British Joy and Syrian Blood

In April 2011 when all mainstream media were jabbering about British royal wedding, NATO aircrafts were bombarding Tripoli, Sirte and other Libya cities killing innocent civilians. Then Libyan children even congratulated the couple showing a picture during a press-conference in Tripoli: the blood was pouring down from Prince William’s hands right to the bride’s white wedding gown.

Wedding gift from Libya, April 2011

This week London has celebrated another joyful occasion: the new royal heir has been born. While the shops were stormed by the crowds willing to bet on his sex and name, the people were still being killed in the Middle East by Western (and British) stooges. Now that was in Syria.

Last Saturday terrorists fired mortar shells on sacred Shiite Sayyida Zainab shrine near Damascus killing Anas Roumani, the shrine’s administrative director. The fact that the month of Ramadan is still lasting did not restrain them. Neither were they stopped when dared to assassinate Imam Sheikh Osama Tawfiq al-A’sar in al-Qreir village by Banias city.

A group of terrorists fired the mortar shell on the Maysaloun school for boys in the suburb of al-Dablan in the city of Homs and killed at least three civilians.

This week Al-Qaeda-linked extremists have taken about 500 Kurdish civilians, including women and children, using them as live shields in the towns of Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ain, along the Syrian-Turkish border. They started to kill innocent people by cutting off their heads. So Kurds had to free Abu Musab, a rebel emir captured by Kurds in earlier clashes, in exchange for an agreement to release hostages. Despite his release, the terrorists violated the agreement and continue to hold hostage around 200 Kurds.

alqaedakurdsThe Russian Foreign Ministry stated with this regard:

The events in the north-east of SAR confirm again the topicality of the appeal to all Syrian parties – to the government and to the opposition – fixed in the Final communiqué of leaders of the Group of Eight in Lough Erne – to combine their efforts to defeat and drive away terrorist groups from the country.

But British Foreign & Commonwealth Office as well as other ‘dialogue partners’ from the West do not react at all on terrorist’s atrocities and their war crimes. Although we should remember the righteous indignation they demonstrated on the destiny of ‘poor Kurds’ under ‘bloody Saddam Hussein regime’. They demonstrated it right to the moment it was needed to justify military invasion to Iraq. Unlike Saddam, the democratic ‘Syrian rebels’ are allowed to repress Kurds…

Well, we have to cease the grievous talking. We have to greet the new-born heir in Britain – babies are so lovely and sweet. But we can’t help forgetting Syrian kids under the knives of assassins – they are as lovely and sweet too…

Recent David Cameron’s U-turn on the issue of British weapons supplies to Syrian rebels forced by a backbench victory in the Parliament gives us hope that the justice would eventually prevail for all newly-born children.

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