America — NOT Russia — Is Europe’s Enemy

Though this fact is censored-out by all ‘news’-media in the U.S. and allied countries, it will be documented in this article, which is being submitted to all news-media and is free to publish and republish by any and all of them. We shall start here with the background:

Russia is the largest European country, and has long self-identified as being such, but the U.S. and UK have also long tried to fool Europeans to think that the UK and U.S. are ‘pro-Europe’, so as to take over Europe (add them to the U.S./UK empire) and so to prevent Europe from including its most powerful and largest country, Russia (which inclusion would protect the sovereignty of all European countries and prevent their take-over by UK/U.S.). Thus: the main force for “regime-change in Russia” (i.e., for U.S. take-over of Russia) has always been, and is, the UK/U.S. empire.

The “Five Eyes” alliance of the intelligence agencies of all five “Anglosphere” (or Rhodesist) countries — UK, U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand — is an outgrowth of the goal that Cecil Rhodes had set in 1877 for the future Rhodes Trust, for UK to retake the U.S. and then to proceed to take over the entire world but ESPECIALLY all of Europe, including both Germany and Russia. That was the goal, and it remains the goal, of the Rhodesists.

The blowing-up of the two Nord Stream pipelines, that had supplied, and were increasingly to supply, to European countries, the inexpensive Russian energy that was long an essential foundationstone of Europe’s economic success, was done by command of the U.S. President, Joe Biden, to UK Prime Minister Liz Truss, and she texted Biden immediately afterward — before the media had even reported the blowing-up of those pipelines — “It’s done.”

However, since that destruction of those crucial Russian-and-German-owned pipelines, that had carried Russian energy to Europe, clearly doomed Europe’s economies, the U.S.-UK-billionaires-owned-and-controlled public officials and ‘news’-media ferociously and unanimously declared that instead Russia — the main owner of the pipelines — had destroyed them. (That accusation assumed the public to be incredibly stupid, but U.S.-and-allied officials repeated it ceaselessly, nonetheless.)

Now that Europe’s economies are doomed, the fact is especially clear that, as I had headlined on 11 September 2021, “America Is Europe’s Enemy”:

What is the likelihood that Russia, China, or Iran — the three main targeted nations that the U.S. Government has (ever since 1945) been trying to first isolate, by removing the target-country’s allies, and, then grab and control — will actually, themselves, invade Europe? Is that likelihood near zero? (What would any of them gain by even trying to invade Europe? Would they likely be stupid enough to want to do it?) Then why does Europe participate in America’s aggressions (sanctions, coups, and invasions)? These are aggressions that create problems even within Europe itself.

If Europe wants stability, then why is it allied with the chief cause of its own refugee-influx?

Indeed, why are Europeans spending trillions of euros to arm, and to train, for war? Against what likely enemies? Are there any? Is this really just a scam, for the armament-manufacturing corporations and their owners — the people who profit from wars? Is it, in other words, a waste, if not being even a theft (by way of political corruption and lobbying) — a theft from the public, by the stockholders in those manufacturers of bombs and other weapons of (in the modern age) mass-destruction?

America Europes enemy
U.S. President Joe Biden speaks about gas prices during remarks in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building’s South Court Auditorium at the White House in Washington, U.S., June 22, 2022

Thierry Meyssan, an extraordinarily brilliant and knowledgeable commentator on international relations, is predicting that the U.S. regime will soon abandon the new billionaire that it has created, Volodmyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine, and hang him out to dry as being the fall-guy (as Ukraine’s President) for Ukraine’s defeat by Russia — as-if the war in Ukraine really had been, and is, between Ukraine and Russia, instead of between America/UK and Russia, with Ukraine being only the proxy-battlefields and proxy army for its UK/U.S. masters, who have been calling the shots in Ukraine ever since U.S. President Barack Obama’s coup there in February 2014 grabbed control over Ukraine’s government. Meyssan headlined on November 22nd, “Zelensky trapped by Moscow and Washington” and he says:


Worse: the West imposed a video intervention by Volodymyr Zelensky as they had done on August 24 and September 27 at the United Nations Security Council. However, while Russia had tried in vain to oppose it in September in New York, it accepted it in November in Bali. At the Security Council, France, which held the presidency, violated the rules of procedure to give the floor to a head of state by video. On the contrary, at the G20, Indonesia held an absolutely neutral position and was not likely to accept giving him the floor without Russian authorization. This was obviously a trap. President Zelensky, who does not know how these bodies work, fell into it.

