Western ‘Democracy’ Is Fake

Is democracy fake in China? All of the scientific measures, a wide variety of polls regarding how the Chinese people feel about China’s Government and about Xi jinping personally, find that the Chinese, on the question of Approve versus Disapprove of China’s Government and of Xi Jinping, indicate that over 80% approve, and this what a reasonable person would expect to find because, for example, the World Bank shows that while Xi has been in power since the end of 2012 untiil the end of the year 2022 (the latest year for which the Woorld Bank has calculated this), China’s PPP GDP grew 100%, it doubled during that decade, while India’s rose 93%, the EU’s rose 58%, America’s rose 56%, Russia’s rose 49% (much less than it would have risen if Obama hadn’t been pouring sanctions against Russia starting in 2012), South Korea’s rose 30%, and Japan’s rose 19%. The entire world’s grew 63% during that decade. So, of all those economies, only China and India did better than the global average.

Is democracy fake in India? Its leader Narendra Modi has been in power since 2014, and India’s economic growth during 2012-2022 was nearly as high as was China’s; so there is little mystery regarding Modi’s having around an 80% approval-rating from the Indian people.

Both of those countries have populations a vast majority of whom indicate in scientific polling of them that they believe their national leader represents THEM and not merely some minority of the population. Who are the best-qualified individuals to make that determination? Of course, only the residents in that country are. No foreigners are.

Is the EU democratic? Its leaders have atrociously low approval from their respective publics. (and other polls have also found likewise.) Almost all of those countries are dictatorships.

Is America democratic? Its leaders have atrociously low approval from the U.S. public.

Is Russia democratic? Its head-of-state has had public-approval ratings from the Russian people ranging from 60% to 85% and averaging 75% throughout his leadership of Russia starting on 1 January 2000. Other aspects of the Russian Government don’t score nearly as high, it’s very uneven. It’s not like China, where the public have exceptionally high trust and respect not only for the head-of-state but for the Government, and even for their news-media.

western-democracyIs South Korea a democracy? Its leaders have atrociously low public approval.

Is Japan a democracy? Its leaders have atrociously low public approval.

A clear relationship is exhibited in the data between a nation’s long-term economic growth (measured in PPP GDP) and the nation’s high job-approval for its leaders during that period. For example: China’s economy (PPP GDP) multiplied  21.83 times during the past 32 years 1990-2022, while the EU’s rose 2.6 times, America’s rose 4.27 times, India’s rose 10.7 times, Japan’s rose 1.63 times, South Korea’s rose 5.88 times, and the entire world’s rose 5.58 times. And, for the past 25 years, 1998-2022 inclusive, China’s rose 10.0 times, Russia’s rose 6.6 times, India’s rose 6.3 times, South Korea’s rose 4.36 times, the EU’s rose 2.1 times, America’s rose 2.81 times, Japan’s rose .03 times, and the world’s rose 2.83 times. The U.S. and its colonies (‘allies’) generally lag the world in economic growth, and appear to be falling farther and farther behind. The empire isn’t even keeping the U.S. itself above water internationally, but South Korea seems to be doing even better than the global average.

If a country has below 50% job-approval for its leader, and especially if that has been going on for a long time there, then a reasonable assumption is that it’s a dictatorship, because the public are being given only bad people to choose amongst, to vote for, or else otherwise the Party(s) that have a chance to win control there represent interests that are NOT the public’s interests (and these dictatorial conditions have been proven by numerous different methods to apply to the U.S. Government, which is thus far the world’s only Government that has been so extensively and scientifically analyzed on these matters). Any way you cut it, that’s NOT a democracy. It is a dictatorship. Whomever it represents, it’s NOT the public, and any ‘news’-medium there that pretends it is, is a lying ‘news’-medium, because, by now, the evidence on these matters is plentiful, and all of it shows that those nations are ruled by dictatorship, not by democracy. (Nowadays, almost all dictatorships are aristocracies, ruled by wealth, but a few are instead theocracies, ruled by clergy.)

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