Libya: Absurdity Grows

For three months «no-flight zone» over Libya is being secured. Even this simple phrase, a single sentence, is enough for expressing the entire absurdity of this Middle-Eastern war.

Libya is still being bombed. NATO aviation makes 50–60 operation flights a day in average, hunting the so-called military objects of Colonel Gaddafi. Why do we say «so-called» here? As the press-service of NATO itself reported, during the last 50 flights only two tanks and two anti-aircraft guns were destroyed along with something that was vaguely described as «the number of other arms, military equipment and objects». All in all, four fifths of all operation flights that day meant the attacks of the objects that couldn’t have been unequivocally identified as the military ones. All in all, during the operation NATO aviation has conducted 12.600 flight, 4.750 of them were operational.

Surely, given such intensity of air strikes, something related to Gaddafi’s regime will definitely be struck. For example, one of the regime symbols — famous Bedouin tent that Muammar used for the official receptions — was destroyed. It was burnt during one of the strikes at the residence of Libyan leader at Bab-al-Azizia.

And if the USA starts asking President Obama questions regarding the reasonability of the operation and its profitability, then the time has come to supply yourself with the means of waging the trench warfare of exhaustion. Those should be substantial and be supported by the ephemeral «global community». This support may turn any state crime in a humanism act of an extraordinary scale.

On the 27th of June, ICC issued an arrest warrant for Muammar Gaddafi, his son and the intelligence head Abdullah as-Senussi, having conducted the investigation at a phenomenal pace. Prosecutor Louis Moreno-Ocampo assured the court that he disposes a sufficient set of evidence proving the participation of these people in the crimes against humanity. To all appearance, high court decided to rely upon caballero’s words, as long as no substantial proofs were presented. And all of that is happening despite the fact that as far as in the middle of May Moreno-Ocampo started to report about some irrefutable evidence of crimes that are soon to be publicized. In fact, despite the announced presence of proof, crimes themselves had a cautious addition «supposed» in the report.

Gaddafi was accused of many things. Information about tons of sexual stimulators was presented as one of the most terrible evidence of genocide. The latter allegedly was a primary military equipment of loyalists and allowed them to throw up wild orgies and erotic bacchanalia.

News about Viagra-conditioned repressions has made quite a hype, yet, seemingly after a sober consideration, ICC understood that such accusations look eccentric at best. They started to look for another pretext but failed in that.

General prosecutor Moreno-Ocampo has corrected his version and told the court that he has the proof of Saif al-Islam’s participation in hiring of mercenaries that suppressed the Libyan opposition rallies, while al-Senussi even attacked the demonstrators himself.

There’s not much to say about the second point of charges. It’s hard to imagine the intelligence chief (let he be Libyan) attacking the crowd of demonstrators in the front ranks. Western media presented Libya as a completely surrealistic country, where things that by no means can take place in any other country even in a nightmare, were actually happening. Even if we imagine that chief of Libyan intelligence, surrounded by the escort of deputies and secretaries, rushed to crack down upon demonstrators, this can hardly be called a crime against humanity. Quite the contrary, special service leader, who protects the state system of his country up to that point, inspires certain respect and even sympathy.

Thesis about mercenaries is wider and deeper, but its foundation is every bit as «substantial», too.

Even assuming that certain foreign mercenaries actually participated in a crack-down of Libyan opposition, a lot of issues will appear. First of all, what were they needed for? Even with all the NATO support Libyan opposition is still unable to take the military initiative in its hands. Three months ago, though, it posed an all the more minor threat, which Gaddafi was able to deal without any mercenaries.

Still, what if there actually was an extraordinary situation and the opposition rallies were so large-scaled that the «outside» resource had to be used? How is that worse than what’s happening today? Western countries and the USA first of all, supply rebels with weapons, instructors, they train the personnel and the entire Alliance fights on their side. At that, character of their activity lets us say «instead of rebels» rather than «at the side of rebels». At the same time, NATO warfare was paid with Libyan own money from its foreign banking accounts.

It turns out that the only difference between theoretical Gaddafi’s mercenaries and cooperation of opposition with NATO is only the quality and potential of the foreign combatants that act in Libya. Let’s assume that Gaddafi actually hired the mercenaries in a country like Mali or Chad. But what’s their difference from other foreigners — NATO servicemen that in fight in Libya at the side of rebels from Benghazi? From the legal standpoint, it’s the same. NATO actions have nothing to do with UN resolutions for quite a time now (according to certain opinions, they never had from the very beginning). That’s why the fact that NATO operation is paid for with Libyan money allows us dubbing the cadre of coalition forces the «mercenaries of a Transitional National Council». It turns out that rebels have also applied to the help of «hired guns», but unlike Gaddafi these mercenaries are very powerful and million times better-paid than Africans from the neighboring countries.

ICC believes the very fact that Libyan leader was able to resist NATO without foreign help to be the main evidence of the hired armed aid. I.e. Gaddafi is accused of resisting the Alliance too well.

Speed of the ICC decision to issue the warrant for Gaddafi’s arrest makes up yet another proof that eliminating Colonel will be the immutable condition for considering Libyan operation successful.

Meanwhile, Libyan government constantly demonstrates its readiness for the dialogue. Official Tripoli has stated recently that is ready to hold a national referendum and decide, whether Gaddafi is to remain in the head or not. It is also ready for the elections under the oversight of international observers.

Without doubt, these conditions won’t do for the Alliance. What if these elections and referendum are hold and Gaddafi actually wins? Look at the Libyan map and count how many people live in Tripolitania, how many — in Cyrenaica and how many people live in the southern regions, whose citizens actually support Gaddafi, too. It seems that Gaddafi is still able to win the political fight. However, NATO forces have no need of such democracy — real and truly one.

Africans, who are not particularly happy with the prospect of Libyan collapse or occupation, are aware of that fact, too. At that, African Union is quite content with Gaddafi’s behavior in a dialogue that is made under the aegis of this community. During the African Union council regarding situation in Libya, Presidents of South Africa, Congo, Mali, Uganda and Mauritania «greeted the Colonel Gaddafi’s decision not to negotiate with rebels». After that top guests have repeated «the address of the urgent African Union summit from the 25th of May, 2011 to stop the NATO bombings and maintain the humanitarian armistice» — the documents states.

Thus, if the efforts of African Union will happen to be successful, NATO operation will reap nothing. We may hardly be surprised with the recent information about dispatching an assassination group of British and French agents. Given the current time troubles, hunt for Colonel will be likely moved to a next level.

Source: WIN.RU

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  1. Gulam Mitha

    This article could’ve conveyed NATO intentions in very few words. Firstly Russia and China are partners in NATO objectives. Why? To economically bleed USA-NATO. Both are on the verge of economic diseases so Russia says “let’s bleed it just as the USA bled us in Afghanistan”. China is becoming USA’s economic master.

    Now to USA-NATO objectives:
    1) oil
    2) bomb it to extinction so Libya can be rebuilt with the oil wealth
    3) deplete the bomb inventories so our factories can churn out more for the next stage–Pakistan or Iran?
    4) kill as many Muslims as reasonably possible—genocide and blame it on Gaddafi
    5) Eliminate the threat of “terrorism” wherever it exists
    6) acheive the target of neo-colonialism, masters not servants of oil resources
    7) grab the billions of Libyan wealth in western banks

    Are the lessons of Iraq and Afghanistan not clear enough?

    What more? Anyone to add or subtract?

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