After having caricatured Moscow’s action, he called for its exclusion from the… “G19 “. In other words, the little Ukrainian gave an order on behalf of the Anglo-Saxons to the heads of state, prime ministers and foreign ministers of the 20 largest world powers and was not heard. In reality, the dispute between these leaders was not about Ukraine, but about whether or not to submit to the American world order. All the Latin American, African and four Asian participants said that this domination was over; that the world is now multipolar.

The Westerners must have felt the ground shake under their feet. They were not the only ones. Volodymyr Zelensky saw, for the first time, that his sponsors, until now absolute masters of the world, were letting him down without hesitation in order to maintain their position for a while longer.
It is likely that Washington was in league with Moscow. The United States realizes that things are turning against it on a global scale. It will have no hesitation in blaming the Ukrainian regime. William Burns, director of the CIA, has already met Sergei Narychkin, the director of the SVR, in Turkey. These meetings follow those of Jake Sullivan, the US National Security Advisor, with several Russian officials. However, Washington has nothing to negotiate in Ukraine. Two months before the conflict in Ukraine, I explained that the core of the problem had nothing to do with this country, nor with NATO. It is essentially about the end of the unipolar world.

So it is not surprising that a few days after the G20 slap in the face, Volodymyr Zelensky contradicted his American sponsors for the first time in public. He accused Russia of having launched a missile at Poland and maintained his words when the Pentagon indicated that he was wrong, it was a Ukrainian counter-missile. The idea, for him. was to continue to act in line with the Treaty of Warsaw, concluded on April 22, 1920, by Symon Petlioura’s integral nationalists with the regime of Piłsudski; to push Poland to go to war against Russia. This was the second time Washington rang a bell in his ears. He did not hear it.

Probably, these contradictions will no longer manifest themselves in public. Western positions will soften. Ukraine has been warned: in the coming months it will have to negotiate with Russia. President Zelensky can plan his escape now, because his bruised compatriots [the Ukrainian people] will not forgive him for deceiving them.

Zelensky, who was doing America’s bidding all along, will be a perfect fall-guy for Obama, and Trump, and Biden, and Victoria Nuland, and Boris Johnson, and Liz Truss, and all other “neoconservatives” (Rhodesists), so that the Rhodes organization itself will continue to stand, instead of being eliminated (as it must be — throughout The West, and not ONLY in the UK and U.S. — if The West’s “perpetual war for perpetual peace” still can end peacefully).

On 27 September 2022, I headlined “How America Is Crushing Europe” and described other aspects of America’s war against Europe, the harms it has caused to Europe:

America creates, imposes, and enforces the sanctions against Russia, which are forcing up energy-prices in Europe, and are thereby driving Europe’s corporations to move to America, where taxes, safety-and-environmental regulations, and the rights of labor, are far lower, and so profits will be far higher for the investors. Furthermore, America can supply its own energy. Therefore, supply-chains are less dicey in the U.S. than in Europe. There is less and less reason now for a firm to be doing anything in Europe except selling to Europeans, who are becoming increasingly desperate to get whatever they can afford to buy, now that Russia, which had been providing the lowest-cost energy and other commodities, is being strangled out of European markets, by the sanctions. Money can move even when its owner can’t. The European public will now be left farther and farther behind as Europe’s wealth flees — mainly to America (whose Government had created this capital-flight of Europe’s wealth).

