Gaddafi’s grieving widow’s pleas regarding remains and son finally heard

The widow of assassinated Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Safia Farkash Gaddafi, has made a plea to the world community, finding a place for her voice to be heard on the Voice of Russia. Obviously this is something that may cause certain countries a bit of discomfort, especially as they have become accustomed to doing whatever they please with impunity.

Certain countries have grown entirely too comfortable and over-confident in their own power and their ability to demonize and marginalize anyone they wish and along with their having become accustomed to even assassinating with impunity, it must be quite a bad day indeed when one of their victims finally speaks out.

Seeing the grief and humanity in the face of the widow of Muammar Gaddafi, makes the infamous reaction to the brutal assassination of the late leader by former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seem that much more monstrous, namely her infamous and ever so gleeful: “We came, we saw, he died!” comment on US media!

Of course the western media is not going to allow someone such as Safia Farkash Gaddafi to speak out, nor are many in the rest of the world, but with it becoming clearer to the world that the Russian Federation and its leader Vladimir Putin are willing to take a hard stance for the rule of law, her reasonable calls for nothing more than a normal investigation and an accounting for the assassination of a head of state are being made on Russian media.

A pivotal moment in history occurred not long ago, which in my opinion has made the world, once again, a multi-polar place where one state is no longer going to dominate, dictate and get away with everything possible under the sun.

That moment occurred recently when Saudi Arabia, with the full backing of the United States, first attempted to bribe Russian President Vladimir Putin, then threatened the world leader and Russia with terrorists acts during the upcoming Olympics in Sochi.

In that single moment, when Russian President Vladimir Putin, said “NYET” [No] to Saudi Prince Bandar, the world became multi-polar again and it was made clear that the illegality of the “War on Terror Paradigm” is in its last days.

That event and the ensuing prevention of military aggression by the US against Syria, aggression which admittedly had one repeated goal “to forcibly remove President Bashar Al-Assad”, in other words to assassinate him, like Muammar Gaddafi and former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein were, (as well as Yasser Arafat who not long ago was discovered to have been poisoned by Polonium), has shown the world that there is a leader and a country willing to stand up for the rule of law and more importantly to US aggression.

The Voice of Russia received a letter from Muammar Gaddafi’s widow Safia Farkash, which the VOR calls “a proclamation addressed to the entire world” and has been receiving other material from Libyan sources attempting to get the truth to the world. Something that of course has caused blowback for the VOR and staff (which may not be entirely relevant to this matter but it is something I think the staff of the VOR deserve to be applauded for).

In her letter to the VOR Mrs. Gaddafi writes: “In the memory of NATO’s aggression against my country, which turned Libya into chaos, and in the memory of my husband, whom I consider to be a martyr, my dear son and the people who were with them on October 20, 2011, when NATO air forces shelled the cortege of Libya’s leader, and then, their wounded bodies were butchered by a crowd of people whom I can call no other way than criminals.

Some might say she is being restrained in her wording, I could think of much stronger words to describe the butchers, but that is to her credit.

Mrs. Gaddafi: “What this crowd did to my husband and my son cannot be justified from the point of view of any religion. But I also consider it to be a no lesser crime that the remains of these martyrs are still being hid from their relatives, which is something unprecedented in the entire history.”

Her statement regarding the remains of her beloved husband and son are true and they must not be hidden, they deserve a proper burial, as any human does, (here we can recall how mass murders and maniacs in the United States are regularly offered normal burials as are nazi war criminals), yet it should be underlined that this is not an exception.

Mrs. Gaddafi: “I demand that all the members of the UN Security Council, the European Union and everyone who has direct or indirect connection with this murder must tell where the remains of these martyrs are and allow their relatives to bury them in a proper way. I also demand that the African Union, of which Muammar Gaddafi was a founder, should investigate into the murder of him and all the people who were with him on that day.”

“I demand that the world community should help me to come in touch with my son Saif al-Islam, who has been isolated from all members of our family from the moment of his arrest. Saif’s only “crime” is that he has warned that this revolution can only lead Libya to a chaos – which is something that we are witnessing now.”

Her statement addressed to specific world bodies points to knowledge as to who was behind the invasion of her country and the assassination of her family and her pleas to know where her son are normal requests that any grieving mother would make, regardless of race or nation.

Hopefully the UN and the European Union will show that they understand humanity, despite the efforts of one state to demonize and marginalize anyone who they do not particularly care for.

Mrs. Gaddafi: “Saif al-Islam has always been concerned about the situation with human rights in Libya. He has taken many former radical Islamists from American and European prisons and persuaded them to become law-abiding citizens. Many of them have promised him that they would never come back to terrorist activities. But now, some of the people whom Saif has saved from prison are demanding that he should be executed.”

This statement forces one to recall the way that Gaddafi and his sons were demonized, then befriended, then demonized again by the West at their convenience, and it is a sad statement indeed.

We recall how Saif met with Hillary Clinton and Gaddafi met with Tony Blair and they were openly considered friends not long ago but when the oil trade was to be changed to another currency they became enemies again and their country was decimated.

Mrs. Gaddafi: “Two years after the barbarous murder of my husband, my son and their associates, I am demanding that my voice – the voice of an exiled widow of a country’s leader and a mother – must be heard.”

She has every right to be heard and with President Putin and the Russian Federation more energetically and unyieldingly defending sovereignty and the rule of law for the world community, we may be hearing more from the weak, demonized and oppressed.

With recent revelations that Yasser Arafat was poisoned by Polonium and the strange cancer epidemic which struck South American leaders and took Hugo Chavez from humanity, the voices may become a roar calling for a certain state to be held to account.

Source: Voice of Russia

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