Syrian Rebels Get Arms from Kosovo and Bosnia

The DEBKA website, close to Israeli military intelligence, knows well all the behind the curtain details of regional politics. A few days ago it reported about basically new turns of the way the events unfold in Syria. According to it, the Syrian extremists received a load of heavy weapons for the first time since the war started. The senders are the groups from Kosovo and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina linked to Al Qaeda. The package includes Kornet and Fagot anti-tank systems delivered by the Soviet Union to former Yugoslavia in the past. The weapons ended up in the hands of extremists as a result of well-known bloody events. As to Israeli intelligence sources, the heavy weapons have been delivered from the Balkans to Syria by sea with the help of Albanian mafia, which is dry behind ears in such operations…

This is the first time the Syrian anti-government forces got a substantial load of heavy arms getting around the control of Western and Arab special agencies (the foreign intelligence agencies have simply overlooked the delivery). The major part of weapons is sent to Jabhat al-Nusra, an Al Qaeda linked Islamist group.

Having received arms, the Jabhat al-Nusra armed groups risked an intervention to Lebanon and engaged Hezbollah in the Shiite stronghold of Bekaa valley trying to do away with an ally of Bashar Assad. They have become strong enough to launch offensives in some areas inside Syria. The combat actions go along with intensive terrorist activities, for instance, another bloody act took place in the heart of Damascus near the Baath headquarters, not far from the Russian embassy. It resulted in the death of dozens civilians, including many children from a neighboring school. According to the United Nations, at least 70 thousand people have lost their lives in Syria as a result of the confrontation between the government forces and the rebels. Two mortar shells exploded at the Tishreen stadium in Damascus when the athletes were training. As to SANA, a player form the Watbah football team was killed; his two fellow players were wounded.

The Middle East events could not have passed the Muslim part of the Balkans. The arms supplies to Syria are not an exception. After the guns silenced there, the radical movements and Islamist organizations started to conduct their activities under cover, but today it is coming to light. The reason is the extremists had felt comfortable in Europe till they started to be refused entry and citizenship by many countries of the continent making them go to other places. In the past Al Qaeda supported the Kosovo and Bosnian brothers in faith with experienced personnel and arms. Now it wants the debts to be paid back. Al Qaeda emissaries have no intent to curb their activities in the Balkans. 

While war raged in Bosnia and Herzegovina, around two thousand militants from Arab countries went there to join the fray. Some of them had direct links to Osama bin Laden. After the war ended as a result of Dayton accords, many of them remained in the country and became the citizens. The Saudi Arabia funded King Fahd mosque in Sarajevo that is believed to be the headquarters of the Wahhabi militants. Off and on terrorist acts committed by Islamists take place in the Republic. For instance, 23-year-old Mevlid Jasarevic, came from Serbia, the southern region of Sandzak, to shoot his rifle at the US embassy building in Sarajevo. He heavily wounded a policeman. A bomb went off at the police precinct station in Bugojno, one constable died, six wounded. It was done by a local Wahhabi militant.

At the beginning of February 2013 local Albanian radicals declared the establishment of the “Islamic Movement to Unite” or LISBA, which is considered in the West as the first really fundamentalist party in the Balkans. The party is registered and is preparing for Kosovo parliamentary elections. LISBA has a public leader, Arsim Krasniqi, though Fuad Ramiqi is widely reported to be its controlling figure. He is known to be is associated through the fundamentalist European Muslim Network, led by the Islamist media celebrity Tariq Ramadan, with the Qatar-based hate preacher Yusuf Al-Qaradawi. He has ties with the more moderate Party for Democratic Action or SDA in Bosnia-Herzegovina and similar organizations in Macedonia. Ramiqi protested against a legal ban on girls wearing headscarves (hijab) in Kosovo public schools.

This is just the top of the iceberg. The radicalization of population in Kosovo is boosted by total unemployment and spreading criminality. The self-proclaimed Kosovo independence supported by the West gave little to common people, it’s no surprise they are vulnerable to Islamist propaganda. Some Kosovars are linked to arms smuggling, they act as instructors on its use in Syria enriching their own combat experience. Drug flows are already flooding Europe. In future it may be added by the re-export of war skills to defend the European Muslims rights.

The policy of the West in Syria is myopic. It goes on losing control over the events in this country. In fact it gives refuge to terrorists and faces the prospect of raging terror spilling over to Europe. Hotbeds of Islamic extremism that appeared with the connivance of the West in the former Yugoslavia are sparked again under the influence of Middle East events. Europe appears to be threatened by a big fire…

Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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  1. bosnian

    I laughed at this article. This idiot is same like his counterpart from the West. We can see resurgence of fascism from the West and from the East. In another words Judeo-Christian fascists in working. Liberals anyone?

