Nobel Insane Asylum

A rare and extravagant news has come from the Nobel Committee: The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the European Union – an organization comprising 27 European nations that has absolutely nothing to do with international military and political conflicts management according to its charter. It doesn’t even possess any instruments for peace enforcement operations; there is no military structure within the Union unlike in the case of NATO, its next of kin alliance that exists for the very purpose.

Still according to Thorbjørn Jagland, Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, the European Union’s most important results were the successful struggle for peace and reconciliation and for democracy and human rights. As it was said the 2012 Peace Prize was awarded for «the stabilising part played by the EU has helped to transform most of Europe from a continent of war to a continent of peace».


Europe was transformed «from a continent of war to a continent of peace» in 1945 when fascism was crushed in Germany. Those days the European Union was not even in sight. Back then the two blocks standoff served as a basis for peace in Europe that was formalized by the Helsinki Act of 1975. It’s a long time the document was trampled on by the West but it is still in force.

The European international order started to be shaken after the would-be Nobel Peace Prize winner M. Gorbachev and his team dismembered the Warsaw Pact first, the Soviet Union second. The shaking of the foundations, that existed those days, started after the Soviet superpower vanished from the world map. Everyone remembers the dismemberment of former Yugoslavia followed by fratricidal wars between its former republics. It took place with the help of Germany and other European Union’s member states. Back then the 79 days long bombing campaign against Yugoslavia followed on the «continent of peace» while the «struggle democracy and human rights» was unfolding. It was the first military conflict in Europe after the WWII. Their goal was to roll over like a bulldozer over the Slobodan Milosevic regime to make it disappear and not stand in the way of further remaking of the Balkans map.

They suggest that we forget the fact that the history of the NATO/EU 1999 adventure is actually the history of new Euro-Atlantic militarism veiled under the disguise of peacekeeping. It’s in Berlin where the emotions, caused by the Nobel Peace Prize award, are especially high. It was Germany who formed the Kosovo thugs organizations responsible for bloodshed in the ancient Serbian land. It was the territory of Federal Republic of Germany where the «Albanian refugee camps» were situated. The «refugees» received arms bought by Germany to use in Kosovo after being transported there across the territories of Italy and Albania.

Then the war started taking away thousands of Serbian lives. The European Union members took the most active part in the process. Today they support Hashim Thaçi, a former militant of «Kosovo Liberation Army». He doesn’t limit his activities to residing in Pristina, he hits plunder road again. He does it in Europe, not in America. The European special services raise hue and cry over the stranglehold of Kosovo drug mafia and it’s only the beginning. The Hashim Thaçi’s regime is preparing his main surprises in southern Serbia and Macedonia, and then he’ll deal with Greece and Italy. Why? He doesn’t know how to do anything else. All the regime’s leaders are and will always be rapists and murderers.

Or is it all something that we call «struggle democracy and human rights» today?

Then such European Union member states as France and Great Britain led the campaign aimed at toppling the legal government in Libya. Though it has no relation to what the Nobel Prize Committee said because Libya is situated on another continent, still according to the laws of geopolitics whatever happens on the southern coast of the Mediterranean is doomed to echo on the northern coast affecting the lives of those who live in the coastal states. Actually what is happening in the Nobel Prize Committee while the deliberations on peace award are taking place? Perhaps the goings-on have relation to the state of the whole Western civilization in general? Encompassing two halves (American and European) the civilization has become something like a drug addict dying of withdrawal pains. First they received a strong dollar overdose that ended up in repression. The heart of US drug addict started to slow down, his limbs in Europe, especially in its southern part – began to convulsively twitch. All parts of the suffering addict’s body cried begging for only one thing – a new dose.

After the shocking news was made public a post appeared in one of the social networks saying probably poor Nobel would turn over in his coffin if he knew the committee named after him has finally become a mental asylum.

A scathing remark! Said in a fit of temper, of course. Still the fact is correct that the Nobel Peace Prize Committee has since long ago become an instrument used for manipulations by those who can hardly wait till the whole planet becomes a mental asylum.

Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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