Macedonian Media: ‘We are subject to assymetrical warfare’

We are publishing exclusive English source text of the analytical paper by Andrew Korybko, prepared for the Macedonian agency Infomax and released last week. He speaks about continued maneuvers of the Macedonian opposition backed by the US Embassy in Skopje to spur new protests throughout Macedonia. According to Mr.Korybko, the focus auditoria for the Soros-linked NGOs there are high school students and migrants.

The Present Predicament

The people of Macedonia are being manipulated towards a new political crisis, and Zoran Zaev and his foreign backers are directly to blame. SDSM has been obstructing the implementation of the Przino Agreement by forcing new and previously unagreed-to demands on the government, knowing full well that they’d be rejected outright as violations of the original understanding. He’s not acting on his own, however, as Peter Van Houte, the official “mediator” between all four political parties in this dispute, is likely advising him on what to do. One should recall that Van Houte is a conflict profiteer that’s being paid double for his “services”. On top of the 900 euros a day salary that he receives, he also gets extra money from Zaev on the side, which completely compromises his alleged “neutrality” and should be sufficient enough grounds to replace him in the negotiations.

Baily’s The One Behind The Scenes

That probably will never happen, however, since Van Houte is operating under the guidance of US Ambassador Jess Baily, the individual that’s been pulling the strings all along. It’s worthwhile at this moment to recall his previous State Department experience in simultaneously managing the US’ bilateral relations with Turkey, Greece, and Cyprus as part of his responsibilities when he was the Director of the Office of Southern European Affairs, as described in his official online biography. This proves that he’s demonstrated a keen ability to expertly play off two sides, in this case Greece & Cyprus against Turkey, all to the US’ overall advantage. It’s probable that he seeks to emulate this experience on a smaller level in playing off VMRO against SDSM, ergo the reason for having Van Houte order Zaev to do whatever he can to disrupt the Przino Agreement. After this happens, Baily will likely apply his other professional expertise, and that’s managing Color Revolution attempts, such as the prolonged one against Erdogan while he was Deputy Chief of Mission and Chargé d’Affaires at the U.S. Embassy in Ankara. One should also remember that Baily has been the US Ambassador to Macedonia since January, right around the time when the destabilization of the Republic first kicked into full gear.

Early Elections Will Likely Go Forward, With Or Without Zaev

The reason the present crisis is so critical is because Van Houte has threatened that there will be no elections if the Przino Agreement isn’t implemented. This ploy is meant to tarnish Prime Minister Gruevski’s reputation as a “dictator” that ‘purposefully’ prevented an election from being held, despite this all being the fault of SDSM, not VMRO. They know that if an election is held today, the opposition will lose by a large margin. The recent Brima Gallup poll proves that VMRO has over double the electoral support than SDSM does at the moment, and a separate survey by Republika confirms that the governing party scores better than SDSM in all categories by a huge margin. Anyhow, the threats to cancel the elections aren’t even one for Van Houte to make, as Prime Minister Gruevski reminded the world during his Day of the Revolution speech on 23 October. He proudly proclaimed that no foreigner will decide the future of Macedonia, and that only the country’s citizens have the right to do that. This can be read as a strong signal that the government would go forward with the early election whether or not SDSM boycotts it under Van Houte and Baily’s orders.

Scheming With Soros

The US isn’t expected to give up its plan to control Macedonia just because Zaev boycotts the election like they order him to. They’re really getting ready to prepare a new asymmetrical aggression under the cover of a political retreat. Working together with the myriad “NGO” groups run by George Soros, the organizational and operational mastermind behind Color Revolutions and the expert craftsman in creating puppet states, Zaev is expected to push for a new round of destabilization in the streets of Skopje and elsewhere across the country. Both of these instigators have already had enough time to learn from the mistakes of their failed attempt back in May, so this forthcoming one will likely be a lot more sophisticated and dangerous.

