Who Is Killing People in the Middle East?

Russian and Chinese refusal to support UN sanctions against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad at the end of August has caused a dramatic outburst of criticism in Western media and from the local human rights activists. On Tuesday the Facebook group ‘Syrian Revolution 2011’ posted a banner in Russian condemning Moscow for allegedly ‘killing the Syrians’. Let’s have a brief outlook on who is actually killing in Syria and other Arab countries.

Despite a common prejudice the rioters opposing the Syrian authorities are by no means ‘peaceful protestors’. The Syrian army and police fight against well-trained and properly armed professional raiders supported by the West and the fifth column inside Syria.

A police station in Hama, raided by ‘peaceful demonstrators’. 12 policemen were assassinated inside the building.

Since April the total record of Syrian soldiers, policemen and security officers assassinated by the ‘demonstrators’ has reached 600, while the number of injured is even higher. Many of them are killed by knifes with utmost cruelty. Every second shot by the long range sniper fire from upper locations (tops of the multistoried buildings) precisely above or under the vest. That’s a notably professional pattern of action. Although typical for Syria Soviet and Russian-made arms are being widely used in the clashes, many victims were hit by the weapons of Western origin having higher killing power, including pump rifles. There are many mutilated by improvised explosive devices.

An assassinated Syrian soldier having his throat cut by the assaulters.

A number of other photos of injured and killed Syrian soldiers were published on the RT web-site.

The tactics of provocations is another distinctive feature of opposition’s modus operandi set to keep the situation destabilized and create havoc and bloodshed. Having the most significant gangs already dispersed by the governmental forces, the opposition renews this tactics. Here is the message from Elena, who has relatives in Syria:

‘The gangsters were planning a series of debacles on 27th day of Ramadan (August 26). This is a special day for Muslims, Laylat al-Qadr (the Night of Destiny), when the sky is believed to be open and Allah is fulfilling all dreams. They wanted to organize a series of explosions and assassinations to cause people’s outrage. Syrian security agencies were timely informed about these plans and managed to detain around 200 plotters. There were several foreign specialists in subversive actions among the detained as well as Arab mercenaries from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other countries. According to the evidence obtained, they were about to capture al Abbasein and al-Amaween squares in Damascus by pretending to organize pro-Assad march. When on the site, they schemed to change the slogans generating chaos, scuffles and eventually victims among the civilians.’ (Source in Russian)

NATO’s ‘humanitarian intervention’ in Libya has already led to unprecedented sufferings of the Libyan people. The so-called ‘new government of Libya’ has shown to their former patrons in the UK, France and Italy that they do not care much about the sentiments of international community. The mass lynching of black-skinned foreigners are now typical on the Libyan territories controlled by anti-Qaddafi forces. Mustafa Abdul Jalil, one of the leaders of Libyan Transitional National Council (TNC), has even admitted that ‘there are no bloodless revolutions… We should not be surprised if some casual victims of skirmishes are the case. Our soldiers cannot afford wasting time for identifying detained personalities. Their loyalty to the new authorities will be determined subjectively.’

A necropolis of blacks on a street of Tripoli

As a result the number of victims of the new regime among Libyan residents from Chad, Niger and Sudan is counted in thousands. Khamis al-Bass, a Saudi journalist reports from Libya: ‘On my eyes several uniformed men dragged an entire black family off their asylum, accused them in espionage for Qaddafi and hanged them all.’

The chairman of the African Union commission, Jean Ping, said many members of the Union had not yet recognized the TNC as the legitimate government of Libya because of reports of anti-black violence. He warned that the rebellion had left Libya unstable and its huge arms caches prey to looting by extremists and smugglers.

The perspective of turning Libya into a new lawless territory resembling Somalia or Liberia is thrillingly tangible. The civil war is gaining momentum as the NATO Special Forces get seemingly restrained from further involvement into conflict. Their loss toll is already too high. According to several insider reports, e.g. British SAS has lost 21 to 35 soldiers, most of them during the storm of Tripoli and helicopter crash on the Algerian border in August. So NATO apparently decided to pump the ‘new Libyan government’ with more weapons in the endeavor to turn the scale of the on-going faceoff in Libya in favor of TNC and wash the hands. For example, this week the Russian news agencies reported a massive arms shipment to the TNC from Moldova. An air-craft IL-76 arrived in Kishinev from Benghazi on Tuesday to be loaded by a ‘cargo of Moldavian army’s stores with expired date of usage’. Defense Ministry of the Republic of Moldova officially commented that ‘the shipment is being carried out according to the contract between the Ministry and a Latvian company’. Most likely the delivery of the second-hand Soviet weapons (there are no other sources actually available at Moldavian stores) to Benghazi was arranged by K.S.Avia Ltd, a Latvian Riga-based transportation firm and used Soviet arms supplier. (This company is notorious for multiple exports of the second-hand and unconditional military equipment from Ukraine, Belorussia and Poland to the Yemeni weapons market, which is a known hub for the cheap arms spreading throughout Arabian peninsular and beyond. Ironically, until recently this market has been totally controlled by the family of Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh. The current uprising in this country against acting president is a reflection of Yemeni and Saudi inter-elitist rivalry for the control over this super-lucrative business.)

Factually we can see that a small mediator from Latvia, a NATO country, starts playing a key role in channeling old Soviet-made weapons to the Afro-Asian conflict zones. The outcome of such arming would be extremely dangerous. That will lead to the escalation of civil war in Libya and other hotspots meaning more victims and more sufferings for the civilians. We have already written about this strategy in previous posts here and here.

