Turkey and the Hornet’s Nest

The West carefully avoids any diplomatic solution to the Middle Eastern conflict. The new undeclared US policy of “Chaos and Rule” is essentially an updated version of the British imperial “Divide and Rule” concept. We recently witnessed how the US fuelled the conflict in Ukraine to create an area of mistrust between Europe and Russia. We saw how the US and their hard core European political partners in Brussels facilitated huge influx of refugees to destabilize Europe. The consequent Paris attacks shocked Europe and put France and Belgium de facto at the front line against Europe-based jihadist guerrilla. And today we have seen that, Turkey, a NATO member country destroyed a Russian fighter jet in Syria in order to refuel regional conflict.

Turkey is one the US-controlled neocolonial countries with a special mission in the paradigm of the “Arab Spring“. Turkish double game represents the US double game policy in the regional scale. They are supporting religious extremists like ISIL, Nusra, Jaish al Fatah to fight Kurds and to promote an imperialistic neo-Ottoman project in the Middle East. In recent disgraced elections which were supported by the West, Erdogan was entitled firm his presence in regional politics to serve the Western interests. Some political analysts pointed earlier that the US and some European countries are second hand buyers of those ISIL oils from Turkey. And ISIL as an illegal oil supplier was economically profitable for that US bloc, before the Russian AF started bombing of the ISIL oil fields, refinery and transportation objects. So, the US bloc was seeking an action against Russia to motivate their proxy forces. When a Russian passenger plane was bombed down in Sinai there were serious grounds to believe that the security holes in Sharm-ash-Sheikh airport were arranged by the professional operatives of a powerful subversive agency. And this time a NATO country takes the lead in a direct combat confrontation with Russia to show-off NATO power and to re-inspire fleeing jihadists in Syria.

Meanwhile the lobbists in Washington (Neocons, US Military industrial complex, Israel and Saudi lobbies) are working hard to save Turkey from any possible Russian retaliation. It is now clear that yesterday’s Turkish crime was a well-coordinated NATO provocation.

Most likely Erdogan will miss these moments soon (Turkish president at the opening of Grand Moscow Mosque, Sept 2015)
Most likely Erdogan will miss these moments soon (Turkish president at the opening of Grand Moscow Mosque, Sept 2015)

In previous years Russia came closer to Turkey. Many analysts argued that the  Turkish Stream project would enrich bilateral relationship between the two countries. The world saw a number of friendly diplomatic and cultural Russian-Turkish exchanges and kind personal contacts between Putin and Erdogan. But as the Russian leader said, Turkey backstabbed Russia by shooting down a Russian jet. From Putin’s statement it was clear that Russia is deeply offended and disappointed. The thin political edge to be passed by the Russians in its anti-terrorist campaign lies between hurting the core Turkish interests and not allowing a wide-scale confrontation with NATO.

By downing a Russian jet in Syrian airspace, the US bloc exhibits a clear provocation of war. This provocation of war has some deeper diplomatic consequences. Primarily, this act of provocation discards all previous multi-party deals (such as, Vienna and the UN negotiations) and sub-deals concerning Syria. Now, diplomacy is failed. But, this bloody event clears up confusions about who are real friends and foes of Russia. Although, this dangerous provocation by Turkey will also damage the European Union’s regional security policy and their NATO military alliance and activities around the globe. The growing racial and religious hatred which had erupted from the Paris attacks will gain momentum. The growing diplomatic distances between the West and Russia will be more polarized. And the Russia-proposed Turkish Stream will be cancelled as it happened to the South Stream. Meanwhile the White House and Wall Street would abtains more instruments to influence Anakara and push the entire situation in the Middle East forward according to the US geostrategic interests.

The US doesn’t need any direct confrontation with Russia. Their regional neocolonial sttoges are there to execute the US plans. The West wants Russia’s long engagement in war so that the country will be economically weakened as it would be more vulnerable to the domestic political unrest.

Back in October this year at the Valdai Discussion Club meeting Russian President said : “Fifty years ago, I learnt one rule in the streets of Leningrad: if the fight is inevitable, be the first to strike.” Today he knows that the fight is inevitable, it is time to strike first. But does he really know who the real enemy is? Where is the Hornet’s nest?

Ahmed Rajeev is the Executive Editor of Bangla Hunters News web-site, exclusively for ORIENTAL REVIEW.

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