The Color Revolution

This new iteration will include the tactical improvisations of child shields and “refugee protesters”, thus making it very difficult for the authorities to adequately respond to the newest destabilization. Some of the impressionable and misled high schoolers have already been proven to have been paid nearly $20 for protesting against the latest educational standards, so it’s not unreasonable that this fake “protest” movement will merge with the SDSM’s Color Revolution core when the signal is given. Also, everything is taking place against the unprecedented backdrop of thousands of undocumented individuals illegal passing through Macedonia each day, and given Soros’ sympathies for them, it can be expected that a sizeable amount of these people at any time can also be paid to join in the anti-government manifestations.

There’s already a nasty information campaign underway to blame the Macedonian government and Prime Minister Gruevski personally for every travail that these foreigners go through, all with the intent of whipping up international anti-government sentiment that could be channeled into official calls for regime change in the future. In a situation where professional provocateurs in SDSM violently attack police officers and the state is eventually forced to respond to restore order, it’s foreseeable that both the children and “refugees” will be used as human shields in order to provoke global condemnation against Macedonia. The country’s true friends that have already experienced such vile manipulative campaigns being staged against them will know the truth of what’s happening and stand by Macedonia’s democratically elected and legitimate government. This would first and foremost be Russia, the Ambassador of which was the only foreign dignitary to pay homage to Macedonian freedom fighters during the Day of the Revolution, an act that Zaev himself refused to do.

“Greater Albania”

Concurrent with the Color Revolution attempt, it’s predicted that an Albanian-affiliated terrorist war will also break out. Zaev is already trying to harness the beast of ethnic discord by playing up racial politics through his unrealistic promises to the Albanian community and suggestions of a future federal state. Ali Ahmeti, Zaev’s Albanian coalition underling, has gone on record to say that if Przino fails, then his DUI party will leave parliament and could perhaps create an undeclared separatist government in Northwestern Macedonia, complete with its own parliament and prime minister. The terrorist wing of the party has already separated from it and formed its own group, a revival of sorts of the KLA, and it’s likely that these fighters will become the “military” of the next iteration of “Greater Albania” if Ahmeti does in fact opt for de-facto secessionism. In that case, just as Syria has had to defend itself against state-sponsored terrorists from Turkey, so too will Macedonia have to do the same against Albania, and the risks of a wider regional war would dramatically increase.

Good Tree, Rotten Apples

Everyone should be reminded at this point that the Albanian population has already proven their commitment to a multicultural, polyconfessional, and unitary Macedonia by dutifully refusing to join the Color Revolution movement last May, even though there were strong attempts to provoke them to do so. The vast majority of the community thus deserves to be applauded to the highest degree, since if they would have succumbed to the temptation of militantly fighting for “Greater Albania” at that time, then the country could have descended into all-out chaos. Thankfully they didn’t, and this deserves to be celebrated, but there was a terrible case of a few extremist individuals that tried to spoil everything.

These were the SDSM-linked KLA terrorists that wanted to carry out attacks all across the country during the time of the Color Revolution. Thankfully the Macedonian intelligence services caught wind of this before it happened, and the brave security forces stopped the plot before it could be launched, although a few heroes were unfortunately killed in the process. Therefore, everyone should be reminded that the Albanian community is committed to a peaceful, stable, and democratic Macedonia, but that it’s a few rotten apples that have attempted to lead them astray. In the future, the most rotten apple of all might prove to be Ahmeti.

The Big Surprise – A Political Swap?

Zaev and the SDSM have been investing too much political capital in unrealistically appealing to the Albanian community for it to be a coincidence, and it’s already clear that they’re doing this with the malicious intent of dividing the country along ethnic, geographic, and religious lines. But, there could also be more to it, and a major political surprise might be in the cards. Lately some voices have spoken about the possibility of Macedonia having an Albanian President, which many dismissed as a crude attempt to ruffle ethnic feathers and precipitate more tension. However, with Zaev becoming increasingly unpopular in Macedonia, yet simultaneously transitioning his platform towards becoming Albanian-centric, the next step could predictably be that he steps down from leading the party and is replaced by Ahmeti. This political swap would accomplish exactly what the US wants – a semi-inclusive Albanian nationalist party that could serve as a platform for “legitimizing” the Albanian proto-federal entity that Ahmeti has threatened he would create.

