Month: April 2024


There’s A New Western Media Push To Sow Doubts About The Russian-Indian Strategic Partnership

These back-to-back pieces are meant to mislead India and Russian experts into thinking that it’s not worth maintaining their strategic partnership because Russia supposedly already defected to China while India supposedly already defected to the US.   The National Interest and Politico just published back-to-back pieces by Western-friendly Indian writers […]


Dust of the Earth

“You are dust, and to dust you shall return…” (Gen. 3:18) Human beings have a fundamental bond with the planet on which we live – we are made of its stuff. We are not made of Mars dirt, or Moon dust, Jupiter gas, or Saturn rings. We are made of […]


NATO Troops Start Pouring Into Ukraine

According to Stephen Bryen, whose extensive experience has been as a U.S. armaments-manufacturing high executive as well as in both the Executive and Legislative ends of the U.S. Government, headlined on April 25th, “NATO is starting to deploy Troops in Ukraine and Russia is Racing to Win”, and he reported: […]


Israel’s Complex Relations With Iran

While the mullahs’ rhetoric is clearly anti-Israeli, relations between the two countries are far more complex than one might think. There are in fact two opposing groups in Iran, one intent on doing business by all means with the rest of the world, while the other aims to liberate peoples […]


Venezuela Confirms Its Social Course

Ahead of the presidential elections, the Chavistas are strengthening their positions through various forums and consultations. The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, despite the US sanctions, continues to follow the socialist course founded by Hugo Chavez. Concurrently, unlike other Latin American countries, where they also claim to have a leftist agenda, […]