Navalny’s Death: Who Is To Blame?

Most likely, none of us will ever know the truth about what happened on February 16th, 2024. Western media have already pinned the blame on President Putin for “killing Alexey Navalny”. Russian authorities are silent on the issue, as the relevant agencies conduct an investigation into what could have caused Navalny’s death.

What is clear is that Russian authorities have failed their main mission: to ensure Alexey Navalny’s security in prison. From behind bars, he posed no threat to the Russian state. The liberal project in Russia has long been six feet under, thus, the authorities could be pretty satisfied with the existent status quo. The West’s arguments about President Putin’s fears of Alexey Navalny are frankly absurd and ridiculous. Let us see the whole chain of events to understand what might have happened on February 16th.

February 8th, 2024 Putin gives the infamous interview to Tucker Carlson. The Russian President is fairly moderate in his statements. He extends his hand to the West and calls for negotiations on Ukraine. He mentions Germany and France several times as leaders of a United Europe. A couple of days later, Putin calls Biden a better alternative to Trump, showing the White House Russia’s willingness to negotiate with the current administration. It seems that Russia is heading towards detente. All that remains is for the West to accept this course.

navalny-diesIn a month, presidential elections are scheduled in Russia. President Putin’s rating is at an all-time high. The pre-election race is about to begin on February 17th, that is, the period when candidates can legally begin their electoral campaign.

Against the backdrop of all this, Russia’s special military operation continues. The Russian army is showing great success: the capture of Avdiivka is becoming more and more obvious. The US Congress rejects more funding to Ukraine. Ratings of Western leaders are at their lowest levels since February 2022.

Inside Russia there is not a single popular opinion leader who could unite the disparate liberal-Western-centric circles. The surname “Navalny” is already deep in history. It simply ceased to be relevant in the new reality, which is why it ceased to be a profitable tool of Western propaganda.

We are approaching February 16th. Navalny dies in the Polar Wolf colony in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. Three hours later, Yulia Navalnaya comes to the fore, having been invited to the Munich Security Conference in advance, although she had never spoken at such platforms before. She holds meetings with US Vice President Harris, President of the European Commission von der Leyen, and the most infamous figure of the Belarusian opposition Tikhanovskaya.

Western propaganda is given one day to prepare a massive information and psychological attack against the President of Russia. European leaders publish official accusations against Putin, and Western media post hundreds of publications about the “murder of Navalny” by the President of Russia. Two days later, Yulia Navalnaya releases a video on Alexey’s channel, in which she says that an investigation will soon be published, in which all the details of “Aleksey’s murder” will be named, that is, names of the perpetrators and methods used by them. The pre-election race in Russia begins with a massive psychological campaign against President Putin. This can already be seen as a gross interference in the affairs of a sovereign state.

At the same time, Zelensky gets another opportunity to beg for more money and military support from Ukraine’s Western sponsors. Biden uses the events as an additional argument to pressure the US Congress to allocate more funds to arm the Ukrainian regime and announces new sanctions against Russia.

European and American politicians’ ratings are going up. The events that have taken place give them a reason to keep pushing their confrontational agenda against Russia. They get a perfect starting point ahead of the June European Parliament elections and the November US presidential elections.

Who benefits from all this? Why does Navalny die exactly one day before the start of the pre-election race in Russia? Why does this happen three hours before Yulia Navalnaya’s pre-scheduled speech at the Munich Security Conference and her meetings with Western leaders? How has an investigation into the murder of a man in an Arctic colony in a foreign country been prepared in three days?

All these questions lead to one conclusion. Navalny has become yet another victim of the West’s completely futile policy to undermine the Russian political system. This policy is not aimed at doing anything good for the Russian democracy, but rather at motivating Europeans and Americans to support the globalist agenda of fighting against Russia.

The West no longer needed Navalny. His only mission was to die in prison before the Russian presidential elections and to launch a new project – his wife Yulia Navalnaya. Her future is yet to be seen. One thing is for certain: Russia has a very interesting but dangerous pre-election month ahead.

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