Macron Now Jump-Starts Trump’s Plans For NATO & Ukraine

On February 27th, France’s President Emmanuel Macron, the head of his 27-nation “Conference in Support of Ukraine” (“Conférence de soutien à l’Ukraine”), held a press conference and delivered a speech that equated the national-security interests of Ukraine’s Government with the national-security interests of each one of the 27 attending Governments, and in which speech he asserted, “We will do everything necessary to prevent Russia from winning this war. I say it with resolve.” He  added, “Many people who say ‘never’ were the same people who said ‘never’ [that they would never provide weaponry that Ukraine could use beyond its own borders, so as to invade Russia] to tanks, ‘never’ to aircraft, and ‘never’ to long-range missiles,” have aleady changed their minds on that; and, so, President Macron’s office issued this press release saying that “The Head of State insisted on the fact that it was necessary to move more quickly on the war economy” including to supply quickly “medium and long-range missiles, and that nothing should not be excluded to thwart the war of aggression led by Russia in Ukraine.” Since he’s not intelligent, and is instead even illogical, he used the double-negative there, intending it (as is common for illogical people to do) to emphasize the positive (though it instead negates the positive) — that “nothing should be excluded” — the original of his statement having said, “Le chef de l’État a insisté sur le fait qu’il fallait aller plus vite sur l’économie de guerre, à commencer par les munitions, les systèmes de défense sol-air et les missiles à moyenne et longue portée, et que rien ne devait [nothing should not] être exclu pour faire échec à la guerre d’agression menée par la Russie en Ukraine.” (In other words: he actually shouldn’t have graduated from elementary school, but has been made the leader of France by the French empire’s restored-to-power aristocracy — allied to America’s aristocracy — and so now is even pretending to lead all of Europe in that capacity.)

Regarding the purpose he stated, “to thwart the war of aggression led by Russia in Ukraine,” either he is consciously lying or else he is stupidly ignorant of the historical fact, which has been publicly acknowledged even by NATO’s chief Jens Stoltenberg and by Ukraine’s President Volodmyr Zelensky, both of whom have asserted, correctly, that The war in Ukraine started in 2014, not in 2022. Both Stoltenberg and Zelensky have stated the truth on this historical fact. On 24 February 2022, Russia responded militarily to that historical fact, in order to prevent Ukraine from allowing the U.S. to place a missile there a mere 317 miles or five minutes of missile-flying-time away from The Kremlin and thus too brief for Russia to respond before its central command would already be beheaded by America’s blitz-nuclear strike. In short: for Russia, this war in Ukraine is an urgently necessary defensive war against the U.S. Government, NOT at all a war of aggression against Ukraine (such as Macron and other U.S.-regime stooges claim). Ukraine had been neutral between Russia and America until U.S. President Barack Obama’s brilliantly executed Ukrainian coup, which his Administration started planning by no later than June 2011, culminated successfully in February 2014 in that U.S. coup, and promptly appointed a rabid anti-Russian to impose in regions that rejected the new anti-Russian U.S.-controlled goverment an “Anti-Terrorist Operation” to kill protesters, and, ultimately, to terrorize the residents in those regions in order to kill as many of them as possible and to force the others to flee into Russia so that when elections would be held in Ukraine, pro-Russian voters would no longer be in the electorate. The Ukrainian war started when the democratically elected President of Ukraine (an infamously corrupt country), who was committed to keeping his country internationally neutral (not allied with either Russia or the United States), met privately with both the U.S. President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2010, shortly after that Ukrainian President’s election earlier in 2010; and, on both occasions, he rejected their urgings for Ukraine to become allied with the United States against his adjoining country Russia. This was being urged upon him so that America could position its nuclear missiles at the Russian border with Ukraine, less than a five-minute striking-distance away from being able to hitt the Kremlin in Moscow. The smoking-gun piece of evidence proving that it had been a coup specifically by the U.S. Government is this recording of Obama’s mastermind of the coup, Victoria Nuland, telling Obama’s Ambassador in Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, a month before the coup became climaxed, whom to get appointed to lead the post-coup Ukraine. And, then, the smoking-gun piece of evidence proving that even the top officials of the EU didn’t know that it had been a coup instead of the ‘democratic revolution’ that the U.S. regime claimed, is this recording of the EU’s minister of foreign affairs being told in a phone call from Kiev, by her investigator there, immediately after the coup was over, that it had been a coup. On 4 November 2019, after enough verified evidence had become known about it and about how the war in Ukraine had actually been started by the U.S. Government, I headlined “The Obama Regime’s Plan to Seize the Russian Naval Base in Crimea”, which was the only part of Obama’s plan that failed; and that article documented also how the war had been started by that coup.

