The Five Goals Of The US’ Reportedly Impending Anti-Russian Propaganda Campaign In Scandinavia


The strategic intent is to herald an American power play in the Arctic.

Russia’s foreign intelligence service reported on Thursday that the US is preparing to unleash an anti-Russian propaganda campaign in new NATO members Finland and Sweden fearmongering about the alleged threat that their country poses to those two’s interests. In reality, however, it’ll actually serve to advance America’s interests at Russia’s expense. Other than creating a McCarthy-esque environment like Moscow predicts, here are the five other goals that this impending information onslaught will pursue:


1. Justify Finland & Sweden’s Membership In NATO

Finland and Sweden exploited Russia’s special operation as the pretext to transform their hitherto informal membership in NATO into the real thing despite Russia not posing a threat to them. In order to ensure that their populations remain politically Russophobic, it’s imperative for the US to hype up more alleged threats to their security, perhaps along the lines of the last decade’s phantom Russian sub hunts. Without the image of the Russian menace in their minds, the public might sour on NATO membership.

2. Ramp Up Those Two’s Arms Shipments To Ukraine

The most immediate objective is for those two to empty their stockpiles and then continue sending everything that their military-industrial complexes produce until the conflict finally ends. This would be done at the expense of meeting their minimum national security needs, but if their people are misled into thinking that Ukraine’s maximum victory is required in order to “deter Russia” after falling for an impending propaganda campaign, then public resistance to this very risky move might be minimal.

3. Accelerate The Militarization Of Sweden’s Gotland Island

Russia’s foreign intelligence agency cited the Swedish army chief’s speculation that their country has its eyes on Gotland island in their report to hint at another one of the goals behind this upcoming information onslaught. NATO wants to accelerate its militarization in order to turn it into their Baltic bastion, which will expand the bloc’s control over its air, sea, and undersea territory. There’s no swifter way to achieve that than to claim that it’s needed to thwart new alleged Russian threats.

4. Complete The Arctic Portion Of The New Iron Curtain

It was assessed last week that “A New Iron Curtain Is Being Built From The Arctic To Central Europe”, with the first part comprising the Russian-Finnish border that falls within the sphere of the US’ upcoming propaganda campaign. In order to speed up the construction and predictably forthcoming expansion of Finland’s “temporary border fortifications”, low-level illegal immigrant crossings might be hyped up as the first stage of a large-scale crisis, which could also scare the population into further compliance.

5. Consolidate The US’ Control Over Half Of The Arctic

Neither Finland nor Sweden has any coastal Arctic territory, but their northern locations complement neighboring fellow NATO member Norway’s, thus enabling the US to eventually base more surveillance and offensive assets there for the purpose of consolidating its control over half of this ocean. The Northern Sea Route between both parts of Eurasia and the Arctic’s rich resources under its contested seabed predetermine that this will become a more heated front in the New Cold War in the future.


Reflecting on the insight shared above, while casual observers might think that propaganda campaigns don’t always have a connection to real life, the fact of the matter is that the upcoming one that Russia’s foreign intelligence service warned about will herald an American power play in the Arctic. The larger trend is that the New Cold War is expanding into different theaters, thus meaning that the systemic competition between the US-led West and the Sino-Russo Entente will become the “new normal”.

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