Gaddafi: ‘We Will Live Free Or Die’

On April 29, one day before Muammar Gaddafi lost his youngest son Saif al-Arab and three grandchildren (two-years-old Carthage, 18-months-old Saif Mohamed and 6-months-old Mastura) under NATO night attack, he delivered a speech on Libyan national TV. He permitted few sharp words towards Italian leaders, the words, which being snatched out of the context, may be assessed as a warning or even menace to Italy. This fact made us think that secret services of the West may decide to enact terroristic acts in Italy and put the blame for it on Gaddafi and his people, to justify the land operation in Libya.

MI-6 and CIA have already been enacting such a trick in 1988, blowing up a plane above Lockerby (read the article “Inconvenient truth” by Hugh Miles and BBC’s ‘Flaws’ in key Lockerbie evidence’). Now with the death of Said al-Arab the agencies have a convenient pretext to accuse Gaddafi of vendetta. These secret services can orchestrate an act of terror (perhaps nuclear terror) to justify an armed invasion or continuing heavy bombing. The media therefore is preparing ground, distorting Muammar Gaddafi’s words intentionally.

In a humble endeavor to bring the truth to the people and perhaps avert such horrible scenario ORIENTAL REVIEW posts an exclusive translation of that Gaddafi’s speech on Libyan TV:

‘Today I have happy memories and at the same time I am sad because my grandfather died in the battle of Al Gadabia on this day. My grandfather was killed there along with 400 other Libyans. Now, after almost 100 years, Italy returns to try to repeat the invasion. I’m sorry that I remember these events, it would be much better if I had forgotten them.

I want to ask Mr. Berlusconi, where is our friendship we have talked so much about? Where is the Italian Parliament? Where are our Italian friends? Italy has caused great pain to the Libyans. The Libyans are very offended by Italy. And I have no veto to stop these feelings of Libyan people. We were told that we must restore our friendship, but they lied. Yesterday Italy bombed Sirte…

My friends, presidents of China, Russia, Nigeria, South Africa, Portugal – I’m asking you: was the UN Resolution 1973 accepted to establish no-fly zone or to annihilate Libyans?

Libya is being torn in pieces day and night. They are blocking our access to oil, destroying ports, bombing houses, cutting the supply of essentials for the civilians… Talking about no-fly zone we presume that there should be no aircrafts of both sides! It does not mean that Libyans aircrafts wouldn’t fly while you can bomb whatever and wherever.

What do the rules of the United Nations serve for? To make Libyans die of starving or to stop the airstrikes? Do these rules allow killings? Or cutting communications?…

We need a meeting, we are asking Putin to be a mediator to put an end to this war. You’ve talked about the need to stop bombardments of Libya and we are grateful for this. But Al-Qaeda do not respect any international law and do not cease fire…

Now I have to say something to NATO. You are bombing a wall that was deterring criminals of Al-Qaeda. The wall blocking the avalanche of African migration to Europe. Because this wall is named Libya.

I’m telling the truth. There are four points that I want you to wipe off your minds:

1. Libyan politics. Internal organization of Libyan politics is exclusive affair of the Libyan people. Even I cannot change it. Only Libyans can change their internal political system.

2. Gaddafi. To stay or to leave – it is not you who decide. Libyans are in charge of the country already for 40 years. My parents and my grandparents were killed in Libya and never left the country. My people love me because I do not love you. I’m not the President of Libya, but there would be a possibility the people would elect me.

3. Oil. Do not dream of oil. Do not dream of stealing the nutrition of our children. You can keep your business in Libya if we make a deal, but nothing else.

4. Libya. We will never hoist the white flag. In case of land operation all Libyans will take the arms and will fight!


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  1. David musyoki

    The truth is that westerners want to recolonise africa through-community strategy-poisoning the minds of people,creating a wedge between youth and elder generation and making them believe that africa woud be paradise with out wazees.WE HAVE BARELY 55 YEARS OF PEACE SINCE THE END OF COLONISATION.How can a coloniser turn out to be a saver?

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