Emmanuel Macron speaks during a press conference in Paris on February 26

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin spoke entirely honestly and truthfully when he said on 21 February 2023, that, “Finally, in December 2021, we officially submitted draft agreements on security guarantees to the USA and NATO. In essence, all key, fundamental points were rejected. After that it finally became clear that the go-ahead for the implementation of aggressive plans had been given and they were not going to stop.”

In fact, the key portions of the two 17 December 2021 proposed Agreements, with both the U.S. and with NATO, were, in regards to NATO:

Article 1

The Parties shall guide in their relations by the principles of cooperation, equal and indivisible security. They shall not strengthen their security individually, within international organizations, military alliances or coalitions at the expense of the security of other Parties. …

Article 4

The Russian Federation and all the Parties that were member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as of 27 May 1997, respectively, shall not deploy military forces and weaponry on the territory of any of the other States in Europe in addition to the forces stationed on that territory as of 27 May 1997. With the consent of all the Parties such deployments can take place in exceptional cases to eliminate a threat to security of one or more Parties.

Article 5

The Parties shall not deploy land-based intermediate- and short-range missiles in areas allowing them to reach the territory of the other Parties.

Article 6

All member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization commit themselves to refrain from any further enlargement of NATO, including the accession of Ukraine as well as other States.

And, in regards to the U.S.:

Article 2

The Parties shall seek to ensure that all international organizations, military alliances and coalitions in which at least one of the Parties is taking part adhere to the principles contained in the Charter of the United Nations.

Article 3

The Parties shall not use the territories of other States with a view to preparing or carrying out an armed attack against the other Party or other actions affecting core security interests of the other Party.

Article 4

The United States of America shall undertake to prevent further eastward expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and deny accession to the Alliance to the States of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

The United States of America shall not establish military bases in the territory of the States of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics that are not members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, use their infrastructure for any military activities or develop bilateral military cooperation with them.

Any reader here can easily click onto the respective link to either proposed Agreement, in order to read that entire document, in order to evaluate whether or not all of its proposed provisions are acceptable and reasonable. What was proposed in each of the two was only a proposal, and the other side (the U.S. side) in each of the two instances was therefore able to pick and choose amongst those proposed provisions, which ones were accepted, and to negotiate on any of the others; but, instead, the U.S. side outright and 100% rejected all of them.

On 7 January 2022, the Associated Press (AP) headlined “US, NATO rule out halt to expansion, reject Russian demands”, and reported:

Washington and NATO have formally rejected Russia’s key demands for assurances that the US-led military bloc will not expand closer towards its borders, leaked correspondence reportedly shows.

According to documents seen by Spanish daily El Pais and published on Wednesday morning, Moscow’s calls for a written guarantee that Ukraine will not be admitted as a member of NATO were dismissed following several rounds of talks between Russian and Western diplomats. …

The US-led bloc denied that it posed a threat to Russia. …

The US similarly rejected the demand that NATO does not expand even closer to Russia’s borders. “The United States continues to firmly support NATO’s Open Door Policy.”

Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February 2022. Russia had, as-of 7 January 2022, exhausted all other options to stop America and its NATO military alliance to trap (capture) Russia — Russia’s enemy refused even to negotiate. Russia was left no alternative other than to go to war against Ukraine, so as to win, from it, what Ukraine’s master, the U.S. regime, refused to accept: a restoration of the previously neutral, non-aligned, Government in Ukraine.

What Macron has been doing is to lead Europe into Trump’s vision for NATO: an even more profitable-for-U.S.-and-allied armaments-makers such as Lockheed Martin Corporation, vision, of a Europe that will increase its armaments-purchases (mainly from the U.S.) in order to take up some of the slack if and when the U.S. Government might reduce its armaments-purchases in order to become enabled to spend that money on rebuilding America’s infrastructure and spending more on the health, education, and welfare, of the American people, while Europe would be buying even more of America’s weapons than previously.

Trump’s vision of America’s future is not to reduce the American empire, but instead to get the taxpayers in its colonies to be paying more for the costs of it, so that American taxpayers will be enabled to pay less for the costs of it.

Macron’s statement that his plan is “to thwart the war of aggression led by Russia in Ukraine,” is the exact opposite of the truth. But whether he even knows that is open to question. Since he is so illogical, he might not understand (might not even know about) the actual history behind this war.

Ukraine’s Government issued on February 27th a news-release on Macron’s speech, in which more quotations from it were included, such as “We all commit to get to the substance of [weapons] stocks that are still available, to determine which ones can still be mobilized for different categories of ammunition, as well as to work on all the new solutions that are being put on the table.” The news-release noted that this meeting occurred “at a time of uncertainty over the U.S. assistance.” The article concluded: “The result of a strategic meeting of EU leaders in Paris was the creation of a coalition for long-range missile strikes.” That is important to Ukraine’s Government, since it would increase Ukraine’s ability to globalize this war so that it will directly — and no longer merely indirectly — be a war between the U.S. versus Russia. By this time, virtually everyone is aware that the only conceivable way that Russia might be able to be defeated in this war is if the U.S. Government goes all-out in it (in other words: to nuclear war).

On the same day, Canada’s Government issued “[Foreign] Minister [Bill] Blair attends Conference in Support of Ukraine in Paris, France and concludes visit to Europe”, and reported:

In Paris, Minister Blair told allies and partners that Canada’s commitment to supporting Ukraine is steadfast. Two days ago, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed the Agreement on security cooperation between Canada and Ukraine, a new, historic agreement that establishes a strategic security partnership between the two countries. The agreement outlines key, long-term security commitments for Canada to continue supporting Ukraine as it defends its sovereignty and territorial integrity, protects its people, and rebuilds its economy for the future.

Canada will provide $3.02 billion in critical financial and military support to Ukraine in 2024. This brings Canada’s total commitment of aid to Ukraine since February 2022 to over $13.3 billion in funding – including $4 billion in military assistance. This includes recently-announced donations of over 800 drones, and funding to support Ukraine’s F-16 fighter jet capability. In addition, Canadian Armed Forces members are supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine under Operation UNIFIER, providing training on a range of military skills. Since 2015, the Canadian Armed Forces  have trained more than 40,000 members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine under this operation.

So: virtually all of NATO now have actively committed themselves to Trump’s plan that each and every NATO member country will annually spend at least 2% of its GDP on the military. Not only Trump but now also Macron have led in jump-starting it. Unless a nation has nationalized its armaments-makers (such as both Russia and China still have), the billionaires will control the Government by controlling the only corporations whose main if not only customers are their own Government and its allies: the weapons-producers. In these countries, the billionaires need to control virtually all successful politicians, so as to be able to control their own main markets and thus their own personal fortunes; and this is the way it is in all of the U.S.-and-allied countries.

This is Trump’s plan to restore America’s economy. Macron’s 27-nation Conference is predicated on carrying it out. So, now, both Europe and Canada appear to agree to Tump’s terms for both NATO and Ukraine.

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