The last but not least, it would be surprising if NATO pumping up Islamic Orient with old Soviet arms had not played the propagandistic card of ‘Russian weapons killing Arabs’. Indeed, since late August they have launched a ridiculous press campaign in Yemen, accusing Russia (!) of ‘supplying equipment to Saleh regime to be used against peaceful pro-democracy protesters’. In a propaganda stupor they are even claiming that the presidential palace in Sana’a is being defended by the Russian tanks T-92, a model that does not exist in nature! Here we will not get into details of US$ 4 billion deal for military modernization program of Yemeni army and police that United States provided to President  Saleh in the framework of counter-terrorism cooperation in 2010. We just take a note that the ‘military convoys’ coming to Yemeni port of Hodeida are contracted by the same dubious Latvian company K.S. Avia transporting arms to the Libyan Transitional National Council.

So who is killing people in the Middle East?

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  1. Hi Andrey,

    On CNN America, Anderson Cooper hosts a show that has been noticeably partisan on subjects like Syria and Libya. His enthusiasm for “human rights” is within the limited prism of neoliberal and neoconservative circles. I don’t recall Cooper expressing any concern for the recent carnage that has been evident in Ivory Coast.

    Rather interestingly, in Israel, there’s a mindset saying that the Syrian government might be the best option for Syria. That thought plays into the recent attack on Israeli property in Egypt. Likewise, it remains to be seen on how post-Khadafy led Libya will be governed.

    Of late, I haven’t been following the Middle East as closely as I should. Correct me if I’m wrong: it appears that Syrian-Turkish relations have become more distant. In a prior era, such an occurrence would likely mean an improvement in Turkish-Israeli ties – which isn’t the case in the present day. On the matter of geopolitics in that part of the world, I see that Israeli-Greek relations have improved.

    I’ve also noticed that a number of pro-Israeli commentators have suddenly discovered issues like the Kurds, northern Cyprus and past mistreatment of the Armenians. The veracity of that commentary wasn’t evident when Israeli-Turkish relations were better. The otherwise noble cause of human rights has periodically served as a geopolitical propaganda tool.

    The end of the Cold War appears to have somewhat complicated the study of international affairs. Russia seems to simultaneously seek good relations with the West, Israel, Israel’s neighbors and Iran – a not so easy task.



  2. Thanks for the comment, Mike. I guess Russia simply seeks to be sincere and honest (as far as this term is applicable to international politics) with all players. Some repay her with gratitudes, others with treason…

  3. Tariq Javed

    This doesn’t matter whose gun kills what matters is who supply or manipulates distributing these to make the people kill each other.

    US supplies 54% (latest data would show ever higher percentage) and France 21% that make 3/4 of total Arms supply to Middle East by just two countries.

    There is a history to it and even investigative dominatrices are there showing smuggling of such Arms for sabotage and civil wars by CIA.
    According to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), US e is the biggest Arms supplier to the ME region.
    The Sarkozy statements are on record in which he pledged to supply arms to ‘Rats’in Libya.

    Libyan government had been showing the captured weapons which were all European and specially French made. They supplied the ‘Rats’ with anti tank Mialm missiles even.

    Due to the overwhelming and disproportionate use of force on a 6.5 million nation, which was since long on the hit list of US and the West owing to its proximity to Europe and estranged Libyan leader who was justified due to obvious reasons of exploitative and resource grabbing US and Western policies Russia could not sustain its principle stance and switched at the later stage in the favor of NATO and US trained traitors who killed Libyan ruthlessly.

    Russian weapon were used against ex U.S.S.R as these were bought by CIA from Egypt and other Middle East countries. There is a great corruption involved in the obsolete weapons sale which are effectively sold in such a situation to cash on the otherwise scrape.

    When one of the consignment was checked by Pakistani ISI at Karachi port which contained the old Russian AK 47s, these were found in a very depreciated condition. Tonnage of this dump was bought as it benefited the persons of CIA and others in making money.

    In Libya, the policy of terror was used as most of the LIbya supports Gaddafi. In such a situation NATO strategy was Terrorism, which can vividly be seen where Gaddafi dominated areas were bombed and flattened to the ground, indicators of nuclear weapons, and chemical gas has also been reported. In Tawarga, the whole population was asked to abandoned the town and they did, to save their lives, most of them were already killed by the ‘Rats’ and the NATO bombing.

    I his first speech the ‘top Rat’ called for more NATO weapons and thanked for their bombing help.

    All said and done Libya was a complete NATO operation, aiming at grabbing its resources. What people need and want was provided in the best way any other nation could have in the region.

    Under Gaddafi the life style of Libyans was the best in the region. There is half cry dubbing Gaddafi a dictator but than why people loved him, there is an unprecedented show of support for Gaddafi to curb which NATO is employing terrorist methods to mute and scare Gaddafi supporters.

    As I see the situation, people despise the Rats. They harbor love for Gaddafi, not as just a personality, but him as uniter, and a man who really have shown his leadership.

    Who kills in Middle East is a question a kid can answer without flinching………It is NATO nations with the tacit support of United States of America. Rest every one is prisoner of diplomacy and international relations.

  4. Libya should get ready for civil war……because that’s what the Americans want. While the people fight for food and basic necessities out on the street, the Americans will be busy pumping crude oil and filling up their oil tankers and shipping it out to the world. And pocketing approx. $60 billion in revenues each year just from Libya.

  5. iqbal alimohamed

    What the US and its Western allies are doing in South Asia, Middle East and and North Africa is a reflection of insanity and megalomania at its worst. If the good Lord Jesus was around, He would be hard put to say,”Lord, Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

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