UN Peacekeepers Kidnapped in Syria by Terrorists Supported by Despotic Gulf States

Syrian terrorists from the Martyrs of Yarmouk have kidnapped 21 UN observers near the Golan Heights which is further recognition of outside meddling and the nature of the forces which are opposed to the government of Syria. It is reported that the 21 UN observers are Philippine nationals but bigger issues are clearly at play. This applies to yet another fresh push by America and the United Kingdom in assisting Gulf nations and Turkey in their destabilization of Syria.

The 21 observers belong to the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force and they were merely doing their regular duties when they were kidnapped. Apparently, the demands of the Martyrs of Yarmouk faction which kidnapped the UN observers, is that Syrian armed forces must leave the al-Jamlah area.

Source: BBC
Source: BBC

Of course, this highlights the utter bankruptcy of recent posturing by the United Kingdom and United States because clearly the countless different terrorist factions are out of control. Great pressure will be put on the Martyrs of Yarmouk by various elements within the Free Syrian Army (FSA) based on all the wrong factors. After all, when terrorist elements recently killed unarmed Syrian soldiers then clearly Ankara, Doha, London, Paris, Riyadh and Washington remained silent. Therefore, the only concern for the nations supporting terrorism, sectarianism and sedition against Syria is negative publicity – it certainly isn’t about justice.

The Philippine Foreign Affairs Secretary, Albert F. del Rosario, stated that “The apprehension and illegal detention of the Filipino peacekeepers are gross violations of international law.”

Another statement by the government of the Philippines stated that “The Filipino peacekeepers are operating under the U.N. flag….These Filipinos are international personnel clothed with immunity and mantle of protection similar to diplomatic agents and personnel.”

However, in the eyes of the terrorist faction that took them, then clearly issues related to international law carries little weight. The same Islamist group is being investigated for killing Syrian soldiers by the usual deplorable standards. It is clear that the so-called opposition which is being supported by outside nations is a mixture of Al-Qaeda linked terrorist groups, mercenaries, Islamists who hate all minorities in Syria, international jihadists, common criminality – and clearly covert operatives are also involved. Another recent video shows Islamists just cutting the head of an individual while Islamists were praising Allah while committing this barbarity.

Despite this, the more atrocities committed by various FSA Islamist and Al-Qaeda factions, the more the propaganda is hyped up against the government of Syria. Indeed, leaders in America and the United Kingdom are in a “very unholy alliance” with feudal monarchy states which hate religious freedom and democracy to the full. Therefore, when Shia mosques are deliberately destroyed it is clear that this sectarianism is being supported by major Gulf nations. After all, some Islamist clerics in these nations are calling for jihad against “Alawite infidels,” “Shia infidels” and the “secular infidel state of Syria.”

Once more, the governments of the United Kingdom and United States are openly siding with the whims of Saudi Arabia in the full knowledge that this nation state is anti-Christian, anti-democratic, anti-secular, anti-female rights, anti-Shia and so forth. Similarly, the feudal monarchy state of Qatar is being given a free reign to support all and sundry against the government of Syria. Of course, when the Shia and others demonstrate against the Bahrain leadership then not only is this reality ignored, but Saudi Arabia is also given a free reign to clampdown against the uprising. The only reason that you don’t have a major military issue within the crisis in Bahrain is because no outside nations are meddling with regards to supporting the opposition. However, in Syria it is clear that international jihadists can easily enter Syria and obtain military hardware because of the policies of Gulf nations, Turkey and because of the green light emanating from London, Paris and Washington.

The New York Times states that “The detention of the peacekeepers came less than a week after Croatia announced it was withdrawing its soldiers from the Golan force, following reports that Croatia was selling weapons funneled to Syrian rebels by Saudi Arabia, a main supporter of the insurgency. The Croatian government denied the reports but said they had put the safety of its peacekeepers at risk. It is unclear which country or countries will replace the departing Croatians.”