Europe’s leaders have cooperated with America’s leaders, to cause this European decline (by joining, instead of rejecting, America’s sanctions against Russia), but Germany’s companies can also enjoy significant benefits from relocating or expanding in America. Germany’s business daily newspaper, Handlelsblatt, reported, on September 25th, “More and more German companies are expanding their locations in North America: Washington attracts German companies with cheap energy and low taxes. This applies above all to the southern states. Berlin is alarmed – and wants to take countermeasures.” (Original: “Immer mehr deutsche Unternehmen bauen ihre Standorte in Nordamerika aus: Washington lockt deutsche Firmen mit billiger Energie und niedrigen Steuern. Das gilt vor allem für die Südstaaten. Berlin ist alarmiert – und will gegensteuern.”) It says that “Numerous German companies are planning to set up or expand their U.S. locations. … U.S. states such as Virginia, Georgia, and Oklahoma, show increasing interest” in offering special inducements for these firms to relocate, or to at least expand, their production in the U.S. For example, Pat Wilson, Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Economic Development, tells German companies that, “Our energy costs are low, and the networks are stable. … Companies coming to Georgia [from Germany] are reducing their carbon footprint.” Considering that one of the major reasons why Germany’s Government is squeezing-out Russia’s fuel-supplies (other than to ‘support democracy in Ukraine’, etc.) is that those Russian supplies are fossil fuels, an important benefit by which America can attract European firms (even on the basis of ‘Green’ arguments) is by advertising bigger ‘energy efficiency’ than in Europe — not necessarily in a strictly environmental sense, but definitely in the bottom-line sense, of lowered energy-costs, since America’s regulations are far less strict than in the EU. 

Also on the 25th, the Irish Examiner bannered “European industry buckles under weight of soaring energy prices: Volkswagen, Europe’s biggest carmaker, warned last week that it could reallocate production out of Germany and eastern Europe if energy prices don’t come down.”

Also on the 25th, Oil Price dot com headlined “Europe Faces An Exodus Of Energy-Intensive Industries”, and mentioned especially that “the U.S. Steel giant ArcelorMittal said earlier this month that it would slash by half production at a steel mill in Germany and a unit at another plant, also in Germany. The company said it had based the decision on high gas prices. … ArcelorMittal earlier this year announced it had plans to expand a Texas operation.”

On September 26th, the New York Times bannered “Factory Jobs Are Booming Like It’s the 1970s: U.S. manufacturing is experiencing a rebound, with companies adding workers amid high consumer demand for products.” In total, “As of August this year, manufacturers had added back about 1.43 million jobs, a net gain of 67,000 workers above prepandemic levels.” And this is only the start of America’s re-industrialization and economic recovery, because the hemorrhaging of jobs from Europe has only just begun. These German firms are getting in on the ground floor in America, leaving Europe’s workers behind, to swim or sink on their own (the ones that can).

Also on September 26th, Thomas Fazi at unherd dot com headlined “The EU is sleepwalking into anarchy: Its sanctions are crippling the bloc’s working class”, and documented that this hollowing-out of Europe’s economies is being experienced the most by Europe’s lower economic classes, who are the least capable of dealing with it but are being abandoned by the higher-wealth group, the investors, who are sending their money abroad, like banana-republic oligarchs do, and who might easily relocate themselves there too. 

On September 19th, the New York Times headlined “‘Crippling’ Energy Bills Force Europe’s Factories to Go Dark: Manufacturers are furloughing workers and shutting down lines because they can’t pay the gas and electric charges.” For example, a major employer in northern France, Arc International glass factory, doesn’t know whether they will survive: “Nicholas Hodler, the chief executive, surveyed the assembly line, shimmering blue with natural gas flames [gas that came from Russia and that now costs ten times as much as just a year ago]. For years, Arc had been powered by cheap energy that helped turn the company into the world’s largest producer of glass tableware. … But the impact of Russia’s abrupt cutoff of gas to Europe [forced by the sanctions] has doused the business with new risks. Energy prices have climbed so fast that Mr. Hodler has had to rewrite business forecasts six times in two months. Recently, he put a third of Arc’s 4,500 employees on partial furlough to save money. Four of the factory’s nine furnaces will be idled; the others will be switched from natural gas to diesel, a cheaper but more polluting fuel.” The “Green” Parties throughout Europe, such as in the persons of Germany’s Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, and Germany’s Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action Robert Habeck, had led the European movement against importing Russian fuels, and could turn out to have led Europe actually to increase its carbon footprint, if the end result turns out to be to switch to more coal and diesel fuels, as they now are doing.

