Benjamin Netanyahu Confronts The United States

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Karim Khan, warned against any attempt to pressure ICC staff. He wasn’t speaking in a vacuum, according to “+972 Magazine”, “Local Call” and “The Guardian”, Mossad blackmailed Karim Khan’s predecessor, Fatou Bensouda, from 2016 to 2021. At the time, the aim was not to conceal current crimes.

Benjamin Netanyahu hasn’t won over President Joe Biden, although in January he claimed he could. However, he did win the duel by preventing the White House from opposing his policies. Before our very eyes, he refuses to obey the UN Security Council and the International Court of Justice. He practices ethnic cleansing in both Gaza and in the West Bank. Even if it wanted to, no one could do anything to stop its crimes.

At the end of January this year, 12 serving Israeli ministers, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, took part in a big show, organized in Jerusalem, under the title “Conference for Israel’s Victory – Settlements Bring Security: Returning to the Gaza Strip and Northern Samaria” [1]. On this occasion, the organizers threatened the Anglo-Saxons with the reconstitution of the Stern Group, which had fought against the Allies during and after the Second World War, if they opposed the colonization of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

In other words, the fascist Vladimir Ze’ev Jabotinsky had always wished to appropriate “Eretz Israel” (i.e. all the territories from the Nile to the Euphrates, including Israel, the Palestinian Territories, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and part of Iraq), the “Promised Land”, “Greater Israel”. In calling Jabotinsky a “fascist”, I’m not making a value judgment. I’m simply pointing out that he was an ally of Benito Mussolini, both before and during the Second World War. [2].

Four months ago, Jabotinsky’s followers demanded that they be allowed to carry out this project, to expel the Arabs from Palestine and conquer the entire region.

Washington reacted by taking unilateral coercive measures against the “Jewish supremacists” of the West Bank (February 1, 2024) [3], then by imagining an overthrow of Benjamin Netanyahu in favour of Benny Gantz [4], by suspending arms deliveries and, finally, by trying to impose a peace agreement. By “Jewish supremacists”, I mean the followers of Rabbi Meir Kahane, who were banned from sitting in the Knesset, but now rule the roost.

At the same time, the UN Security Council, under pressure from the General Assembly after several U.S. vetoes, finally adopted a resolution on March 25 calling for a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza [5]. However, Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, U.S. Special Representative to the U.N., in defiance of the U.N. Charter, immediately claimed that the resolution was non-binding, meaning that Israel could decide not to implement it.
For its part, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), aligning itself with the rhetoric of the White House, first ordered Israel to take precautionary measures to avoid genocide [6], then ordered it to withdraw immediately from Rafah [7].

Now, on the initiative of the Speaker of the House of Representatives (Mike Johnson), the Presidents of the Republicans in the Senate (Mitch McConnell), the Democrats in the Senate (Charles Schumer) and in the House (Hakeem Jeffries), have just extended an invitation to Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before the members of Congress. In so doing, the U.S. Legislative Branch opposes the Executive Branch and clearly supports the ongoing ethnic cleansing.

The “revisionist Zionists” (as Jabotinsky called members of his school of thought) thus failed to impose their will on President Joe Biden, but succeeded in imposing it on Congress. How did they do it?

Back in 2015, Congress invited Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House, even though President Barack Obama refused to host him. During his speech, according to the “New York Times”, embassy agents monitored parliamentarians who did not applaud in order to punish them.


The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Republican Mike Johnson (Louisiana), is an evangelical lawyer [8]. But he is above all a “Christian Zionist” for whom the defense of Israel, whatever it does, is a religious duty. He was elected Speaker of the House in troubled circumstances, with the unexpected help of the ultra-conservative Freedom Caucus, which opposed raising the public debt ceiling.

Mitch McConnell, chairman of the Senate Republican Caucus, scornful of International Law [9] in the name of “American exceptionalism” [10], has long been known for his pro-Eretz Israel positions. In 2017, this Baptist had urged US presidents to “respect the practice of vetoing all UN Security Council resolutions that seek to insert the UN into the peace process, not recognize unilateral Palestinian actions, including the declaration of a Palestinian state, or dictate terms and timelines for a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict” [11].

