’s military alliance against Russia, NATO. Therefore: Ukraine is almost certain to fail no matter what the military outcome of that war turns out to be: all of the destruction and injuries and deaths in that war can end only one way, which is in Ukraine’s failure to join NATO, and NATO’s failure to win Ukraine as becoming a new member. This war will certainly end in the failure of both Ukraine and NATO. Its only beneficiaries will have been the armaments manufacturers in The West, which are making a killing off of it — greatly enriching their private investors from it.

So: anyone who henceforth opposes a surrender by Ukraine to Russia is advocating for a continuation of this war, which enormously harms and will continue to enormously harm, the Ukrainian people. Such individuals therefore are, in fact, even if not in motivation, Ukraine’s authentic enemies.

America started this war secretly in June 2011 when it began the planning for its February 2014 coup in Ukraine, which ended Ukraine’s neutrality and transformed Ukraine into an American-NATO-EU colony only 317 miles or five minutes of missile-flying time away from The Kremlin and so threatening to behead Russia’s central command and win a blitz-first-strike WW III ultimately to conquer Russia. The decision whether to end this war will be with the American President, just as was the decision by Barack Obama back even before June 2011 to start this war. America’s recent Presidents are the principal persons to blame for it, and possess the principal blame for continuing it — now even with no realistic hope remaining of its success. Are they simply agents of firms such as Lockheed Martin?

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