The Decay of the Founding Principles of “Democratic” America

“The deterioration of every government begins with the decay of the principles on which it was founded…”Charles Louis de Secondat popularly known as Baron de Montesquieu was an 18th century French judge, man of letters and political philosopher who wrote about the separation of powers. His lexicon was certainly influential on the minds of several founding fathers of the US Constitution.

Plato in his famous works on Republic quoted Socrates that Tyranny is probably established out of no other regime than Democracy. Andrew Sullivan has an interesting take on this in a short 3 minute video:

There are two areas of principles, both equally important, on which the empire faces the risk of existence – domestic and international. Both comprise economic and political facets.

The US has been clearly demonstrating that the domestic principles within its constitution as well as international economic, trade and political realms are violable. It’s an empire that cannot be trusted.

The principles of the democratic model of government of the United States of America are built on several foundations enshrined in the Constitution, an American legal document. Though there are several basic foundations, the most valuable among which, written or unwritten, spoken or unspoken, is God. This is visible on the currency: In God we trust. The trust has, however, morphed from God into the currency itself. God has been replaced by greed. America was founded on the principle of a nation for, of and by the people. Not any longer as evidenced in the following paragraph.

Other foundations within the great constitution written by men of honor included truth, justice, compassion, freedom and honor. All of these principles are under threat as is the economic model now in a nation for, of and by the neo-capitalists who’ve built personal empires by lobbying, deception, connivance and control of the legislative and executive governments and thus the people themselves.

Probably the only area that is still not violated in the constitution is justice under separation of powers. It continues to survive granting the citizens of the US pursuit of compassion, freedom and honor. What makes this a good world is that in America, there are good men and women with conscience, victims of a political and economic hierarchy who’re without conscience and driven by greed and power. This was a similar fate of the Roman Empire.

“In a war, truth is the first casualty…”Aeschylus.

The violation of principles, either domestic or international, is being accelerated under Donald Trump as his intentional tweets are meant to confuse Americans and their political and economic partners. The exception is the United Kingdom as it seeks divorce proceedings from the European Union (EU) under Brexit due to values which are fundamentally American rather than European. Both UK and USA share the parenthood of the State of Israel and the tripartite geopolitical objective as stated in my recently published article “War Preparations“.

Trump’s political and economic gambit of “America First” is being directed towards the perceived threats from the emerging giants of Eurasia, namely Russia, China, Pakistan, N. Korea and Iran and about the Thucydides Trap in my article “War Preparations” which also references some substantiating articles. These five Eurasian powers share economic, technological, energy and military prowess which perceptibly pose a threat to the empire’s existence if it continues to pursue expansion.

Donald Trump at a campaign rally featuring his 'America First' slogan

The prowess can be further divided into three partnerships viz Russian-Iranian, Sino-Pakistan and Sino-N. Korean. Their spheres of influence are dominant in three significantly different areas of Asia which will be very briefly discussed along with their successes which America should take notice of on the international platform as it begins to weaken on the domestic front.

Russian-Iranian partnership has been strategically successful in the military campaign in Syria as it has thwarted US-Israeli design to control the Levant by bringing an end to the Assad regime in the 7 year civil war. The Syrian rebels supported by the US and Israel are now helter skelter. Also splintered are the Arab monarchies of Saudi Arabia-UAE alliance from their diehard original supporters Turkey and Qatar. The Russian-Iranian alliance is now in geopolitical control of the Levant and of a significant area of Middle East (Iraq and Lebanon).

If the Trump administration should violate the principle of the N-deal (P5+) as it converges in that direction, then it will have to deal consequently not only with the strong resolve of the Iranian people but that of Russia and China also. It’ll only appease the Saudis, Emiratis (UAE) and Israel who fear the rising political influence of Iran in the region.

China-Pakistan alliance is intended to influence and connect the landlocked Central Asian region and Western China for geopolitical, military and economic advantages to both countries through an infrastructural network called the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Pakistan, a nuclear power in the Muslim world could well become the behemoth of Asia. The CPEC will afford China a maritime route to the Indian Ocean through Xinxiang province in the north to Pakistan’s strategic Gwadar port (see note). China will no longer have to circumvent a 12,000 km route through the narrow Straits of Malacca to access the Middle East. China is also undertaking defensive measures by maritime and naval expansion in the Pacific Ocean.

The American influence in Pakistan has waned considerably in the past decade as China has demonstrated its all-weather friendship. America has been using Pakistan as its whipping boy since the end of the Ayub Khan era in 1970. President Ayub had forged a relationship with the US on a basis of friends, not masters. It had worked well for both countries. Now the US, after violating its principles of friendship is threatened by China’s influence in the region.

Finally, the China-N. Korea relationship in the Far Eastern region of Asia is of significant importance for China. N. Korea is a nuclear defensive wall against any American intrusion from S. Korea or any other countries which are under American influence or may fall under American influence in the near future. China has full control of N. Korea and will not allow its regime to be ever influenced by the US. In return N. Korea has been provided the political and economic protection by China.

It is certain that an incident will lead to a global warfare in the near future as the US offensive posturing with its allies becomes more belligerent in Asia in particular.

NOTE: The natural deep sea port of Gwadar was procured from Oman while it was under the suzerainty of the British. Pakistan procured Gwadar in December 1958 at a cost of US$3.0 million, paid in large part by the family of the Aga Khan (Karim Aga Khan). The port is now fully functional under China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC) which has undertaken the critical phase II development after completion of phase I by Pakistan.

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