Hakeem Jeffries, chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, is also known for his consistent alignment with the positions of the State of Israel. Although he has not defended the principle of ethnic cleansing of Arabs in Palestine, he has spoken out widely in favour of the extermination of Hamas members, without distinguishing between those affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and those from the Palestinian Resistance.

The most surprising case is that of Chuck Schumer, Chairman of the Senate Democratic Caucus. For 43 years, this ultra-Orthodox Jew has supported all Israeli positions on principle, until his spectacular reversal in March, when he declared that it was possible to be both pro-Israel and oppose Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies [12]. At the time, he was firmly opposed to Netanyahu visiting the United States. He did, however, give Netanyahu the floor, later, on video before his caucus and, today, by receiving him in his capacity as Israeli Prime Minister, in Congress.

Of these four, only Chuck Schumer is Jewish. But the other three owe their re-election largely to the financial support of America’s Jewish oligarchs. They correspond to the emblematic politicians that John Mearsheimer denounced in his study The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy. American democracy was for sale, and the pro-Israelis bought it.



By way of comparison, the state of democracy is different in the United States and France. It’s true that in both cases, electoral backers have a greater influence on national policy than the electorate, but the characteristics are not the same. In Washington, no one is surprised by the sectarian religions of elected officials. You can be a member of parliament, a member of the government, even the president, and still believe in Gog and Magog. In Paris, on the other hand, the religious and ethnic affiliations of elected officials are ignored. We could therefore find ourselves, as we do today, without anyone being aware of it, with half the presidencies of constitutional institutions held by citizens likely to acquire Israeli nationality.

In either case, it is impossible for the Executive to take decisions that run counter to the policy of the State of Israel, or even, in the case of the United States, to that of the “revisionist Zionists”, i.e. the neo-fascists who are openly practicing ethnic cleansing in Palestine.

To get out of this situation, elected representatives would have to free themselves from their backers and not hesitate to reveal the support given by the Western camp during the Cold War to criminals against humanity. If Benjamin Netanyahu and his “Jewish supremacists” are in power today, it’s because the collective West has for decades found it in its interest to support their ideological current, despite having defeated it in the Second World War.

Last October, Galit Distel-Etebaryan, Israel’s Minister of Information, resigned in protest against the omnipresence of military censorship. Subsequently, the department’s top officers also resigned in protest at the use of the National Security excuse to censor investigations by the Israeli press.


The crimes perpetrated by revisionist Zionists are state secrets. For decades, they have massacred communists and simple opponents all over the world. From Guatemala to the Congo, via Iran, from South Africa to Taiwan, via Bolivia, they took part in the worst twists of the Cold War. All these crimes are protected by implacable censorship [13].

Today, the Hebrew state has the most effective military censorship in the world. Hundreds of investigations by Israeli newspapers into the links between Benjamin Netanyahu, the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, into the preparation of the October 7 attack, into the failure of the security services to respond for several hours, or into the real aims of the IDF in Gaza have been censored. In the last quarter of 2023, passages from 2,703 articles were redacted, and a further 613
were completely censored, admitted the military censorship service [14].

All we know about the events of October 7 is the official version, i.e. the lies. While we know that Hamas did not behead any children, contrary to the testimony of the rescue services, we know neither how many Israelis were killed by the attackers, nor who gave Ukrainian weapons to the Palestinian Resistance. Israel’s supporters continue to reason as if Hamas were a homogeneous organization and Benjamin Netanyahu was unaware that it was going to attack Israel [15].

To clarify matters, General Benny Gantz has filed a request for the creation of a commission of inquiry into the preparation of the October 7 attack, its execution and its consequences, a request which is aimed directly at the “revisionist Zionists” and which, for the moment, has no chance of being followed up.

It is likely that, much later, when it takes place and reveals the secrets, Benjamin Netanyahu’s current supporters will try to excuse themselves by saying that they didn’t know either. Indeed, there are none so blind as those who do not want to see.

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Source: Voltaire Network

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