It could not have happened without the leaderships both in America and in Europe, who are leading the way for Europe’s economies to decline, and for America’s to boom from this — attracting more and more investors, and their investments, into America, from the U.S. regime’s vassal-nations (such as Germany and France), especially in the EU and NATO (these new banana-republics). The beneficiaries of all this are not only America’s weapons-manufacturing firms, such as Lockheed Martin, and extraction firms such as ExxonMobil, that are growing because of the plunge in Europe that’s due to Europe’s cutting itself off from the cheap energy that it had formerly enjoyed. The future is opening up again, for investors in the United States. It’s come-one, come-all, to investors from Europe, and leaving everyone else in Europe simply to sink, if they can’t get out.

However, Biden’s Administration isn’t satisfied with the speed of Europe’s collapse, and so he has established a deadline for European companies to relocate to America and receive “subsidies” instead of to continue competing against American companies while paying in Europe vastly higher prices than in America for the energy that they will need in order to remain globally competitive. Here’s the opening of a recent Politico (U.S.-and-allied ‘news’-medium) article, along with added comments from me in boldface, to clarify its intentionally obtuse passages so as to expose what it is actually describing:

“Germany mulls breaking subsidy taboo to avoid trade war with Biden: Only six weeks before the US rolls out massive industrial subsidies, momentum is growing in Berlin for Europe to follow suit.”

19 November 2022

BERLIN — With only six weeks to avoid a transatlantic trade showdown over green industries, the Germans are frustrated that Washington isn’t offering a peace deal and are increasingly considering a taboo-breaking response: European subsidies. 

Europe’s fears hinge on America’s $369 billion package of subsidies and tax breaks to bolster U.S. green businesses, which comes into force on January 1. The bugbear for the Europeans is that Washington’s scheme will encourage companies to shift investments from Europe [TO AMERICA] and incentivize customers to “Buy American” when it comes to purchasing an electric vehicle — something that infuriates the big EU carmaking nations like France and Germany. 

The timing of this protectionist [NO — HOSTILE] measure could hardly be worse as Germany is in open panic that several of its top companies — partly spurred by energy cost spikes after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine [NO — BY THE U.S./EU SANCTIONS AGAINST RUSSIAN ENERGY, which are cutting-off Europe’s cheapest energy] — are shuttering domestic operations to invest elsewhere. The last thing Berlin needs is even more encouragement for businesses to quit Europe, and the EU wants the U.S. to cut a deal in which its companies can enjoy the American perks.

A truce seems unlikely, however. If this spat now spirals out of control, it will lead to a trade war [NO — FAR WORSE], something that terrifies the beleaguered [NO — QUISLINGite] Europeans [NO — ONLY EUROPE’S LEADERS]. While the first step would be a largely symbolic protest at the World Trade Organization (WTO), the clash could easily slide precipitously back toward the tit-for-tat tariff battles of the era of former U.S. President Donald Trump [NO — FUNDAMENTALLY DIFFERENT: IT IS INDUSTRIAL POLICY, and it is being practised by the hegemon, which makes it even more threatening to its vassal-nations].

This means that momentum is growing in Berlin for a radical Plan B. Instead of open tariff war with America, the increasingly discussed option is to rip up the classic free-trade rulebook and to play Washington at its own game by funneling state funds into European industry to rear homegrown green champions in sectors such as solar panels, batteries and hydrogen. [THAT’S NO RESPONSE TO THE THREAT.]

The reason why it’s no response to the threat is that the firms which stay behind in Europe will be paying vastly higher prices for their energy than will the ones which relocate to America.

This is an American-billionaires’ scheme to destroy Europe.

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