America’s Federalist Future For Macedonia

Through the incorporation of ethnic Macedonian SDSM supporters, Washington’s latest geopolitical toy would gain more “legitimacy” in the eyes of the West than the illegal “Greater Albanian” separatist Province of Kosovo did, and it’s important to remember that once more it would be the West (specifically NATO) that would be implementing Ohrid Agreement 2.0. This “updated” document would mandate that the Republic of Macedonia change its name, perhaps to something as “politically correct” as “The Federal Republic Of Vardar Albania”, which would be an absolute insult to every Macedonian and their ancestors. Doing this would fulfill what Zaev had spoken about when he said that the original agreement needs to be “strengthened” (despite it already being implemented in full) and when he insinuated that Macedonia needs to change its constitutional name. With all of the Albanian nationalist rhetoric that he and the SDSM have been spewing lately, it would only be “natural” for them to take this step, including replacing the party’s leadership with Ahmeti.

Pawns On A Chessboard

Many Macedonians might be scratching their heads and wondering why the US would want such a dark future for their country, but the answer is quite clear and it lies in geopolitics. To the US, Macedonia is simply a pawn on a chessboard, and in the heated context of the New Cold War, it will do anything to reverse, if not destroy, all of Russia’s partnerships. Prime Minister Gruevski, being the pragmatic politician that he is, chose not to follow the West’s orders and sanction Russia, opting instead to intensify relations with Moscow by cooperating on the Balkan Stream pipeline (the more geographically acceptable term that the author uses for “Turkish Stream”). Furthermore, by overthrowing the government and replacing it with a proxy leadership (Zaev, Ahmeti, or even Crvenkovski again), they know that their puppet would heed their orders and renege on the energy agreement and sanction Russia. By immediately changing the country’s name, the puppet would rush the country right into NATO, which would serve another American strategic objective of having the military bloc completely encircle Serbia.

The Grand Strategy

Through the externally enforced implementation of a weakened and extraordinarily divided federal state, the US hopes to perpetually keep Macedonia under a state of control by pitting ethnic Macedonians against Albanians. One of the larger goals inherent in this atmosphere of tension is to spark a civil war that would manipulate both groups against one another, and then purposely and misleadingly market such a conflict as being between Christians and Muslims, knowing full well that this type of false characterization would turn it into the world’s newest jihad destination.

Expanding the conflict to a regional level would be simple, since there already exists much tension between Republika Srpska and Bosnia over the latter’s efforts to unilaterally revise the Dayton Agreement through the illegal creation of the nationwide “Court and Prosecutor’s Office”, and it’s common knowledge that Albanian nationalists have lately been provoking Serbia (the “Greater Albania” flag flown above the Belgrade football match a year ago immediately comes to mind). One should remember that the unstoppable stream of “refugees” could quickly become militarized in the event that the KLA or a likeminded organization arms disaffected individuals with weapons, and these forces would then obviously fight against Republika Srpska, Serbia, and Macedonia from within, thus tilting the balance of forces on the side of the Albanian-Bosniaks.

The purpose of such a massive bloodbath is to turn the Balkans into the “new” Mideast of state fragmentation and conflict, seeing as how their last project for regional reconfiguration has been abruptly halted by Russia’s anti-terrorist intervention in Syria. By keeping the Balkans in a state of continued internecine conflict, both sides, Albanians/Bosniaks and Serbs/Macedonians (“Muslims and Christians”, as the US would wrongly simplify it as) could be kept under control, and with a massive war literally inside of Europe itself, the entire EU would be irreparably crippled and tied deeper to the US as a result. The non-Balkan countries would need to increase their military budgets in responding to the crisis, and their economies and societies would be completely overwhelmed by the conflict. To help cope with it, they’d be forced to request a much larger American presence on the continent, which would then guarantee that Europe remains firmly under American occupation for the indefinite future and would never again be in an independent enough position to possibly pivot towards Russia.

