Global War Agenda: One World

Trump came with dangerous ideas and one of them was disrespect for all existing global political, geographical, social, environmental, and economic orders and agreements. His rallies included the slogan MAGA – Make America Great Again. Blue collar Americans from the Rust belt cheered as he promised them well paying jobs; black and Asian Americans were barred from those rallies. Trump promised Americans he would bring back jobs from China by slapping punitive trade and economic tariffs. Trump succeeded in alienating friends, foes and allies and destruction of a global world order and social unrest. Americans had never elected a President in the past who has been divisive, racist, egoist. America today is in the grips of a socio-political change. Its economy is in tatters. Will America under Trump go to war to fix its problems? Trump is POTUS but just the principal character actor on the stage following the script prepared by a sinister shadow or invisible government with an agenda of One World. In the words of John F. Hylan, former Mayor of New York City from 1918-1925:

The real menace of our Republic is the invisible government, which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities, states and nation .The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes.

America possesses a war machine unlike any nation in the past and such destructive arsenal that the entire earth could be reduced to ashes. According to SIPRI (Stockholm Institute of Peace Research), the two top ranking N-powers US and Russia collectively possess 12,000 N-weapons while China has 320 N-weapons. War is a business and by corollary the business of America is business. Its 2017 defense budget was $720 billion or 3.5% of its GDP or 15% of all Federal and 50% of discretionary spending. This is in sharp contrast to its closest rival China which spent $260 billion or 1.9% of GDP or more than the next 10 countries which spent $725 billion (including China).

FlagsWars are and always have been geopolitical and socio-economic necessities. Economies expand and contract, but populations generally expand by natural laws. Wars, in the words of David Icke, have agendas determined by kings and leaders when their treasuries deplete and social disorders among masses become rampant due to dissatisfaction. The classic examples of agendas are world wars 1 and 2. Between 1914-1918, WW1 resulted in the end of four empires – Ottoman, Austria-Hungarian, Czarist Russia and the German under Kaiser Wilhelm. During WW2 from 1939-1945 several of the colonial powers – British, French, Italian, Japanese, Nazi German and Spanish- disintegrated. That gave rise to a new economic non-colonial, non-monarchial system of democracy and capitalism under America. The collateral damage of both world wars was rise of Communism following the end of the Czarist Russia in 1918. America then entered a series of wars between 1952 – 2001 to contain Communism while simultaneously containing the new threat of Islam. By 2001, America and its European allies were victorious in containing both Soviet style Communism and Islam. In the background, China was on the rise as it experimented with neo-communism blending a system of economic principles closely resembling capitalism and a single party authoritarian government. China was determined not to make mistakes as did the Soviet Union.

We now attempt to answer a rather interesting question posed by Al-Jazeera-  how countries will pay their debts following the reduced threat of the coronavirus pandemic, not the elimination which even with a vaccine will not be lost on every mind nor the psychological fear and social change it has inculcated in our daily lives. According to this Al-Jazeera report in April 2020, the first full month of the lockdown, the UK’s economy tanked a staggering 20 percent. It is heading towards the worst recession in 300 years.

The next world war will have the following two agendas and no matter where, it will be for global supremacy and One World government:

The Geopolitical Agenda: Asia is once again the pivot for new conflicts in three areas. The first is Iran which is on the cusp of a nuclear bomb breakout. Whether it would produce a bomb or not is unknown, but it is certainly on the threshold of it according to the IAEA which claims that it has been denied inspections at two nuclear sites under JCPOA. Iran has been in Israel’s cross hairs for a long time and which led to the P5+ pact shredded by America. Will America attack Iran? The second hot point is a potential for conflict between India and China. China has India contained by land in the north and by sea in the south as it aspires to dominate the Indian Ocean. China’s key interest is protecting the BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) but more importantly the overland route from Xingang to Gwadar in Pakistan called CPEC in which China has invested $65 billion. The third area of contention lies in the Indo-Pacific area where there could be direct conflict between the US and China as each aspires to assert domination in the area. Any one of these three Asian pivot points can ignite a global war.

The Socio- Economic Agenda: The global economy but more importantly the American economy was expanding at a GDP of 2 to 2.5% with unemployment around 3.5% prior to the pandemic in 1Q2020. Wars bring both prosperity and adversity. Prosperity comes with high employment, higher and better jobs, higher taxes, and a GDP expansion. Adversity comes in the form of deaths, disease, and food shortage on war fronts, but nations and major cities will not be spared. Principles of economics require economies to contract in the form of recessions and depressions prior to war to control runaway inflation during war times. Therefore, there is an economic argument that the pandemic has been responsible for the sudden economic GDP contraction of 20% in the UK or 13-15% in the US or much higher in other countries. One of the strongest indicators of an impending war is the slowdown of global recovery, social dissatisfactions, and unruly street mobs. One must understand that in the event of a war, oil prices are bound to increase 100-150% from current levels as demand for fuel for war efforts and industrial expansion increases. The result will be inflation when more jobs, public spending, and taxation increase.

In conclusion wars are geopolitical and socio-economic necessities and means to achieve agendas which will be One World, If You Will as stated by David Rockefeller at Bilderberg in 1991.  Whoever for a slight moment thinks that a global war is not on the horizon should think about it as I have expounded in such few words. The geopolitics, the social unrest and dissatisfaction, hunger, unbalanced wealth among the elites, growing poverty levels, rampant racism and the economic issues among others are a perfect recipe for the upcoming war. Will the world escape or be caught in the Thucydides trap as some of the most powerful nations with powerful weapons of destruction vie for supremacy? Though the western powers will remain convinced of their victory but in the end, who will write history is another question for the future.

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  1. WHY would China co-ordinate synchrounously in the Trump led drumbeat for War?? China has taken curious antagonizing steps with all key neighbors in the Trump era: India Indonesia Malaysia etc etc. Philippines etc. How stupid is that? What is their thinking: “Lets make more enemies while they are already riled up”?????? How stupid is that?

    Please explain their thinking.

  2. Samuel Pardew

    Trump is not a racist, his son in law is Jewish. You have to be some type of an actor to be president of the U.S. Or else they can’t use you.

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