Smashing Greater Central Asia (II)

Part I

In the grand scheme of things, as conceived inside Washington, D.C., the world is a three-dimensional chess board, much like the ones seen on Star Trek, or more accurately, like the modern game called “Risk.”

For those unfamiliar with this popular cult board game, it is literally a game of world conquest, fought with symbolic armies, massed on the players’ occupied territories, with battles decided by the roll of a pair of dice. The Obama foreign policy seems like it could be something that was dreamed-up in the middle of the night by a couple of stoned-out “frat boys,” in their smelly, smoky college dorms, making their plans to one day rule the world.

Like the strategy of the Hasbro game, the White House is engaged in a series of moves that are intended to undermine all other players. Following a carefully planned strategy, which was originally conceived during the last administration, Obama is continuing Bush’s attack, undermining his opponents’ weak links, in a manner that is anticipated to cause a cascading loss of strength in their adversaries. The grand plan of undermining every country simultaneously, until you are the last man left standing, requires taking key territories with enough armies to hold them all, until the end. This is the deadly game that the White House and the Pentagon are playing against the rest of the world, using human beings as game pieces, without remorse.

The strategic and tactical geniuses at the Pentagon and the CIA have actually been tasked with fixing the major problems that America has with the rest of the world. The primary problem is that people and nations do not behave in the submissive manner that our leaders would like to see coming from them. Their solution is to bring all things in the world under the control of one command center—a “Pax Americana,” creating an era of global peace, enforced by American military might. One-by-one, all the “trouble-making” countries which have offered resistance to this new order would be brought into line under Imperial plans. The real problem is that American leaders have let their greed get in the way of their altruism. No plan to pacify the power centers of the world could succeed unless its main mission was the elevation of the human condition. Plans of pacifying the world for the profit of a small minority of men will always be doomed before they even start.

The US Army Central Command has literally set into play a game strategy intended to undermine every Nation in the world, except for the last one, the world’s only superpower. This brutal dangerous game that the military planners have activated could just as easily undermine every Nation, including the lone superpower, unless the commanders manage to maintain some degree of control. The plan to control the behavior of free Nations usually begins by establishing leadership control in key countries, in particular, with military leaders.

The global war on terror is in no way a war on “terror,” because most of the people that they are planning to kill cannot be defined as “terrorists,” yet. They belong to no terrorist or militant outfit, at this point in their lives. They are probably not even enemies of the United States yet, maybe most of them even desire our “way of life.” The enemies for this war plan do not even exist yet, but our military leaders plan to create thousands of new enemies, by driving some of them to take-up arms to resist us at some point in the future.

America’s war plan is to push the limits of normal human endurance in the targeted countries, past the point where most people there are willing to submit to our domination and mind-games. American military strategy is to take entire nations (like Pakistan) to the breaking point, where they turn elements of the population from passive to active, turning them into resisters against America’s Imperial cause. We create, what we have defined as “terrorists,” in order to know who they are. It is a great sorting-out of the Muslim world. Who has the seed of “terrorism” within them?

How could such a global “police action” be considered a “war,” when we have no organized “enemies,” except for small groups of older terrorists who have mostly been trained by us, numbering only in the hundreds or low thousands? If you are looking for global domination, then how do you fight wars without enemies? You must create them as you go, which is exactly the process that I have been describing, over and over, for the past four years.

Why do you need to take wholesale risks with your troops, by fighting real enemies, when you can just as easily (and much more cheaply) create the perception that your troops are fighting against actual guerrilla armies? Perception-management is the real name of this war, which we have so far called the “global war on terrorism.” In typical “false flag terrorism,” attacks are staged in specific locations, in a manner that will cast guilt on specific innocent parties. In warfare by perception-management, false flags are just one of the more extreme tactical solutions to altering misguided perceptions. In a war that is all about perceptions, that is, controlling perceptions, the most effective weapon is the controlled media.

With a controlled media, there isn’t even a need for a big organized opposition of any kind. With today’s electronic media, stories are frequently created out of thin air, hand-crafted, using digital information. These are the stories that have given substance to The Myth of “Al-Qaeda.” You then use your media to interweave these mythical stories with war reports from the four or five real wars that you have managed to start and you have the makings of a believable legend. Take the real history of the original American/Pakistani trained Afghan mujahedeen veterans and their exploits, while working for the CIA in Africa and Eurasia, then roll that together with the legend that you have already created, and you have the apparently real media entity known as “Al-Qaeda” (SEE: Unraveling the Myth of Al Qaida).