The above reality and the timing of the kidnapping of UN observers which coincides with the Russian Federation holding the Security Council monthly presidency; does raise issues about the “real picture” happening. Similarly, it is known that the United States and others are assisting and training opposition forces in Jordan. Therefore, the close proximity of the current crisis and recent developments in the area could point to covert factors alongside more military hardware being given to various Islamist factions.

In November 2012 the Wall Street Journal stated that “Several shipments of arms—including assault rifles, Russian-designed antitank missiles and ammunition—have been delivered to the border in Jordanian military trucks and then taken into Syria by rebel brigades, according to Syrian rebel fighters. Dozens of other shipments have been smuggled to Syria with the covert support of Jordanian border officials, these people say. Saudi Arabia and Qatar pay for these arms and transport them to Jordan, say rebel fighters based along the Syria-Jordan border and a person involved in arms procurement for the rebels.”

Further down in the same article it is stated that “Jordanian intelligence officials routinely host meetings with these Free Syrian Army leaders, helping facilitate their movement back and forth from Syria and discussing military strategy, people familiar with the meetings say. Jordan also allows American intelligence officials to question and cultivate contacts with defected Syrian military officials, these people add.”

It is abundantly clear that nations like Turkey and Jordan are open conduits for supporting various factions within the FSA Islamist network. Likewise, covert operations by America, France and the United Kingdom are involved and this applies to major rat lines in Lebanon which is extremely divided about the crisis in Syria. What is abundantly clear is that the various FSA Islamists factions exist because of the role of outside nations and clearly the destabilization of Syria is based on this. After all, in Bahrain the crisis is being contained because this feudal monarchy is being assisted by fellow Gulf nations – and by powers in London and Washington – which support the continuing oppression of the Shia. If the same players turned against Bahrain then this country would also witness enormous bloodshed – however, China, Iran and the Russian Federation are not interested in using sectarianism, terrorism and sedition.

Currently, it is clear that Iraq is very concerned by the actions of Turkey and Qatar, and others, in supporting sectarianism, terrorism and sedition against the government of Syria. It is high time for China, Iran, the Russian Federation, and neutral powers like India, to take a more pro-active approach in solving the crisis in Syria. This applies to real pressure being put on nations which are sending military arms to various FSA Islamist factions. At the same time, the government of Syria needs greater economic, political and military support because the opposition cares zilch about supporting factions which commit horrendous atrocities on a daily basis.

If Gulf nations, Turkey and the usual players in America and the United Kingdom get their way once more; then clearly no nation state which is independent can rest easily. The same players have caused carnage in Afghanistan for more than 40 years and still this nation is a breeding ground for terrorists and narcotics. Likewise, Iraq is blighted by terrorism, sectarianism and a weak central state because nations like Turkey keep on doing energy deals outside of Baghdad. Similarly, Libya is currently a failed state which also unleashed the Mali crisis because of many factors. Every time it is the same result whereby nation states become failed states and then terrorists enter the vacuum alongside militant Islam. Indeed, Pakistan played the same game in Afghanistan and the upshot of this is internal terrorism and sectarianism.

Despite this reality, and the ongoing chaos which exists after the usual players enter a nation state, they appear to want to add more nations to the list. Of course, solving the Israel-Palestine crisis, the occupation of northern Cyprus by Turkey and stabilizing the nations they have destabilized doesn’t appear to enter the equation. Instead it is Syria’s turn today, just like it was the turn of Afghanistan more than forty years ago – who will be next?

Therefore, the current crisis involving UN observers clearly emanates by the forces being unleashed by Gulf nations, America, France, the United Kingdom and Turkey. It is pointless for the Russian Federation, Bric nations, Iran, Iraq, and others, to say outside nations must not meddle in Syria. It is time for “a level playing field” whereby nations which keep on supporting collective chaos face the “other international community” which is abiding by international law.

Source: Modern Tokyo Times

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