The Most-Creditable Commentator On International Relations Now Predicts That America’s 2003 ‘Rose Revolution’ Coup-Attempt In Georgia Will Finally End Soon In America’s Defeat There


The ‘Rose Revolution’ in Georgia has been run by the U.S. Government and the billionaires who control that Government, and who control the Governments of its colonies (‘allies’) in the EU, with the aim being to place U.S. nuclear missiles and bombs in Georgia, which is only a thousand miles (40 minutes of missile-flying time) away from hitting The Kremlin, and so decapitating Russia’s central command. On May 27th, a brief but information-packed video by Alexander Mercouris, whom I have found to have a higher accuracy of his predictions about international relations than has any other commentator, headlined “Georgia passes foreign agents law. Armenia protests”, and he predicted that as a result of the May 14th passage in the nation of Georgia of a law requiring that any NGO (think tank, foundation, institute, charity, ‘non-profit’ or other billionaires-funded “non-governmenmental organization”) whose ownership is 20% or more foreign, must register itself as a “Foreign Agent”:

1. There will be more protests against this now-law, but those will fail.

2. This law makes it much more difficult from this point going forward for the NGOs to influence the outcome of the coming election in Georgia.

3. The current government is going to win those elections, and win by a decisive margin.

4. Protests will, however, continue up to the elections.

5. After the elections, there will be still more protests, but now about the legitimacy of its outcome and blaming Russia as having rigged it.

6. The U.S. and EU will then slap sanctions against Georgia’s Government.

7. Georgia’s Government will not be brought down by these sanctions.

8. The end result will be that the 21-year ‘Rose Revolution’ will have ended permanently, in failure.

He is expecting that Georgia’s Government has learned the lessons from what has happened in other countries, such as Ukraine, and will apply those lessons so as not to repeat those prior failures.

In my 27 October 2023 “The Explosive Growth of U.S. Militarism after the End of the Soviet Union”, I explained how the U.S. Government systematically lied to Gorbachev that NATO would not expand even “one inch to the east” (i.e., to Russia’s border) and then when Gorbachev in 1991 ended the Soviet Union and its communism, and its Warsaw Pact, on the basis of those lies, NATO doubled its membership by doing precisely what it had promised him it wouldn’t do; and, that, then, on 24 February 1990, U.S. President GHW Bush started privately informing America’s European colonies (‘allies’) that those promises were lies and consequently the Cold War would secretly continue unchanged on the U.S. side until Russia itself will become conquered and controlled by the U.S. Government. I explained how, instead of the CIA running America’s coups, as had happened before then, U.S.-and-‘allied’ billionaires would do this by their NGOs spreading pro-U.S. propaganda in countries that haven’t yet been captured, so as to turn public opinion there pro-U.S.-empire (pro-EU & -NATO) and anti-Russia, in order to win power there ‘democratically’ by deceiving the voters there. I explained how techniques by a very shady Gene Sharp, who pretended to be ‘anti-war’ (but was instead working to help expand the U.S. empire) became spread throughout eastern Europe and other countries that hadn’t yet been taken over, and so produced the “color revolutions” there, such as in Yugoslavia and in Ukraine, and many other targeted-for-takeover nations, including in the Middle East.

So, that article provides crucial explanatory information and documentation behind Mercouris’s predictions here. Whereas he refers to “NGOs” without providing this background (which is implicit there), my article makes it explicit, and links to its sources.

Interestingly, America’s propaganda-media are reporting this matter as-if it’s entirely okay for foreign billionaires to be spreading their propaganda in a sovereign democracy, and only an “autocratically ruled country” or “dictatorship” will be opposed to that, but the U.S. itself has a Foreign Agents Registration Act. It’s not exactly the same as Georgia’s, and U.S. propagandists say that America’s is good and Georgia’s is bad; but the U.S. Government routinely coups, invades, sanctions, and otherwise regime-changes foreign Governments such as Georgia’s, while Georgia’s Government doesn’t at all commit such aggressions, and is instead only trying to prevent being subjected to dictatorship by America’s Government. So, regardless of what America’s propagandists say, it’s quite reasonable for Georgia’s version not to be identical to America’s. Only propagandists would allege to the contrary. Comparing Georgia to America as-if their needs were identical is ridiculous, and only liars would even try to do that — and only fools would presume otherwise.

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