Now that American psy-warriors have managed to manufacture this synthetic “enemy” from carefully constructed lies and strands of real information, they feel confident enough in the mold of the “militant Islamists” that they have created to use it to import the threat of an Islamist takeover into Central Asia, Africa and perhaps beyond that. They have already used it to light the spark of revolution in Libya, in a sort of reverse pattern. There, America’s Islamists are now openly fighting on our side (SEE: America’s “Islamists” Go Where Oilmen Fear to Tread), in an attempt to revive the original prototype of Islamist warriors who were once described as “freedom fighters” by their creators in Reagan’s CIA. The problem with the new “Libya scenario,” is that it only works when conditions are ripe enough for instigating democratic-revolution. The dictators of Central Asia maintain too tight of a grip for such a destabilization to work there without the inclusion of other measures. Multiple forces have been arrayed against the dictators of the Stans. The chances of any of them surviving the steady onslaught are minimal, at best.

In order to undermine strong-man rule there, American psy-warriors must follow the basic rules of terrorist provocation that they have been compiling since the early days of their European “Gladio” campaign. In Germany, Italy, Turkey, and throughout Western Europe, right-wing allies were recruited from local militaries to stage terror attacks upon left-wing leaders, or to implicate them in “false-flag” scenarios. This is known as the “strategy of tension.” It is a fear-driven campaign designed to induce psychological trauma in the minds of the targeted victims. Those intended victims in the new great game are primarily the dictators themselves. They must be driven by fear into instituting harsh, unnecessary punitive measures upon local populations, seeking to quash budding “Islamist” or democratic movements in their infancy.

All that is necessary is the staging of a few “Shariah” enforcing attacks, or small military assaults upon police or government forces and swift government reprisals will follow. Intersperse a few manufactured media stories about Afghan militants, or IMU (Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan) terrorists moving northward, or agitate known former Islamists into taking a defensive posture and you have created the makings of an anti-Islamist government crackdown. This artificial Islamization effort is underway now all along the central Fergana Valley. Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, in particular, have been infiltrated by a handful of Afghan veterans, or paid mercenaries, or former militants, resulting in claims that they will be the first dominoes to fall to Islamist penetration, thus preparing the way there for the introduction of US or NATO defenders.

If, for some reason, this strategy of tension fails to elicit the required harsh government reaction, then State Dept. agitation tactics are being readied as a fall-back position. The lack of freedoms in the former Soviet satellites ensures that social unrest will arise some day in each of the Stans, making agitation a simple matter for psywar technicians. Economic hardships and deprivation are like icing upon the cake in any planned destabilization.

In my previous article in this series, Smashing Greater Central Asia (Part I), I described the components of a “(net-centric combat system), tied directly into the Global Information Grid (GIG),” that was to be constructed in Central Asia. I speculated in that article that it was to be constructed surreptitiously in all the countries in Central Asia, under multiple justifications. The more that the latest game/psyop plays-out, the more apparent it becomes that Uzbekistan is to be the intended primary location of this electronic total information network, with an air force of unmanned Reapers riding shotgun high in the skies over the Northern Distribution Network (NDN). This network is definitely being constructed through Uzbekistan, also touching on a small sliver of Kazakhstan, where the Northern Network meets the Caspian Sea. The components of this network are to be moved into Uzbekistan under cover of the recently authorized military aid package for Uzbekistan. This is anticipated to be a long-term arrangement, as proposed oil and gas pipelines will need protecting after the alleged end of the Afghan war in 2014. By that time, it is hoped that the UAV drone network can be extended into all the Caucasus countries, in order to guard the full lengths of the planned pipelines, TAPI and Nabucco (which is due to start construction at about that time).

In addition to the drone/surveillance network, Special Forces training centers in the works will coordinate military efforts between host countries and their Imperial benefactor. They will be manned by US and NATO trainers. One is planned for Uzbekistan and another has already been built in northern Kyrgyzstan with a second US-manned training facility under consideration for the south, near Fergana Valley. Tajikistan, as well as Turkmenistan have already opened their arms to the American military’s efforts to build modern border control centers along the frontier with Afghanistan.

Multiple avenues of penetration ensure that no targeted nation is immune to the US probing. Even so, there is always the possibility that some smart Central Asian dictator will grow weary of all the manipulations and machinations and shut-down ongoing State Dept. penetration by radicalized journalists and armies of trained activists. Turkmenistan is one targeted, energy-producing state which has already done this to a degree, by shutting-down Western NGOs (non-governmental organizations) that had been operating there under the guise of humanitarian aid programs and by refusing to cooperate on NATO’s Northern Distribution Network.

Even though NATO forces have given-up on drug eradication efforts within Afghanistan, (the source of most of the world’s heroin and opium), the CIS leaders are all seriously concerned about narco-terrorism. Drug interdiction efforts are developing into a primary area of interaction between CIS countries (even Russia) and Western military and policing forces (SEE: Washington’s New Foxy Plan To Sneak Into the Central Asian Hen House). The Central Asian Counter-narcotics Initiative (CACI) is the name of the “foxy” plan, which aims to sneak American DEA agents into all the Central Asian “hen houses.”

