Boomerang Effect

Those who are acquainted with the life in the United States have no doubt that the Big American Show is on. The perpetrators of the Boston tragedy are known. According to official reports, they are the Tsarnaev brothers of Chechen origin. It’s a long time they live in the United States. One of them was killed in pursuit, the other was captured and held under custody in hospital.

When agitation is over, there will be new laws and sublegislative acts, the House of Representatives and Senate sessions, new sums will be allotted from the budget to fight terror. Then some experts will doubt the official version. For instance:

1. If the Tsarnaev brothers have grown in the United States, in the city, which never knew any extremists organizations, how come they got the idea to commit a terrorist act? Their uncle says they were losers, but it doesn’t explain anything. The question is who influenced their decision to prepare and commit the crime?

2. If the brothers wanted to avoid the responsibility, why did they have shahid belts on? The mindset of a suicide bomber is different from the mindset of a serial killer.

3. If the belts were donned just in case they were caught, then why they never went off while the brothers were on the run?

Tamerlan and Dzhohar Tsarnaev, the Boston "bombers".
Tamerlan and Dzhohar Tsarnaev, the Boston “bombers”.

This time the nationality (fortunately) will not have any international consequences. They were too small leaving Chechnya. It’s more important to understand what made the young Americans commit the crime. The most simple and correct answer is – they became the victims of some circles in the United States interested in inciting tensions inside the country. Somebody hired the losers and they bought it for failing to understand that the situation will get out of their control soon to make them actors in the show staged for some political purposes. According to the scenario, the both showmen were to be finally killed to make the traces hidden. The armored vehicles on the streets look like an invention of those, who are staging the performance. No surprise, if the Air Force is scrambled. It’s easy to understand why the perpetrators are Chechen nationals. They belong to Islam, they come from the territory, which some time ago declared a terrorist war on Russia, and they are not alien to the ideas of terrorism.

According to available information, the brothers never went through any training courses in the terrorist cells, never got acquainted with the psychology of professional killers, they panicked and ran as soon as felt in danger. They were common immigrant losers. They were lured by money, but there is something important worth to be mentioned here.

The veterans of two Chechen wars, who left Russia after 2001, exert efforts to make the Chechen young people in the West acquire an image of reckless terrorists. Today there are many of them spread across the globe. They never shy away from any hotbed to earn money with the help of a bullet and a dagger.

They are connected to terrorist activities and that’s the way they bring up the younger generation of Chechens abroad.

Ahmed Zakayev, "freedom fighter".
Ahmed Zakayev, “freedom fighter”.

Let’s remember Ahmed Zakaev, who lives in Great Britain. In 2001 the Russia’s General Prosecutor’s Office accused him, by then in exile, of having been involved in a series of crimes including involvement in acts of terrorism, including killings of civilians and officers of law enforcement agencies. He was declared internationally wanted. In 2003 a London court refused the Russia’s request for extradition. The decision was explained by alleged political persecution. The Foreign Office granted him political asylum.

Now the bloody scoundrel, his hands washed in blood of thousands, is a guru for Russians emigrants in London. He has connections among higher ups, was a friend of defunct Berezovsky, he is a favorite of British aging actress Vanessa Redgrave, he wears fashioned jackets and lavishes in luxury.

Movladi Udugov,pro- Ichkeria propaganda activist.
Movladi Udugov,pro- Ichkeria propaganda activist.

Zakaev is a hero among young Chechen emigrants, as well as Movladi Udugov, a gifted propaganda expert, who has done a lot to poison the minds of Chechen people. He is hiding somewhere in Turkey or Oman. The both are doing well. These are the ones who educate the new generation of people taught to hate Russia. It’s one of the reasons not to give them away, so that they would face justice. It’s not easy to conduct activities on Russian soil, so they are looking for some other ways. There should not be any doubt the crime in question has an ideological basis, formed according to a set of the views exposed by such people as Zakaev, for instance. If it were not the case, the brothers would not shed much blood, but would be making their living involved in drug trafficking and robberies, like Kosovo Albanians do.

Now the terrorist boomerang is back to America…

It’s not even important who is behind the «Boston affair», the special services or «secret societies». There is an important precedent set for future provocations under the guise of «Islamic terrorism». 

Russian law enforcement agencies have been trying for many years to have Zakaev and Udugov back to Russia. But criminals are not extradited. They are protected from the punishment they deserve. The reason is to give them a chance to train a new cohort of murderers to be used like wood in the fire of politics conducted by those who overtly and covertly rule in the West.

Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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