    Hehehe, weapons from Bosnia! No less than Fagots and Kornet. ex Yugoslavia never had such systems, but Debka along with Washington Post knows better. Hehehe. Go ahead, continue with entertainment.

    BTW, this system is coming from Russian sources that grandson of Mashal Zhukov sold to Croatian, Slovenian nationalists but the ship was stopped in Adriatic Sea and armament confiscated. Moron.

  2. @Bosnian
    The tone of your comment is unapropriate for our journal. We doubt that somebody writing from Virginia but faking his email address ( can contribute to a serious talk.
    Wire-guided anti-tank missile systems Fagot (NATO clasification AT-4 Spigot)were delivered to Yugoslavian Army since 1970s. Usama bin Laden, then CIA agent, was seeking access to the Soviet-made anti-tank missile systems in Yugoslavia in 1986. A document proving it was published in Croatia in January 2010.
    When you spam somewhere next time, please work out the topic first.

  3. bosnian

    “The tone of your comment is unapropriate for our journal.”

    You know, it depends what or what’s is definition of that word, “unapropirate”. If you see an article which is just bunch of lies – propaganda, not ordinary one but filthy lies, as “appropriate” and my comment as a “unapropirate” because I used certain words to tell the truth, than I agree with you. But that is your belief system. not mine.

    JNA (Yugoslav People Army) never had those ATGMs. If you mean Yugoslavia by Serbia, after 1992, then we have a problem. Yugoslav’s industry of armaments was well developed, it manufactured AT-3 Sagger (9M14 Malyutka), the factory which assembled them under license was in my hometown…OK. Helicopters Galleze, APCs and mobile systems for infantry were armed with them. While Fagots and Kornets are more advanced JNA did not need them at the time. Self-sufficiency was paramount in policy of Yugoslav Gov. prior to ’92 till murder Milosevic appeared on the political scene.

    Spigot and Fagot appeared in Bosnia war later, Bosnian army somehow got Baktar-Shikan the Pakistani made, which is Chinese HJ-8 or Hongjian-8. Serbian, Croats and Slovenian side was supplied by Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria. Bosnian Army got what’s left and if they got the money. If you not noticed before Bosnia is land-locked country with hostile countries around it.

    Libyan mercenaries were supplied by this: this Russian and Ukraine weapons eventually has reached Syrian’s thugs. This is not fiction like Bin Laden story. This is real weapons.

    Russians are (or were) willing to sell to anybody. Common theme is on their www is NON-existent fundamentalism of Bosnian Muslims, and that persists, the story about Bin Laden and “your” document proving nothing. It is just fabrication, what is not is that Arab mercenaries were in Bosnia, they ‘somehow’ sneaked in, at time when every 20 km were check point. The bird couldn’t get in, let alone couple thousands of mercenaries.

    Ask me how do I know all this. I was there!

    It is unfortunate that pan-Slavism resurged in Russian politics again, and get along with Zionism and Western imperialism. Them all I call: fascists.

  4. bosnian

    One more thing. Bosnia did not needed those Arabs, what the Bosnian were in need is weapons to defend themselves. And supplies of were on “tea spoon” and strictly controlled – what kind of weapon.

    What Western Gov. wanted to do is to ‘radicalize’ Bosnian Muslims, we see that in Syria today. To ‘radicalize’ Bosnian Muslims to be blood thirsty (like Zionists and/or Wahabists) in other words, to all sides commit war crimes, to make them equal. To make life of different confessions an impossible in any future political configuration. That is racists policy of the West and no less of Russia too.

    The Bosnian scenario and choreography the West trying to implement in Syria.

  5. bosnian

    I just read that. I wonder are you reading Serbo-Croatian and do you comprehend content of it?

  6. this article is a joke, it’s just a bunch of copied-translated lies and disinformations. those two nuts who are suspected for attacks never came to the so-colled ‘wahhabi quarters’. one of them was ‘caught in crime’ and ‘confessed’ (later he denied this) and yet after 3 years he is not sentenced for the attack in bugojno. does this seem logical? it seems rather an attack put up in scene and this guy has to pay for it, or he works for the secret agency.

    on one of the lists of the so-called ‘potential terrorists’ there is a name of a man who now for 20 years is busy with bees and honey. hahaha pathetic people are some quasi-journalists and secret agents. if there’s nothing, they just make things up.

  7. siguran

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