Kiev’s regime to face International Tribunal for former Ukraine

Kiev has unleashed a war against its own people. Troops are sent to the South-East. On April 15, the airport in Kramatorsk (the Donetsk region) under the control of civil self-defense formations was attacked by Ukrainian military and foreign mercenaries. There are dead and wounded among the civilians who lived in the vicinity. An offensive against Slavyansk is expected. Turchinov said he «won’t calm down till the town is erased». Internet social networks were used to declare total mobilization in the Donetsk region.

It’s not just another police action to counter public unrest; it’s a military operation to spark a civil war. Avakov said the decision is taken to form 12 thousand strong special operations units within the structure of Ministry of Internal Affairs. It’s not about recruiting new police operatives; the aim is to create units for punitive actions «based on civil formations». Dnepropetrovsk is an example of how these Schutzmannschaft-style «death squadrons» are formed. The city hall’s website announces that they want to recruit physically fit people in legal possession of arms.

convictsThe Ukraine’s’ constitution strictly forbids to use military inside the country. No matter that, regular armed forces are used to counter the protesters. The past few days the Donbass self-defense formations stood in the way of armor units, multiple-launch rocket systems Grad and other heavy armament. The Grad is not designed to strike infantry; its core mission is destruction of cities. In 2008 Georgian troops used the to destroy the Ossetian capital Tskhinval. Is Slavyansk to follow the Tshinval’s fate?

Shooting at people has become an ordinary thing. In the vicinity of Slavyansk Ukrainian military opened fire at a fisherman dressed in combat fatigue taking him for a self-defense fighter. He was hospitalized wounded in chest. A Renault car was shot at in Slavyansk. The car stopped, its driver and a passenger rushed to run away. They were opened fire at. At least three men were wounded, one of them hit by a stray bullet.

Having accused all protesters of being terrorists and Russian special services operatives, the Kiev authorities have assumed the right to kill. They don’t make a secret of their intention to physically eliminate the dissidents. Yulia Timoshenko was freed from jail some time ago. Among the first things she did upon coming out was announcing the intent to kill 8 million Ukrainian Russian speakers using nuclear weapons for the purpose. Ukrainian MP Irina Farion is willing to share her plans with media, «We should take much tougher measures… The enemy is on our soil…»

MP Oleh Lyashko says ditto. Getting warm reception from Maidan supporters, he said out loud, «Let’s show the terrorists their place by sending them to the cemetery. No talks whatsoever!» The negotiations are seen by the Kiev regime only as the way to calm the protest down, so that it could have some breathing space and gather strength for further crack down on opposition. After the reunification of Crimea with Russia, the deputy governor of Dnepropetrovsk makes posts on his Facebook page telling the Crimeans what to do, «Give the bastards any promises, make any concessions they want…and hang them afterwards». The lawmakers want to make killing their own citizens a legal act. According to Sergey Sobolev, an MP from the same party as Yulia Timoshenko, «the ruling of February 20, 2014, which restrains the use of force against those who seize administrative buildings, should be reconsidered. There should be no restrictions on police actions aimed at freeing the buildings». 

The ruling group in Kiev goes to any length to reach its goals being guided by the desire to unleash a civil war and provoke a Western intervention into Ukraine. The Internal Ministry armed units and the military located in the Donetsk region got an order to imitate attacks against themselves.

The regime, that grabbed power in the heat of coup to quell the people’s aspirations for self-determination, is doomed to collapse. Those who are responsible for dozens of people killed on Maidan by snipers, as well as for killing the Donetsk fisherman and unleashing punitive actions against peaceful civilians, will have to face responsibility. The precedent to remember is the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia (ICTY). Having unleashed a war against its people, the Kiev regime has stepped on the way to finally face the International Criminal Tribunal for former Ukraine…

Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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