Military to military aid is the favored method for gaining control of elements within a nation’s armed forces. American control over NATO was used to expand the organization into former Soviet space, primarily through the Partnership for Peace (PIP) military exchange and military modernization program. Military friendships which have been established through this program have served to infiltrate US military thinking into the minds of the foreign military leaders. Whatever is planned for those countries will be centered on those officers who have been compromised in this manner, and those who are susceptible to simple bribery.

In most of the CIS states, the problem is the same—after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the state has become one man. The failure of The State, the failure of The Party, the failure of The System, were all made right in one man rule. In that one “new man” was born the new totalitarian future, within the new system, “neo-capitalism,” a new type of capitalism, one with a familiar communist head. The dictator became the first new capitalist, the “proto-neo-capitalist” (oligarch), when he inherited the possessions of The State and all the rest, to divide-up amongst his favorite cronies and family members, however he saw fit. In turn, the many new oligarchs dispensed part of their new fortunes to their friends and cronies. They have patterned their new economies, as well as the daily operations of their inherited industries, after Western management models, creating the impression of new “capitalist” economies and through association, implying that post-Soviet governments were “democratic.”

The problem of trying to bring Western investors into these new economies was in integrating the neo-capitalist industries with traditional capitalist financiers and industrialists. The neo-capitalist markets that they created were based around expansion of their own black market operations. The oligarchs could impersonate the real capitalists, but they refused to operate by Western profit models, which would have confined them to profits of less than 30% (on average), preferring instead, to reverse the equation, taking 70 or 80% returns on the investments that were being made, using their purloined resources (SEE: The Private Pocket of the President Berdymukhamedov). Western investors have prudently hesitated to invest in such partnerships. Western oil and gas corporations have come to realize that they were running up against this psychological obstacle in their attempts to harvest and transport Central Asian hydrocarbon resources. Turning former communists into good capitalists is a never-ending problem, just look at all the problems that have been created by our own “neocons” (former Marxists).

Obama is trying to overcome Central Asia by either forcing the sitting regimes to change the way that they operate, or, failing that, to change the regimes themselves. Pax Americana has no room for failure, even though all the existing plans are doomed to failure, because of their inherent weaknesses and basic contradictions. No amount of plotting will overcome human nature. All of those leaders can be counted on to protect their own interests. They can all be counted on (with the possible exception of Roza Otunbayeva in Kyrgyzstan), to resist with all the means at their disposal, when they realize that the dangers they are facing from the West will make the Soviets look like a bunch of “old softies.” When they realize that the same malevolent forces which succeeded in dismantling and then replacing the Soviet Union are repeating the same process in the Stans, the reactions will be swift and eventually coordinated.

Central Asia will not go down without a fight, and NOT the fight that the American psy-warriors have envisioned. There will be NO procession of events from NDN, to Afghan pacification, to TAPI and then to Nabucco, under the protective umbrella of terminator-drones, operating within their Global Information Grid. The extremely complicated, elaborate grand Take-Over-the-World Plan, which has been arrogantly conceived, may have been doomed to failure from the start, because of the many fallacies upon which it was forced to operate, but that has not stopped American and NATO leaders from following it to create even more and more cracks in the façade of human civilization, in hopes of taking control over all countries in the end. There is no end to the depths of human depravity that they will plumb, in their great quest to control the world. Cheney’s arrogant “walk on the dark side” has threatened to plunge us all into an era of utter darkness.

By taking Iraq out of the Middle East equation, they have made the whole Greater Middle East fluid, making it impossible to predict many things that would happen next. Now that Iraq’s military has been destroyed unnecessarily, the playing board has been made somewhat safe for other Iraq-sized militaries to make bold moves, or to benefit from the destruction that we have wrought, as Iran has done, hoping to capitalize on the breakdown of the balance of forces there. Turkey in the Mediterranean and in the former Turkic countries of Central Asia is a perfect example of the unpredictable events that will arise out of medium sized militaries pushing their weight around, seeking to profit from American destabilization efforts. France and the UK in Libya, for example, making their daily threats against Syria, is just another unintended consequence of the new reality. To illustrate just where this is all leading, France and Turkey are now taking jabs at each other over Armenia and Turkey’s complicated history.

Perhaps the preceding points may help to explain US and NATO readiness to resort to implied threats of military force, to supplement their customary bribery and pay-off practices, in their efforts to win the great prize. However, trying to explain why American leaders have taken up a path of world conquest, is not an attempt to justify the immoral games that they have set into motion to seize control over Central Asia’s gas and oil, and with them, the whole game.

To be continued…

Peter Chamberlin is the American political analyst, author of the blog There Are No Sunglasses. The views expressed are his own and do not necessarily coincide with ones of ORIENTAL REVIEW editorial.

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