Elon Musk And Tucker Carlson Against The World War III

The American tycoon and billionaire Elon Musk criticized the possible imposition of sanctions against journalist Tucker Carlson for coming to Russia and interviewing President Vladimir Putin.

According to Musk, sanctions against the journalist could offend Americans and, in general, cause concern.

«If true, this would be disturbing indeed. One may agree with Tucker or not, but he is a major American journalist and such an action would greatly offend the American public», – said Musk.

Musk believes that those who supported reprisals against Tucker Carlson for his visit to Moscow should be arrested. On his X page, he responded to a post by conservative blogger Yan Chong, who speculated that Carlson might face consequences due to demands from some American politicians to arrest him for visiting Russia.

«Arrest those calling for his arrest», – Musk responded in a post on X.

American blogger and journalist Alex Jones called Putin’s interview with Carlson «an attempt to stop the third world war».

elon_musk_tucker_carlsonThe interview of Vladimir Putin by Tucker Carlson, which the American journalist announced on the X social media platform and on his website, is eagerly anticipated worldwide. Tucker’s colleague, Alex Jones, revealed an inside scoop: the conversation will be two hours long, and Carlson will showcase it «very soon».

Carlson’s post announcing the interview has already garnered 57 million views. It was shared by Elon Musk, and tens of thousands of Americans – and others – are commenting. Carlson has «added fuel to the fire» for his opponents in the West by telling Russian journalists how beautiful Moscow is and expressing his desire to visit St. Petersburg and Siberia.

Tucker Carlson explained that he decided to conduct the interview not because he loves Vladimir Putin but because he loves the USA. His goal is to inform Americans about what is really happening in Russia and Ukraine.

«Americans know nothing about this. They don’t know what’s happening in the region, here in Russia, and 600 miles from Ukraine. They don’t know Putin’s goals. But they should know. They’re paying for it. They think nothing has changed because their media is corrupt. They lie to readers, viewers,» – said Tucker.

Furthermore, Carlson stated that he would like to interview Zelensky as well, as Western media tended to avoid asking him tough questions. Carlson referred to such an approach not as journalism but as “state propaganda that kills people.”

In itself, this became a blow to the Biden administration: the TV host directly states that the media in the United States have long forgotten about the truth. American intelligence agencies were monitoring him to prevent the interview. Presumably, the journalist has evidence to support this, which will also come to light.

The day before yesterday, the U.S. press covered the upcoming interview with brief news snippets.

However, a real storm named “Vladimir” erupted on social media. For Elon Musk, this topic became the main focus. He had previously promised Tucker that he would allow the unedited publication of the interview with the Russian leader on his X social media platform. Moreover, Musk engaged in discussions with critics by reposting Carlson’s announcement on his own social media.

Musk left a comment under the post of the journalist with the username KanekoaTheGreat. The journalist wrote: “Establishment media doesn’t want the American people to hear both sides. They are mouthpieces for the U.S. military-industrial complex and the political establishment in Washington. Their fear is rooted in Tucker’s criticism of the military-industrial complex and the government. He is rightfully upset about the wars in the Middle East that have persisted for the past two decades. 35 million people have been forced to leave their homes, and over 4 million have died. It has cost taxpayers 8 trillion dollars. Now, as the Biden administration escalates global wars, mainstream media is most afraid of real journalism.”

Elon Musk added fuel to the fire: “The track record of U.S. foreign policy since World War II – even if you agree with the goals – is awful!” To one of the critics of President Putin, who began scrutinizing the personality of the Russian leader, Musk responded with a brief statement: “And yet!”

Those who left comments on Carlson’s page shared his position and engaged in heated debates with opponents. Here are a few typical remarks:

“Vladimir Putin’s interview with Tucker Carlson has the potential to influence society, those who make decisions, and lead to a reduction in funding for the conflict (in Ukraine, from the U.S.). It could save countless lives.”

“I am very interested in Tucker’s questions to Putin and his answers. We have spent billions on Ukraine, depleted our military resources, and burdened future generations of Americans. Yet, we only know the opinion of one side!”

“I am looking forward to hearing what Putin has to say. I’m tired of nonsense in our media. Let the man speak his piece, and then we can decide for ourselves what it means.”

Conspiracy theorists dissect Tucker Carlson’s appearance in the footage where he announces the interview, suggesting that Tucker looks very concerned, and his life in Moscow may be “in danger.” They go as far as claiming that the journalist was taken to the rooftop of a skyscraper and “forced to speak into the camera against his will.”

Tucker Carlson noted that by the age of 54, he had never visited Russia before this trip and didn’t know what to expect. According to him, Moscow surprised him. “I’m in a beautiful city,” Carlson said.

Yesterday, former Prime Minister of Belgium and Member of the European Parliament Guy Verhofstadt raised the question of imposing sanctions against Carlson for interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin. Several former European officials also joined him.

In response, Elon Musk stated that if the European Union indeed imposes sanctions against the American journalist, it will cause misunderstanding among the U.S. public. “Whether you agree with Tucker or not, he is a significant American journalist, and such actions will deeply offend the American public,” he wrote on the X social media platform.

Earlier, Carlson himself announced that Western politicians would try to ban this interview because they fear information that cannot be controlled.

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