Aman-2021 May Strengthen Cooperation Among Friendly Nations

Pakistan is a pivot state in geopolitics; it connects South Asia, East Asia, Eurasia, the Middle East with Europe and Africa. Due to its geo-strategic location, it focused on global powers in the past and is currently withdrawing international attention. Pakistan can play decisive role in the future of geopolitics.

Pakistan is situated at the entrance of oil-rich Gulf states, which is the busiest trade route. The security of this trade route is vital for a sustainable supply of energy. Mainly oil and gas to Europe, China, and Japan for their industrial needs. Any threat to this trade route may destabilize the Industrial sector in many countries and harm their economies.

Under the Pandemic, the global economy is suffering, with some of the countries are already entered into a recession and a few on the verge of collapse. To ensure the revival of the lost economy, stability, and an uninterrupted supply of energy are vital.

Aman-2021 aims to strengthen and advance military cooperation between the participating countries in the interests of security and stability at sea and the exchange of experience between naval sailors in deterring the threats of sea piracy in areas of intensive shipping.

Aman-2021The AMAN-2021 anti-piracy drills will involve Russia, British, US, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, and other forces, and Pakistan will be the host. The military (Navy) exercise, scheduled to be held on February 11-16, 2021 in Pakistani waters near Karachi.

The rapidly growing friendship between Russia and Pakistan is symbolized by the Russian Navy’s participation, which will include the forces of the Black Sea Fleet,  a frigate, a patrol ship, a rescue tug, a Marine Corps unit, a demining squad, and a sea-based helicopter. This will be the first time Russia participates in a joint exercise with the NATO members in ten years. The Russian and NATO naval forces last took part in a joint naval exercise at the Bold Monarch in 2011 off the coast of Spain.

Russia and Pakistan are engaged in many areas, including Economic, Political, diplomatic, and strategic, etc. There exists a vast potential for trade between the two countries. Education, culture, and tourism are the areas where the two countries may strengthen people’s contacts.

Pakistan can facilitate the Russian trade between its central Asian states Eurasia to middle-east, Africa, and Europe through its newly developed Gwadar port. This deep seaport is the biggest in this whole region. The warm waters are an excellent attraction for Russian, where the trade route is open 365 days a year, unlike its other seaports, which freezes in winter.

The Aman-2021 will provide a platform for almost 30 Navys to understand each other and promote cooperation. Pakistan is to bring the diversified Navys under one umbrella and provide an opportunity for developing understanding.

It will help strengthen the professional cooperation and formulating a joint strategy to maintain peace and stability in the region. It will be a message for the whole world for safe shipping in the area.

It is worth mentioning that India is out of this vital exercise and may not participate. India is facing isolation in the region due to its extremist policies and hostile attitude with all of its neighboring nations, including China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sikkim, Bhutan, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives, and even facing coolness with Russia, after signing strategic defense agreements with the US.

It is expected that the Aman-2021 will bring all friendly nations closer and especially Pakistan and Russia. The all-dimension cooperation between Pakistan and Russia is growing exponentially, and these exercises will be proved as a catalyst.

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