But There’s Hope

The future doesn’t have to be this way, however, and it’s very possible that Macedonia can continue to move along the path of the stable and prosperous country that it’s been ever since Prime Minister Gruevski was first elected. The key to preserving the unitary and peaceful future that’s in the interests of every Macedonian is to recognize the foreign plot that’s being hatched against the country, and to understand exactly how the US and its local pawns plan to divide its people and overthrow the government. If this plan fails, then they’re already preparing the ground for an all-out civil war that will end in the destruction of the country and the complete and violent redrawing of all Balkan borders.

Nobody wins in this nightmare scenario except for the US, since “Greater Albania” will be inherently ungovernable and unbalanced so as to make it easily manipulatable, and the terrorist nest that it will give birth to will keep it under perpetual threat of ‘justifiable’ American military intervention if it doesn’t fully obey Washington’s orders. By coming together as patriotic citizens, which the overwhelming majority of Macedonians and Albanians are, and rejecting the foreign-managed internal influences that are trying desperately to tear society apart with another Color Revolution, Macedonia can ensure itself the free, prosperous, and stable future that everyone’s ancestors fought so valiantly for them to have.

Macedonia Korybko

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  1. There have been a number of notable developments since this excellent article was written which I will attempt to convey. First of all, the shameless and traitorous SDSM, which as part of the so-called Przhino Agreement, have taken over a pair of Ministries installing a pair of party apparatchiks most importantly the Ministry of Interior with the thoroughly vapid Oliver Spasovski, which in effect means that Macedonia’s ability to defend itself from whatever monstrosity is served up next will be seriously hampered.

    Prior to the Ministry of Interior’s falling into the hands of the US, the parallel Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva and her “team” – in direct conflict with the Macedonian constitution and existing Prosecutor’s office, which was never allowed to prosecute Zaev – has been chosen and set up with the aim of comprising, not the traitor Zaev, but the legitimate Prime Minister Gruevski in lieu of the upcoming elections.

    In the meantime, Former Interior Minister, Ljubomir Frchkovski and SDSM strategist and Soros mouthpiece Branko Geroski have been preparing the terrain for the up-coming formal announcement of the Albanian nationalist and US prepared plan for federalization of the country, with articles and announcemets in support of division of the country along ethnic/religious lines. According to this abomination, previously briefly realised during Hitler’s brief tenure in the early days of WW2, the Albanians will take control of Western Macedonia, including the Macedonian Jerusalem, Ohrid and as far east as Bitola, the famed City of the Consuls in Ottoman times and the city of my birth, along with the rest of historically significant, resource rich and beautiful Western Macedonia!

    Indeed, amnestied war criminal and Greater Albania protagonist, Ali Ahmeti, announced this past week that the forthcoming “wide coalition” or technical government, should take responsibilty for the country’s future destiny, in complete violation of the mandate of the up-coming technical government which will be effective from 1st January to April 24, the proposed date of the election. The next day, Ahmeti’s party – the political heir of the terrorist Albanian National Army, the DUI announced its intention of hosting a conference on federalisation of Macedonia, at the behest of US diplomat and prime advocate of the “Ohrid Framework Agreement” – Peter Feith, the political yet illegal “aggreement”- in effect a roadmap to federalization of the state, foisted on Macedonia after the US/NATO sponsored inter-ethnic conflict in 2001.

    While Macedonian enemies in the surrounding states and everywhere rub their hands in glee at our predicament, we suddenly find ourselves before a catastrophic situation. The US has everything in place, and is ready to pounce.
    I applaud Russia’s moral support during the last year but am afraid that our greatest fears may well be realised in the near future. No true Macedonian wants federalisation of the country, nor relinquishing of our historic identity through the surrendering of the name to neighbouring fascist Greece, yet, 25 years of efforts from outer enemies and inner fifth columnists are coming to a head! Macedonia needs real support, yet at similar crucial times throughout history has been left to her own fate! I am hoping Russia is paying close attention as per statements from officials like F.M. Lavrov and is in a position to prevent what appears to be inevitable. The unknown, of course is, how the Macedonian people will react. We must, as a people and in one uniform voice, show our indignation in no uncertain terms as the country may well be lost if the plans of the US are allowed to be fulfilled!

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